Influencer Program – Primally Pure

We're so happy you stopped by to learn more about our influencer program. Here at Primally Pure, we handcraft 100% natural + non-toxic skincare products in our sunny Southern California workshop and would love for you to join us in spreading the word that real, recognizable ingredients really can provide lasting results - without sacrificing your health + well-being.

PP Influencer Program Perks

15% commissions on all sales referred for lifetime value of customer

10% commissions on all deodorant subscriptions for lifetime value of customer (*10% commissions also apply for non-subscription deodorant purchases)

Exclusive discounts on new products + other exciting perks

Generous incentives, monthly goals and fun contests (a little friendly competition!)

Marketing materials, professional photos and promotional resources to help grow your referral business

Personal contact with a committed PP team member to support your success


Our heart to holistically care for the skin + self with natural, non-toxic ingredients is the thread that weaves through our products, projects and partnerships. We strive to lead our lives in the same way we create our products: infused with integrity, simplicity and purity. We believe in daily baths and that beauty goes much deeper than simply skincare.

You are simplicity-focused and seek to support your health + well-being by choosing real, natural + non-toxic alternatives to conventional beauty products. Your commitment to living a healthy and natural lifestyle inspires others to follow in your footsteps. You cultivate authentic, meaningful relationships with your community and make a positive difference in the lives of others.

We'd love to learn more about you + your brand and how it aligns with our mission.

Pure ingredients, real results.

Primally Pure does an incredible job of loving on us affiliates so well! I feel 100% in alignment with every product Primally Pure offers, so I love talking about them. It feels like such a easy pairing to me. What sets PP's affiliate program apart is that their team is so responsive and so generous! And the % back feels worth promoting - not the case with other programs I've done in the past. I would absolutely recommend it to others!

- Sarah Adler | Simply Real Health


I was naturally telling everyone about Primally Pure anyways, so I might as well get a bonus when I share my love for the products. It's been amazing getting to help others find the solutions they are seeking and share my own transition into non-toxic skincare! Being an affiliate is an incredible way to feel a part of something bigger while sharing what you love with the people you love. I feel like so many people are seeking and hunting and trying to find more natural products but they aren't sure where to start, I know I personally felt lost in my own journey until Bethany shared her products with me, so getting to talk about something I love and use daily has come naturally and it clearly is resonating with my followers, too!

- Jenna Kutcher


I've had nothing but a fantastic experience since becoming a Primally Pure affiliate. The team at Primally Pure EXCELS at customer service, so I know that my readers are in excellent hands. Their products are of the absolute highest quality in natural skincare and it’s a pleasure recommending my favorites to readers. I find that readers are grateful for reviews and product suggestions while affiliate commissions make a good contribution to my business. Overall, anyone with a readership in the health, wellness, or beauty industry would be hard-pressed to find a company more dedicated to taking GREAT care of *your* people. Primally Pure offers beautiful, thoughtful, hand-crafted solutions to the safer and natural skincare puzzle.

- Cassy Joy Garcia | Fed + Fit


I believe in Primally Pure's products so much because they work and enhance our overall health because of the trustworthy, safe ingredients. I absolutely love promoting them to my community! Being a part of Primally Pure's affiliate program feels so personal, and I also appreciate that you can feel the love that goes into every product! It feels extra special. I would absolutely recommend the PP affiliate program to others. I am so thankful for everything PP has created and love sharing these products with my nearest and dearest + with my online family!

- Lauren Scruggs Kennedy


I truly love sharing products that I truly stand behind, use in my daily life, and absolutely love! I love partnering with PP because I trust them and their integrity. The care that goes into each product is often not seen in this industry. I love the quick shipping and the great customer service, too. I would say, if you love the products it is a great way to share them with others while creating some additional income!!

- Lexi Davidson | Lexi's Clean Kitchen


The biggest thing I love is working with a company that is SO genuine, kind, responsive, & all-around amazing. It's so hard to find!! The Primally Pure team is just the best. I think what sets Primally Pure apart is how much they care about their products and mission. Also how kind they all are! It's always so refreshing to work with such a great team that truly cares so much. Primally Pure's affiliate program can be something that grows to become a great passive side income. Also, you get to share the non-toxic mission with your community! There's really zero downside.

- Taylor Love | Love Inside & Out

Primally Pure Affiliate

I can’t say enough praises about both Primally Pure’s amazing product line and affiliate program.  I love the ease of use of their affiliate platform and the ladies behind the brand are very responsive and thoughtful when need help or have questions about products. I carefully select the products and brands I choose to use personally and also promote to my audience and I always feel completely confident recommending Primally Pure to others. Their products truly work and provide a safe and effective solution to skin and body care! Their boutique, all natural products have transformed my skin and the affiliate commission helps keep my website and business operating so I can continue to provide my audience with helpful content!

- Caroline Potter | Flourish Living

Primally Pure Affiliate

The PP affiliate program is super user friendly. It's simple to use across any marketing platform which makes getting better skincare into people's hands that much easier. Primally Pure uses real ingredients for real bodies without any of the stuff you don't want. It's a farm to shelf business that provides people with a solution to the toxic skincare problem, all while giving better results! Nature really is smarter than science. If you're anything like me, you're constantly singing the praises of Primally Pure Skincare to friends and family, and how much it's completely transformed your life, so why not turn that sale into a commission for yourself and get some free product along the way!

- Vanessa Barajas | Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind

Primally Pure Affiliate

I have been using, loving and raving about Primally Pure’s products since it’s humble beginnings and it’s so fun to watch this beautiful company become a leader in the non-toxic skincare industry and continue to create such awesome safe products. I love being able to refer my loved ones, clients and podcast listeners to such a high quality, high performing skincare line…one I use on the daily. I cannot speak highly enough about the Primally Pure Affiliate Program! It has been so easy to navigate and one of my favorite aspects has been working with the Primally Pure team–they are so helpful, responsive and just down right wonderful women. It’s been a great way to monetize my social platforms and share a company and products I truly love and believe in!

- Justine Campbell | Alo Wellness