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Introducing our Certified Organic Regenerative Farm

Soil is “the skin” of the earth. 

It’s a living, breathing ecosystem – its microbiome matters.


Beyond Sustainable:

We're all familiar with sustainable farming – but is it good to sustain a broken system? Like skin, when soil is in a degraded state it must be restored back to its full potential before sustainability is an appropriate goal. Our soil has become sick, and regenerative farming is the solution.

Regenerative agriculture heals and “regenerates” the land. It is the patient process of returning to our ancestral roots and working in harmony with nature to leave the land better than we found it. 

Regenerative farming = more pure and nutrient-dense ingredients = healthier skin.

The Transformation

How it started:

When we took over this farm, it had been degraded for over a decade and was in a sad state of barren dirt - no plant life, no animal life, no biodiversity, and minimal water holding capacity.

Our progress:

We’re going back to where it all began and becoming even more involved in the full life cycle of our products: soil to skin.

Ethical and health-minded farming practices are integral to the mission that Primally Pure was founded on. Our Founder, Bethany McDaniel, began making skincare products using grass-fed tallow from her family’s farm, Primal Pastures, and officially started selling non-toxic skincare products at the Primal Pastures farm stand. So it’s only fitting that we’re joining forces with Primal Pastures on this new regenerative venture.

Primally Pure began as a passion project, born out of Bethany’s desire to create products that improved skin health with ingredients grown with integrity and holistic practices rooted in ancestral wisdom. This mission has now come full circle with the regenerative farm and implementing age-old, integrative methods that improve soil health, rebuild biodiversity and leave the land better than before.

The foundation of soil health is regenerative. The future of skin health is regenerative. As a brand, we’re bridging both to better the earth – from soil to skin and the world in which we live.

This is our story, this is our legacy.

Stay up to date on the farm:

We broke ground on our brand new certified organic Regenerative Farm
In partnership with Primal Pastures

Experience the farm in real life– learn more about community events here.