Surprise Him With These 6 Unique and Non-Toxic Gift Ideas for Men

Shopping for men can be tricky. 

If you struggle to come up with a unique gift idea on holidays, birthdays, or special occasions, you’re so not alone. Maybe you’re tired of gifting him ties + socks or gifts he doesn’t find much use for (hey, we’ve all been there). So today, we’ve got you covered. Our non-toxic product line contains many functional, gender-inclusive products that still feel exciting to unwrap. There’s something for everyone in this list of gift ideas for men. 

→ For the men who have everything. 

→ For the men who buy themselves what they want. 

→ For the men who prioritize clean products + hygiene. 

→ For the brother you want to surprise but don’t know where to start. 

→ For your father-in-law, who you have no clue what to buy.

If you’re looking for unconventional, unique gift ideas for men or “just-because” purchases to clean up their personal care products, here are our top 6 versatile gift ideas for him – whoever “he” is!

1. Clarifying Bar 

    This is one of those gift ideas for men that could easily be overlooked! But a face-washing routine is paramount for skin health and keeping irritations, build-up, and inflammation at bay. (Yes, even men.) 

    *PSA: “Face wash for men” is really just a marketing tactic. ;)

    All our cleansing products can easily double as a face wash for men.  

    Often, men prefer to “feel” the difference with a cleansing routine. So if he loves a classic product like an exfoliating “face wash for men,” our Clarifying Bar is the perfect choice. It provides a light exfoliating lather without disrupting his skin barrier (which can cause a cascade of unwanted skin issues). 

    Our Clarifying Bar is bolstered with:

    • Detoxifying activated charcoal
    • Hydrating + healing honey
    • Purifying essential oils
    • A fresh citrus scent men will enjoy

    This gift provides antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties to protect and balance skin and visibly reduce inflammation and breakouts all without over-drying.

    2. Everything Spray

    If the man you’re shopping for values convenience or more bang for his buck, our Everything Spray is one of the best multipurpose gift ideas for men. 

    It’s the perfect men’s face toner following a deeply cleansing face wash. Its astringent properties can help balance pH and keep away breakouts. It also helps prevent ingrown hairs after shaving.

    This convenient gift idea is easily thrown in a gym bag or weekend duffel. Many of our male customers use it as an underarm refresher after a workout or sweat – especially if they’re short on time for a post-workout shower.

    Beyond that, it’s an incredibly multipurpose product with antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. He can also use it to soothe various inflammatory skin conditions like scrapes, cuts, redness, flaking, or itching. This product has an endless number of applications and is full of balancing + soothing properties. 

    3. Nature Spray

    If you’re looking for gift ideas for men who love the outdoors + adventure, we recommend our non-toxic bug spray. Also known as our Nature Spray, it’s a completely non-toxic and DEET-free bug spray, unlike most conventional repellents on the market. The non-greasy formula soaks in easily and naturally protects against a variety of bugs, ticks, and mosquitos. 

    But just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it can’t provide results. Our non-toxic bug spray has a citronella base and a blend of natural (and highly effective) bug repellants like:

    • Cedarwood
    • Rosemary
    • Peppermint
    • Wintergreen
    • Lemongrass

    It gives off a pleasant aroma that isn’t overwhelming when applied – or full of toxic chemical fumes.

    Our Nature Spray comes in a sleek, durable, and recyclable container that he can easily throw in a bag while on the go or stash in his car for last-minute adventures. Gift him peace of mind against pesky bugs and insect bites during all his outdoor activities. 

    4. Soothing Cream

    In our opinion, you can’t go wrong with this restorative product. It’s one of the best gift ideas for men who want to care for their skin in a non-fuss way. 

    Our Soothing Cream is one of our most popular choices for men looking for a facial moisturizer – for good reason. It’s the best blend to balance any complexion and help prevent free radical damage. So you can feel confident that the men in your life will be comfortable using it. (Plus men will love the blue color it boasts from the blue tansy content.)

    It contains a blend of botanical oils and animal-based healthy fats that help repair and protect skin from inflammation, like: 

    The whipped creamy consistency of this oil-based cream effortlessly absorbs into the skin for non-greasy moisture (but remember, less is more). It’s best paired with a facial mist (ahem, Everything Spray) to absorb even more deeply.

    While it works great as a daily moisturizer, it’s also effective for a wide range of specific skin concerns, including:

    This gift idea for men is an especially great fit if they experience inflammation or dry skin. A quick application once or twice daily supports clear, healthy skin.

    5. Charcoal Deodorant

    Our Charcoal Deodorant is one of our best-sellers for a reason! It powerfully detoxifies + soothes pits, keeping away smelly BO and irritation. This is a powerhouse product for men and women alike, making it a no-brainer in our list of gift ideas for men. 

    This non-toxic deodorant does more than prevent unwanted odor. It also detoxifies with activated charcoal and helps cleanse armpits naturally to stay fresh all day. Traditional deodorants are often loaded with harmful ingredients that aren’t necessary.

    Our clean, non-irritating, and aluminum-free formula has been fine-tuned over the years for maximum results. It includes safe and effective ingredients like: 

    • Grass-fed + finished tallow to soothe
    • Organic arrowroot to absorb moisture
    • A small amount of naturally-mined baking soda 

    By using naturally-mined baking soda, we’ve made our product gentler than most deodorants that contain baking soda. Our baking soda adds an extra boost of odor-blocking and moisture-wicking power – without irritation! 

    But the biggest reason we think this deserves a spot on our list of gift ideas for men? Our Charcoal Deodorant is our most powerful option for natural deodorant. (Yes, it’s powerful enough for strong sweaters.) Check out our reviews – many women in our community have transitioned their (skeptical) husbands with no fuss!

    With a refreshing eucalyptus peppermint scent, this deodorant goes on virtually clear. So he can smell fresh all day long + keep annoying deodorant smears off his clothes. ;)

    6. Non-Toxic Beard Oil 

    For all the bearded men in your life, this non-toxic beard oil is our top pick in our gift ideas for men. But keep reading for all the uses – because you can also snag one for the non-bearded men in your life.

    Our non-toxic beard oil is made with a blend of organic, cold-pressed oils that nourish, protect, and soothe his beard and the skin underneath. With a non-greasy feel, this beard oil can help keep dandruff + itching/irritation at bay with new growth. But it doesn’t have to be used for full beards – he can also use it as an after-shave or in place of shaving cream if he desires. 

    Our favorite tip: these aromatic beard oils can double as non-toxic cologne for men – or women. ;)

    You can pick from two fresh + masculine scents: Old Fashioned or Mojito. (Or snag the travel kit that includes both!)

    Gift Ideas for Men Just Got Easier

    We hope this list of gift ideas for men will become a resource for you as holidays, birthdays, and special days roll around – or maybe even “just because” gifts. There’s truly something for everyone at Primally Pure, no matter what the men in your life enjoy – or want to prioritize.

    You've got options from bug spray to deodorant + even soothing, restorative creams!

    Using these gift ideas for men is an excellent way to help all the men in your life clean up their personal care routine while treating them to a nurturing, prime product. 

    Non-toxic products are for everyone. :)



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    If you struggle to find functional and special gifts for the men in your life, look no further. Here are our top 6 unique + useful gift ideas for men. | Primally Pure Skincare

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