Our Founder's Top 8 Methods to Biohack Your Health for Longevity + Skin Health

As the founder of a holistic skincare company, health is a major cornerstone of my values. I believe vibrant health is a full-body, multi-faceted journey. I’ve been especially drawn to the biohacking movement in the last few years. 

A biohack is a science-backed therapy or lifestyle choice that improves health + longevity by “hacking” your biology. Some biohacks are very simple and inexpensive (or free!) changes, and others involve technology or require a significant amount of time or financial investment.

I am constantly researching, consulting professionals, learning, and investing in therapies and lifestyle changes to improve mine and my family’s health. And, in turn, I love sharing these hacks with the Primally Pure community! 

It’s pretty incredible that with modern technology, we now have the opportunity to take control of our health in new ways and make tweaks that can have a big impact on our future and provide a long health span. I want to live a life full of abundant health and longevity to show up for the people around me and fulfill the purpose God has called me to on earth.

This list may seem kind of crazy if you’re new to the biohacking movement. But these are things I’ve slowly added in over time. They don’t all have to be done at once – many are highly beneficial as a standalone treatment or practice. 

Though not all these biohacks will be for everyone, I love to share with our community what’s working for me in case it may benefit someone else. This list could be even more extensive, but I wanted it to provide what I view as the most valuable + effective biohacks to invest in. So here are my top 8 biohacks if you’re ready to start your healing journey and discover abundant health. 

Biohack #1: Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a biohack that’s become more mainstream in the health + fitness world. It’s an incredibly powerful biohack that can improve your health on a cellular level. There are hundreds of studies on the effectiveness + safety of red light therapy. With virtually no side effects, it’s safe for practically anyone. 

Why I love this biohack: It’s easy to do and doesn’t require much time. With some forms of red light therapy, you can habit-stack and do it while meditating, exercising, reading, etc. It also counteracts/balances excessive exposure to blue light.

The Science behind this biohack: Red light therapy targets mitochondria in your cells, which are the portion of your cells that produce energy. So it directly increases the energy + health of your cells. As you can imagine, this creates a long cascade of positive benefits for your overall health. 

Benefits of red light therapy: 

  • Reduces inflammation1
  • Improves joint pain (including issues like TMJ dysfunction)2  
  • Increases hair growth – even in autoimmune conditions like alopecia3 
  • Improves sleep quality 
  • Reduces oxidative stress on your body4
  • Helps reduce abdominal fat1
  • Increases circulation, lymph, and blood flow
  • Supports your body’s detox processes (healthier cells are more efficient at detoxing)

And that’s just for your body! 

Benefits of red light therapy for your skin:

  • Increases collagen production5
  • Improves the texture of your skin + signs of aging5  
  • Helps heal inflamed skin conditions, including acne6
  • Speeds up tissue repair, including acne scars7
  • Improves microcirculation

Tools/practices for this biohack:

    1. Bon Charge red light devices: From full-size panels down to a mini hand-held device
    2. Solawave facial wand or Bon Charge red light mask if you’re focused on skin benefits
  • Budget-friendly option: Morning or evening sun (contains higher red light content)

Biohack #2: Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is another biohacking method that’s gaining popularity, specifically cold plunging, which exposes your bare skin to frigid water. But this biohack is much more than just a health trend – it’s an effective + simple way to boost your health in mind and body. 

Why I love this biohack: I’m always trying to stay healthy so I can fulfill my roles as a mom, wife, business owner, and friend. Cold therapy only takes a small amount of your time each day (most cold therapy is five minutes or less). It’s a great way to start the day with energy + mental clarity, significantly reduce inflammation, and boost the immune system. 

The science behind this biohack: Cold therapy is loaded with benefits for your health, both mental and physical. Cold therapy boosts your white blood cell count, which helps reduce the risks of infection and maintains great overall health. 

Benefits of cold therapy: 

  • Releases hormones that increase energy and alertness/focus
  • Releases prolonged dopamine, aka your “feel good” hormone 
  • Increases metabolism as your body burns calories to warm back up 
  • Activates “brown” fat tissue, which burns energy instead of storing it like “white” fat8
  • Reduces insulin resistance
  • Promotes mental clarity
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Helps with anxiety and depression

Tools/practices for this biohack:

    1. Cold plunging with a tank that runs on power
    2. Cold plunging with an insulated portable pod
    3. Cryotherapy at a spa or wellness clinic (can be done for your skin as a cyrofacial or full-body)
  • Budget-friendly options: cold shower, ice bath, lake or ocean polar plunge

Biohack #3: Heat Therapy

On the opposite end of the spectrum, is heat therapy. It can be done in different forms, some of which you’re probably already familiar with. The benefits are significant for cardiovascular health and more. 

Why I love this biohack: It’s relaxing + grounding and a beneficial way to induce detox through sweat. It also improves sleep quality when I do it before bed. 

The science behind this biohack: Heat therapy works by raising your body’s core temperature. This is considered a “good hormetic stressor,” which means it is a beneficial type of stress that builds resiliency within your body – even against aging.9  

General benefits of heat therapy: 

  • Deeply relaxing
  • Supports detox pathways (via sweat)
  • Improves cardiovascular function + health10
  • Increased blood flow and tissue metabolism11

Benefits of heat therapy via sauna:

  • Decreases all-cause mortality rate12  
  • Improves blood pressure13

Benefits of heat therapy via hot bath:

  • Burns calories (a 30-min hot bath can burn as much as a 30-min walk)14
  • Reduces chronic inflammation14
  • Helps balance blood sugar in some cases14

Tools/practices for this biohack:

  1. Hot bath (add bath salts for even more benefits from the magnesium)
  2. Dry sauna – heats the air around you in a sealed room by warming natural material like volcanic rock
  3. Infrared sauna – uses infrared wavelengths for a deeper, more detoxifying type of heat, but emits a lower temperature than a dry sauna (I like this brand because theytheir saunas are made without toxic glues and chemically treated wood)
  4. Sauna blanket from Bon Charge for an easy-to-transport option

Biohack #4: Grounding

Grounding, or “earthing,” is an incredibly simple, free biohack. It’s the practice of putting your skin in direct contact with the earth’s negatively charged surface to balance your body’s electrical currents. (I know this can come off as “woo-woo,” but there’s legitimate science behind it!)

Why I love this biohack: It’s so accessible and easy. The more you do it, the more of a difference you’ll feel. Truthfully, I’ve become kind of addicted to it. I can feel a difference energetically when I don’t do it. 

I love that it’s a way we can mitigate some of the harmful effects of EMFs because, in our modern world, it’s impossible to avoid tech altogether. But this biohack provides some relief from that.

The science behind this biohack: Inflammation or oxidative stress in your body causes free radicals to steal electrons from the closest molecule. The earth is naturally rich in free electrons so when you’re “grounded” to the earth, these electrons make their way into your body and help repair + heal inflammation naturally. 

With technology constantly overloading us with positively charged energy, connecting to the earth balances the electrical currents within the body, significantly reducing inflammation. Thousands of people have reported incredible healing from chronic pain and disease from this simple practice. 

Benefits of grounding:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Strengthens your immune system (can even resolve/prevent chronic autoimmune conditions!)15
  • Improves your body’s healing mechanisms15
  • Boosts mood16
  • Improves heart health17
  • Balances cortisol levels18

Tools/practices for this biohack:

  1. Budget-friendly (and best!) option: go outside barefoot – on grass, unsealed concrete, lake/ocean in summer, laying/sitting in the grass or on the natural earth (or try forest bathing for even more benefits)
  2. For times when the outdoors isn’t accessible: a grounding mattress cover, grounding shoes, grounding straps for shoes, a portable grounding mat

Biohack #5: Ozone Therapy

Ozone is a highly purified form of oxygen as a molecule with three oxygen atoms (03 instead of 02 ) that can be used topically or internally. It’s a gas that can be administered as an insufflation in the rectum, vagina, or ear canal. But it can also be infused into water for drinking or oil for topical use. It’s also administered via IVs to cleanse the blood.

This biohack is being used in alternative medicine in the U.S. and is also widely used by mainstream healthcare in other countries. It’s effective for a wide variety of healing + regenerative functions. 

Why I love this biohack: For me, ozone has been fundamental in healing from toxic mold. I have an ozone generator at home. I do rectal + ear canal ozone insufflations, and I drink ozonated water. It’s all been critical in reducing brain fog, improving energy levels, and removing toxic mold from my body.

The science behind this biohack: Pathogenic bacteria cannot live in an oxygen-rich environment, which is precisely what ozone provides. The extra oxygen molecule attaches to pathogenic bacteria and eliminates it, but the oxygen-rich environment also helps good bacteria thrive. This is fundamental to why it works in your bloodstream, gut, topically, and more.

Because oxygen is essential for health + well-being, this biohacking practice kickstarts your body’s natural healing abilities at a cellular level. 

Benefits of ozone therapy:

  • Eliminates pathogens and harmful bacteria (internally and topically)
  • Decreases brain fog + boosts mental clarity
  • Boosts the immune system19
  • Oxygenates your blood20
  • Can treat a large variety of diseases/conditions21

Tools/practices for this biohack:

  1. Clinics that offer various forms of ozone therapy (Ozone IVs, insufflations, and sometimes ozonated water)
  2. Investing in an ozone generator for at-home use (this is the one I have at home)
  3. Ozonated oils for topical use

Biohack #6: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

This biohacking method is proven to have incredibly promising effects. It uses pure oxygen administered in a hyperbaric (pressurized) tank. 

Why I love this biohack: Getting more oxygen to the body is always a good thing. I love the well-researched benefits of hyperbaric oxygen for improving longevity, brain health, and even “aging backward.” Professional athletes regularly use hyperbaric oxygen to recover from injuries + maintain superior health.

The science behind this biohack: Studies have shown that hyperbaric oxygen stops the aging of red blood cells, which is pretty insane.22 It works by lengthening telomeres on chromosomal DNA. Telomeres are the protective “ends” on your DNA strands – and a key biomarker of health/longevity.

The pure oxygen is absorbed by your body and tissues as you breathe it in. And since it’s pressurized,  your body is able to absorb up to 3x more oxygen. This means pure oxygen enters your bloodstream. Oxygen is such a foundational component of health, making this biohacking therapy effective on a fundamental level. 

Benefits of hyperbaric oxygen:

  • Fight infections23
  • Reduces inflammation23
  • Forms new blood vessels23
  • Heals wounds23  
  • Improves neurological function23
  • Treats carbon monoxide poisoning23  

Tools/practices for this biohack:

    1. Visit a certified clinic or provider
    2. At-home hyperbaric chambers: Hardshell chambers are the gold standard, but they can be very pricey. Softshell chambers are more economical, though they may not be as well-researched.
  • Budget option: Some clinics offer “group” chambers instead of single chambers

Biohack #7: Breathwork

Biohacking doesn’t always involve fancy technology or complicated processes. Some of the best biohacks are completely free and simple to do. You can use your breath to initiate healing + vibrant health. 

Why I love this biohack: I personally do Wim Hof breathing regularly, but truthfully, it’s something I have to force myself to do. I find that when I’m in a rushed mode, it’s hard to stop and just breathe, but I always notice a difference when I do it. It puts me in a parasympathetic state and helps me to feel more balanced and centered.

The science behind this biohack: Different types of breathwork have different benefits and goals. But regardless, conscious, deep breathing stimulates the vagus nerve. This nerve is intricately linked to (and contains much of the tissue from) your parasympathetic nervous system, which controls many major bodily functions. 

Your parasympathetic nervous system is what regulates your stress response. And because stress has a long list of detrimental effects on your body, taking the time to ground yourself through breathwork has been proven to be well worth it. 

Benefits of breathwork:

  • Promotes a peaceful mindset
  • Improves focus + mental clarity
  • Boosts better oxygen absorption from intentional, slow breathing
  • Slows your heart rate
  • Improves respiratory health 
  • Promotes theta + gamma brainwaves which help you be more present 
  • Decreases anxiety 
  • Promotes better sleep 
  • Helps manage pain

Tools/practices for this biohack:

  1. Breathwork exercises like Wim Hof Breathing, square breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, or resistance breathing

*Bonus: Try mouth taping at night to increase the benefits of breathing through your nose – the way your body is designed to intake air.

Biohack #8: Fasting

Fasting is a tried-and-true method to help your body cleanse + reset. When we eliminate the noise from external stimuli and the constant need to digest and process food, our body can activate its self-healing mechanisms. 

Why I love this biohack: Taking breaks from anything is beneficial – in whatever form. Whether it’s technology, online shopping, food, or something else. I believe it’s healthy, and you come back with a greater sense of appreciation. Personally, I like fasting from food because it gives my digestive system a break and activates autophagy. 

I like to benefit from the well-documented benefits of autophagy and the body’s self-healing methods. And from a personal spiritual perspective, I find that I can hear from God more clearly when I’m in a fasted state. It has a way of tuning down the noise and allowing me to tune into God. Fasting focuses on feeding the soul, instead of the stomach, for an allotted time.

The science behind this biohack: Explained simply, our bodies naturally divert energy to the most pressing functions. So if you eliminate the need to digest food, your body redirects this [large amount of] energy to things that have essentially been “placed on the back burner.” Autophagy takes over, and your body begins to replace damaged, unhealthy cells or cell parts with new, stronger cells. 

As you can guess, healthy cells provide a long list of benefits – for your skin AND your general health. 

Benefits of fasting:

  • Promotes anti-aging
  • Heals and/or replaces unhealthy cells
  • May be preventative against diseases like Alzheimer's and cancer24,25
  • Increases nutrient absorption
  • Promotes weight loss 

Tools/practices for this Biohack:

  1. Circadian Fasting (fasting after dark each night until sunrise)
  2. Intermittent fasting according to your cycle (mainly during the follicular phase)
  3. Extended fasts for serious autophagy benefits (at the discretion of your healthcare provider)

Biohacking for a Healthier Future

I want to live a life of vibrant and abundant health. And I want that for you, too. I want to be healthy for my loved ones and continue to add value to their lives for many many years to come. Of course, biohacking isn’t the only way. Other components of life greatly contribute to our well-being. 

Yet, I can’t help but notice how each biohack I’ve discussed here has had a significant impact on my health – all in unique yet important ways.

Have you considered any of these biohacks? I’d love to hear your experiences + thoughts.

In health + the pursuit of wellness, 



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