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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Pure Rewards? And how do I sign up?
Pure Rewards is our loyalty program that rewards you for shopping with us! It’s free and easy to join! You can sign up by creating an account - all we need is your name and email address. If you already have a Primally Pure account, simply login and click "Enroll Now" from your dashboard.

You can now earn points when shopping on Primally Pure + CBD which can be redeemed here on All you need to do is use the same email address when shopping on both sites and your points will carry over!
Having trouble signing in after creating your account?
You may need to activate your account, email us at to get an account activation email/link.
Are you having issues with the login form or password reset not submitting?
Our website requires your browser to allow cookies in order to login. If you can't login, even with the right username and password, you likely have cookies disabled on your browser. If you are using a browser that automatically blocks cookies (ex. DuckDuckGo) please use a standard browser and try again.

- In Chrome, go to Preferences > Privacy and security > and change to "Allow all cookies".
- In Safari, go to Preferences > Privacy > and be sure to uncheck "Block all cookies".
- On an iPhone, go to Settings > Safari > and untoggle "Block all cookies".
I’ve made purchases using different email addresses and have been earning points on both, can I combine the accounts?
Yes, you can email our customer support team to have them transfer your points to one primary account. We are only able to transfer your points, not tier status, order history, etc. Please note this can only be done once and is non-reversible.

Points + Rewards Redemption

How do I earn points + How do points for dollars spent work?
Members earn 1 point for every $1 spent (no limit) on eligible purchases.

Depending on the tier you're in you'll earn at least 1 point for each dollar spent or more. As an example, once you enter the Rose Quartz tier each dollar spent will earn you 1.25 points! We also have double point days and promotions where you can earn up to 3 points per dollar. Points are awarded on the subtotal of the order (after discounts, gift cards, and before taxes and shipping).

Tier status does not apply towards purchases on the CBD site but you will still earn 1 point per $1 spent which can be redeemed on
How many points do I need before I am eligible to redeem towards a purchase? And do points expire?
100 Points = $10 and no points do not expire!
You may apply up to 400 points per order
How do I know how many points I have? Why can’t I see my points in my account?
Your points are displayed in the My Account section of the Pure Rewards Account Page. You must login to your account to view your points.

If your points balance is not displaying please be sure to be using a standard web browser (not DuckDuckGo). If you are using a standard browser and are still not seeing your points balance, refresh your page and wait up to 30 seconds for them to load. If you have a popup blocker turned on this can also cause points not to display.
I earned points but I don't know how to redeem them towards my purchase. How do I checkout using points?
Before or during checkout be sure to log in so you’re able to choose your reward. Ready to redeem points? You can choose one of the two methods below when redeeming points based on your checkout method.

- Option 1: Once your items are added to your cart and you begin the checkout process you will see your points balance and a dropdown to “Choose reward.”

- Option 2: Start shopping, add your items to your cart and then come back (here) and go to the “Redeem for Discounts” section. Click “Redeem My Points” and copy & paste your code to apply in cart or at checkout based on the number of points you'd like to redeem. (Recommended for ShopPay, International, and 1st time subscription purchases).
I redeemed points for a coupon but didn't use the code.
If you redeemed points but didn’t use the code towards your purchase the code is still valid and can be redeemed at a later date. You will also receive an email with the code in case you don’t complete your purchase immediately after redeeming.

Can’t find the email? Let us know and we would be happy to resend it to you. (
What happens to my points if I return a product or an order is cancelled?
Any product that is returned or any order that is canceled will reverse or decrease the points you received from that purchase. If you moved up a tier on that order, your tier will also be adjusted accordingly.
If an order is placed using Pure Points and then you complete a return, you forfeit points used.
Why didn’t I earn points on my purchase?
Points will be applied to your account after your order is fulfilled. If your order has been delivered and you do not see your points in your account for the order please reach out to (

Please be sure to use the same email address when shopping on Primally Pure + CBD as you do on in order to earn points for your purchases.
I left a review on a product I purchased, why didn’t I earn points?
In order to earn points for a review it must be a verified review meaning the review must be submitted via the email you receive from
A review request email will be sent to the email address used to place the order 14 days after the order is placed, if you don’t receive it within 21 days of your purchase please reach out to our team and we will be able to help!
It’s my birthday and I didn’t get my birthday reward?
Birthday points will not appear in your account until 30 days after you submit the date as a fraud prevention measure. If you do not see the points 30 days later, please contact us at (


How do tiers work?
We have three tiers: Jade, Rose Quartz, and Nephrite. When you sign up for our program, you're automatically in the Jade tier just for signing up! Starting that date you'll start accruing points and will have 1 year (365 days) to reach the next tier. Once you reach a new tier, you'll have 1 full year (365 days) for those benefits!

Our tiers are based on the amount of money spent and each new tier has new benefits to unlock!
- Jade: $0 - $150 (active enrollment is required to receive benefits)
- Rose Quartz: $150-$300
- Nephrite: $300+

Please note: Due to program limitations we are unable to have purchases that include CBD products count towards tier status. Only purchases made on qualify towards your tier status. We apologize for the inconvenience. You will still earn 1 point per $1 spent on the CBD site which can be redeemed on
Do tiers expire or reset?
Yes, tier status is based on a 12 month rolling period. To remain in your current tier you must stay within the spend threshold through a rolling 12 months.

For example: if you sign up for the program on September 1st 2021, you must maintain spend through September 1st 2022.
What does “early access to new products” and “ “early access to sales” mean?
As one of our Rose Quartz or Nephrite tier members, you will be notified of new product releases before the general public so you get first dibs! Our Nephrite tier members will be notified of sales before they start!
How do annual gifts work for the Nephrite tier?
Once a year, we will send a gift via email or post for our Nephrite tier members - trust us, it’ll be worth the wait!

Orders + Returns

I forgot to sign in and just made a purchase, will I still earn points for my order?
If you just forgot to sign in when placing your order, no worries. Your points will be waiting in your account as long as you used the same email address connected to your Pure Rewards account at the time of purchase. This applies when shopping on both Primally Pure and the Primally Pure + CBD sites.
To ensure that you will accrue points correctly, please make sure the same email address is used for your payment method and Pure Reward account. We do recommend being logged in for future purchases in order to ensure orders are counted towards your tier status.
What happens to my points if I return a product or an order is canceled?
Any product that is returned or any order that is canceled will reverse or decrease the points you received from that purchase. If you moved up a tier on that order, your tier will also be adjusted accordingly.

Referral Program

Do you have a referral program? How do I join?
We do! You are welcome to refer your friends here and earn $10 towards your next $50+ purchase for each successful referral.

A successful referral is when you send a new customer to Primally Pure using your referral link and they complete a purchase that meet the following conditions:
- Purchase must be $50+ after any discounts or gift cards.
- If their purchase is under $50, deemed to not be their first purchase, or if they have been on our site before and are already a member of our Pure Rewards program, it will not be considered a successful referral. Please reach out to us with any other questions regarding the program!