Facial Massage: Why Your Skin Needs Movement + The Benefits of Facial Massage

Sitting is the new smoking. 

Did you know more than 80% of U.S. jobs are sedentary, requiring little to no physical activity throughout the 8-hour workday?1

And though it’s not a surprising correlation, plenty of “irrefutable evidence” confirms that the lack of regular physical activity leads to major upticks in chronic disease + illness.2

Stagnant lifestyles lead to disease in the body. And just as our bodies beg for more movement, so does our skin. As a holistic skincare company, we can’t help but notice the parallels – what your body needs, your skin often needs as well. 

→ But what does “movement” for your skin look like? Glad you asked. ;) 

Facial massage is the single best method to provide the benefits of movement for your skin. With roots in ancient healing systems and facial massage tools that stood the test of time, we know that movement is a critical component of your skin health. Plus, the thousands of happy customers in our community who consistently practice facial massage at home are proof. Facial massage is truly the key to youthful, clear, and balanced skin.

That’s why this month, we’re focusing on the concept of getting your “daily steps” in, so to speak, from a facial massage perspective. 

If you really want to see profound changes in your skin, the power of touch (aka facial massage) is vital. 

The Case Against “Stagnant” Skin Care

Unfortunately, many trending skincare treatments in today’s esthetic settings severely limit (or even wholly restrict) the natural movement your skin requires. 

So before we dive into the power of movement + facial massage for your skin, let’s address the biggest myth: that to have youthful and toned skin, you need to manipulate or minimize the movement in your skin. 

PSA: Movement in your skin is not the enemy – in fact, it’s the key to a youthful complexion!

Skin care is meant to support, not block your skin’s natural functions. Yet many of today’s most common/popular treatments are working against the very root concept of movement. Let’s take a look. 


Besides the long list of dangerous long-term side effects, Botox actually paralyzes your facial muscles, restricting ANY movement. Paralyzing the muscle also inhibits lymphatic flow in your skin, which is essential for optimal skin health. This goes against everything we know about how movement supports renewal and the long-term health of your skin. 


Injecting foreign materials into your skin to “plump” areas where you want more volume isn’t supportive of the natural movement your skin needs. And over time, as you inevitably move your skin through facial expressions and talking, these foreign substances underneath the surface often shift and end up in odd places… ouch.

While treatments like these may provide a temporarily tight + toned facial structure, they can be extremely damaging to your skin. Facial massage, on the other hand, comes with zero known risks. It’s an excellent way to naturally create a toned, youthful, and radiant complexion – that lasts. ;) 

The Role of Movement (Aka Facial Massage) in Skin Health

As you know by now, our stance is strong. To us, facial massage + movement for your skin is simply non-negotiable. Our bodies are designed to move, and so is our skin. But let’s be candid for a moment: fine lines and wrinkles are a natural part of aging. The good news: you can still support your skin to age gracefully

Facial massage is an excellent way to maintain the health of your skin, along with the ability to have the full range of movement for your facial muscles (+ firmer skin). But let’s explore more specific benefits that make this possible. 

Benefits of Facial Massage

Despite the notion that mobility in the skin is bad, mobility is actually essential for youthful and toned skin. Here’s why.

Supports Lymphatic Drainage 

Your lymphatic system runs throughout your whole body – including your face. Its main job is to detox, clearing out stagnant waste and toxins. Facial massage for lymphatic drainage helps kickstart lymph flow to detox your skin + depuff by moving out excess fluid. Regular facial massage and better lymph flow reveal a clearer, more defined, and radiant complexion. 

→ Breaks Up Fascia Adhesions

Fascia is a thin, fibrous layer covering every muscle and organ in your body. Sedentary lifestyles can lead to bunching, tightness, or bound fascia – also known as adhesions. This “bunching” creates uneven texture beneath the skin, causing divides in the skin – aka what we see as wrinkles. 

Just as muscle knots can cause tightness and discomfort, the same applies to fascia – even in your face! Using facial massage to break up any tightness or bunched fascia is proactive + reactive against signs of aging and wrinkles. 

→ Improves Circulation + Blood Flow

Facial massage gently stimulates microcirculation in your skin, creating new pathways for fresh blood flow.3 This fresh oxygen-rich blood flow brings nutrients to the skin that otherwise might not make it there. Better nutrient delivery = glowing and youthful skin.

→ Activates Your Parasympathetic System 

Only when you’re in this state (vs. sympathetic) can your skin do the reparative work it was designed to do. Activating your parasympathetic system through facial massage brings soothing, calming feelings that support your skin’s healing + natural rejuvenating capabilities. 

→ Helps With Jaw Pain + Tension

Tight muscles constrict the flow of lymphatic fluid + nutrients. So, softening tension helps to open pathways for optimal flow. Facial massage for TMJ dysfunction can significantly relieve built-up tension and stress (psst! Check out buccal massage for TMJ issues.)

→ Contours, Plumps, and Defines the Face

Studies show facial massage can lift and tighten signs of aging.4 Why? Movement builds muscle, and muscle provides definition and firmness. ;)

The benefits of facial massage are undeniable. Regardless of whether you use facial massage tools or learn some facial massage techniques by hand.

The important part is to make time for facial massage (aka movement) every day – in some form or fashion!

How to Get Facial Massage In Every Day

Movement is a free, easy way to support the health of your entire body – especially your skin. There are plenty of simple ways to incorporate movement into your daily routines.

As for the movement of your skin, there are many modalities for facial massages. Each tool and technique provides different qualities and tailored benefits for specific skin conditions.

Here’s a peek at the biggest benefits of each. 

Facial Gua Sha Stone

One of our favorite facial massage modalities, gua sha, is rooted in ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine practices. Our facial gua sha stones provide contour-hugging, targeted facial massage. Your facial gua sha stone:

  • Provides unique metaphysical benefits through precious stones (Jade or Bian)
  • Helps release fascia adhesions
  • Stimulates lymph + blood flow
  • Softens fine lines 
  • Brightens skin tone
  • Can help decrease discoloration from sun damage or pigmentation
  • Contours + lifts 
  • Effectively moves out toxic waste 
  • Engages your parasympathetic nervous system

Ridged Facial Roller 

Our ridged facial rollers are also crafted with precious stones like jade, rose quartz, and nephrite for a relaxing, simple, and effective facial massage. It’s an incredible facial tool for a quick morning routine or when you’re pressed for time. Just a few minutes of facial massage with your ridged roller:

  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage
  • Increases circulation
  • Smooths signs of aging
  • Minimizes puffiness or swelling (pop it in your fridge!)
  • Naturally plumps your skin

Facial Cupping Set

Our facial cupping set is incredibly effective at bringing fresh blood flow to the surface of your skin for rejuvenation and a radiant glow. Facial massage via your facial cupping set:

  • Increases blood flow drastically 
  • Stimulates the flow of qi (“chi”), your body’s healing energy force 
  • Reduces puffiness 
  • Brightens and firms
  • Releases tension and tightness that causes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Enhances healing in acne-prone skin

Facial Dry Brush

Our facial dry brush is crafted from all-natural, ethically-sourced materials to provide a customized exfoliation experience through gentle, exfoliating facial massage. Regular use of your facial dry brush:

  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage
  • Visibly minimizes build-up in your skin (like blackheads or milia)
  • Provides gentle exfoliation to stimulate cell turnover
  • Detoxifies your tissue

*Tip: Never use a body dry brush on your face – the bristles are too rough for delicate facial skin.

→ Your Hands

Facial massage doesn’t have to be complicated – or cost you a penny! Your hands are the best way to get a quick (+ free) facial massage on the road, for a midday refresh, or whenever you have a moment. 

Facial massage with your hands: 

  • Stimulates lymphatic flow
  • Releases tension
  • Boosts circulation
  • Brings fresh blood flow 

The perfect time to incorporate a simple facial massage is during your evening oil cleanse. Plus, this is when the cleansing oil really works its magic – dissolving build-up and nourishing the skin with powerful plant nutrients. You’re getting two benefits in one.

Here’s a simple walkthrough of a nightly massage routine from our holistic esthetician, Courtney: 

→ Start with light downward strokes on the neck to promote lymphatic drainage.

→ As you move up the face, work in upward + outward circular motions, paying special attention to areas that tend to be more problematic (like around the nose and chin) and areas that tend to carry more tension (such as your jawline and your forehead). 

You can also watch this tutorial video for a different style of facial massage at home. 

→ Visit Your Local Holistic Esthetician

Okay, this isn’t necessarily realistic to do every day. ;) But we’d be remiss to not mention a facial massage done by a professional. Especially if it includes a specialized facial tool too. 

If you’re local to Southern California, our Primally Pure Spa provides plenty of options like:

  • Facial massage for lymphatic drainage
  • Buccal massage with a unique intraoral component to release tension + tone
  • Herbal poultice that uses organic steamed herbs in combination with massage
  • Gua sha or cupping, which tightens, tones, and depuffs 

But don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by the options. When it comes down to it, you really can’t go wrong with any of these forms of facial massage at home. ;)

Tips to Stick With The Facial Massages 

Building a habit takes time. So, beyond deciding which facial massage tools to use, here are our favorite tips + tricks to make a solid habit of daily facial massage.

  • Set a “reminder” each day on your phone. You’ve got this! ;)
  • Change your facial massage tools daily to keep it interesting + gain even more benefits.
  • Get into a routine + do it at the same time every day! 

*Bonus: Here’s a suggestion from our holistic esthetician:

Morning Routine: After splashing skin with water and patting it dry, use your facial brush. Finish your AM routine with your Ridged Facial Roller after applying serum/cream.

Evening Routine: Start your routine with Oil Cleansing and intentional massage with your hands. Finish your routine with Gua Sha or Cupping after applying serum, cream, or balm.

See? With a little grace for yourself + a plan in place, you, too, can make facial massage a regular part of your routine.

The Power of Movement Through Facial Massage

Your body is intuitive. It’s always talking if you’re listening. We see this need for movement mirrored in the body-skin connection. When you swap stagnant habits for movement through daily, intentional facial massage, the benefits extend beyond just your skin.

With some time and intention, you’ll begin to see your skin heal from within, revealing a more radiant glow. That’s why some of our best-selling products include our facial massage tools. Each of our tools have different focuses but all with one goal: incorporating movement back into your skincare routine.

Let’s get moving, shall we?



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Movement is an essential component of skin health. Getting movement in through daily facial massage supports a naturally youthful, clear, + toned complexion. | Primally Pure Skincare

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