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Science Of Sweat

While it may be an unpopular viewpoint, we love sweating. In fact, we can’t get enough. Time and again, we find more studies, stats, and proof that sweating IS healthy for you! Some health benefits of sweating might even surprise you.  We want to set the record straight on why sweating is healthy so you can embrace your sweat too. Especially in the sun-blazing months when sweat is just plain unavoidable.  Let’s say it together: Sweating is HEALTHY!  Science has told us that if we say something out loud enough times, we’ll start to believe it. So let’s say it together,...

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Sun Myths

We all know UV rays from the sun cause sunburns.  Sunscreen brands (and most of the beauty industry at large) tell us we should be wearing sunscreen every day to prevent skin damage from the sun. This 2 billion dollar/yr1 sunscreen industry advises us to slather ourselves head to toe every second we’re exposed to the sun – and Americans have listened.  Sunscreen use is at an all-time high, but here’s the crazy part – so is skin cancer. You may be wondering why that is, and we have a few ideas that we’ll explore in-depth throughout this post. But the...

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