Calendula Flower Benefits: Everything You Need to Know for Nourished, Soft Skin

At Primally Pure, we’re all about letting the power of natural ingredients shine. So, if you’re looking for your next hydrating + insanely soothing skin super herb, you’ll love today’s notable mention. The calendula flower. 

Calendula flowers are grown in different destinations and varieties throughout the world. Calendula uses often include simple remedies like moisturizing chapped skin. But it also helps more complex issues. It can help resolve lingering rashes – or even regenerate tissue in wound healing. 

Despite the differences between cultures, there’s one thing history has agreed on. Calendula flower benefits have proved themselves tried and true – especially for your skin. 

But before we jump to the present day – and how we use calendula flowers in our products – let’s explore the origins of this beautiful flowering herb. You’ll see that the calendula flower’s benefits have been obvious since the beginning.

Ancient Origins of The Calendula Flower

The calendula flower is a small golden-orange fragrant flower. It’s thought to originate from countries like Egypt, Moldova, and Albania.1 Its official botanical name is Calendula officinalis. They are also edible and the fragrant leaves attract butterflies.

You’ve likely seen it before – it’s also known as the marigold or pot marigold. It’s a common choice in home gardens throughout the U.S. (But it’s important to note that it may not be the exact variety used in medicinal formats). It holds historical significance for many cultures. 

For centuries, the calendula flower has been used across the world for:

  • Topical medicinal purposes
  • Dye (even for hair!)
  • Ceremonial practices
  • Strengthening + comforting the heart1 
  • Upset stomachs

Calendula flower benefits are most notable for their skin-healing + supportive properties. It’s especially widespread in Eastern medicine practices like Ayurvedic healing. Many Traditional Chinese Medicine and holistic approaches incorporate calendula into their skincare.

Today, you’ll typically find calendula flowers:

  • Infused into nourishing oils
  • Ground into powder form
  • As whole flowers

But aside from the historical uses, herbs continue to evolve as a real, proven form of medicine. Today, we have an even more extensive list of calendula flower benefits. 

Calendula Flower Benefits

This magical little golden flower has a lot to brag about. The calendula flower boasts an incredibly long list of benefits. It’s efficient for many common ailments (+ supports overall health).

You can experience the calendula flower benefits in various ways. Some methods include topical ointments, lotions or infused oils. You can also find it in some internal homeopathic remedies.

It’s best known for benefits like: 

  • Antioxidant support (from its flavonoid content)
  • Positively affecting blood sugar
  • Soothing a sore throat
  • Helping fight cancer (aka anti-cancer properties)
  • Protecting your brain2 
  • Healing yeast infections just as well as traditional medication3 
  • Easing an upset stomach
  • Reducing menstrual cramps
  • Soothing muscle spasms
  • Antibacterial compounds
  • Healing earaches 
  • Reducing fevers
  • Healing stomach ulcers 
  • Helping prevent + reduce skin irritation from cancer radiation 
  • Sun protective properties 
  • Antiviral compounds
  • Soothing hemorrhoids 
  • Antibacterial compounds

But wait, there’s more. ;) The skin benefits are another extensive + impressive list. That's why we believe they deserve a spotlight for their seriously transformative properties.

Calendula Benefits for Skin 

It's not only great for soothing, protecting, and treating ailments within your body. Calendula is incredibly effective for your skin, too. Here’s a peek at our favorite calendula benefits for skin:

  • Non-irritating, making it perfect for sensitive skin
  • Powerfully soothes diaper rashes
  • Promotes wound healing within the tissue + treats/prevents infection4,5
  • Especially helpful in treating and soothing eczema or dermatitis 
  • Hydrates and firms your skin
  • Protects from sun damage and oxidation
  • Helps heal acne through its anti-inflammatory properties

The bottom line: Calendula boasts a long list of health-supportive properties – skin and otherwise. With so many benefits + little to no side effects, including calendula in our products was a no-brainer.

Primally Pure Products With Calendula Flower Benefits

We chose calendula for our baby products because of its superior soothing and healing properties. But calendula has benefits for anyone – any age. 

So you can use these products at any age to gain allllll the calendula flower benefits. ;) 

Now you’re in the loop on all things calendula skincare + calendula flower benefits. Here’s where you’ll find calendula in our skincare products. 

Baby Balm

Our Baby Balm formula provides calendula flower benefits through infusion. We use organic, cold-pressed olive oil infused with organic calendula flowers (+ marshmallow root).

Ethically sourced, healthy, animal-based fats complement the skin-soothing benefits of the calendula flower. We use tallow from grass-fed + finished cows and ethically sourced emu oil. Together, they create a deeply nourishing + biocompatible product fit for any skin state.

There’s a reason our Baby Balm has so many uses!

*Tip: You can also use your Baby Balm as an overnight slugging treatment. This gives you the best of the hydrating + soothing calendula flower benefits. It goes beyond healing inflammation and dryness (or eczema) for delicate baby skin. It can also replenish skin of any age or state. 

Baby Powder

Our talc-free baby powder contains finely ground calendula flower powder. This addition boosts the soothing benefits for delicate skin + keeps irritation at bay. Organic arrowroot powder and kaolin clay absorb moisture. And the calendula, lavender, and chamomile powders calm irritated skin. Preventing + treating diaper rashes and more. 

*Tip: We love to remind busy mommas that our baby powder can also double as dry shampoo or a pit freshener in a pinch!

Baby Oil 

Our Baby oil contains whole calendula flowers. They infuse medicinal healing properties into the oil. This provides potent soothing + healing properties. Our Baby Oil also contains cold-pressed oils rich in fatty acids like fractionated coconut oil, apricot oil, and jojoba to provide gentle and non-greasy moisture. 

Our oil is superior because many calendula skincare products for babies can contain a long list of concerns like: 

  • Drying ingredients
  • Suffocating ingredients like mineral oil
  • Water (which requires preservatives)
  • Artificial fragrance 

Not ours! That’s why we chose to create a nourishing oil (packed with extra calendula flower benefits) over a lotion. It provides full-body, gentle, chemical-free, + restorative moisture for your little one.  

Baby Bar 

Our Baby Bar contains whole flower calendula infused into shea butter. This is rich with fatty acids that restore the skin barrier instead of stripping it

Many traditional soaps contain surfactants that can hurt your baby’s delicate skin barrier. Our Baby Bar combines super gentle and non-irritating ingredients. Think organic goat's milk and coconut oil. They gently cleanse + restore, leaving important bacteria intact.

While the calendula infusion requires extra time, it's well worth it to us. Your little one's skin needs the additional calendula flower benefits.

How We Source Our Calendula

As always, we believe in transparency with our non-toxic products. We’re proud to source the highest-quality ingredients – often wild-crafted or regeneratively farmed. 

Where + how we source our ingredients matters. Clean, organically grown ingredients create nutrient-dense products. (In this case, it means you get to experience calendula flower benefits to the max. ;)) So here’s what you need to know:

→ Both the calendula flowers and powder used in our products are certified organic.

→ Our flowers come from local California-farmed varieties whenever available. 

→ Our Calendula flower powder comes from a sustainable, certified zero-waste facility in Oregon.

We know there are plenty of Calendula skincare brands to choose from. We believe the integrity of our ingredients sets our baby products apart. They are MUCH more than just baby-specific skincare. 

Rest assured, we will never settle for anything less than the purest ingredients. (We’re called Primally Pure for a reason ;)).

Lock in the Benefits of Calendula for Your Skin

When formulating all-natural, organic skincare for babes, we simply couldn’t overlook the calendula flower benefits + real-life results. There’s a reason calendula skincare is a popular choice for babies and those who experience sensitivity in their skin. 

This age-old medicinal herb has rightfully earned its place in the skincare world. It’s a nourishing, hydrating, and super-soothing hero. The benefits of calendula for skin are simply undeniable. It works below the surface to heal and restore moisture + soothe irritations of any kind. 

Want to experience the healing powers of calendula first-hand? Shop our baby products here.



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