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My tracking information says “Delivered” but I haven’t received my package.

We recently made a change to our shipping process in an effort to improve our customer experience, however, there were unforeseen issues with the new 3rd party we started using, including delays in package delivery up to 2 weeks. Effective immediately, we have switched back to our previous partner while we continue to look for additional ways to make the experience even better. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and will be in touch with all impacted customers soon.

Do you have a sample regimen?

While everyone's skin is unique and requires customized care, there are some guidelines we suggest following when it comes to applying skincare products. This is our simple skincare routine for the evening:

  • Cleansing Oil and/or Baby Bar: Begin with a clean, fresh canvas
  • Complexion Mist or Everything Spray: Replenish skin + prep skin for moisture
  • Skin-Specific Facial Serum (Plumping, Clarifying or Soothing): Target specific skin needs
  • Beauty Cream or Baby Balm (if needed): Moisturize and nourish

Watch a tutorial here

What’s your return policy?

Once you make your purchase, if you find that our product isn't meeting your expectations, we will always work with you to come to a suitable solution. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your purchase.

I’m experiencing irritation from the deodorant, what should I do?

Irritation can occur when you’re switching to a natural deodorant and some people may have a sensitivity to baking soda. Please take a peek at our informative blog post, Irritation From Natural Deodorant and What to Do About It. It’s filled with the best tips and tricks to help you transition from conventional deodorant to our safe, non-toxic alternative.

Do you offer samples?

At this time, we do not offer samples of most products because all of our products are hand-made.

I signed up for a subscription, but I don’t have an account?

It's likely that upon first subscribing, you checked out without creating a subscription account. To log in, you'll need to create an account first by associating your order with an account: https://primallypure.com/account/register. Please use the same email address used when placing your first order. Once logged into your account, you'll be able to swap scents, change frequency, skip an order and more!

I can’t seem to get my promotional code to work? What could I be doing wrong?

The way our system works, we can only accommodate one promotion to be used per transaction. With that being said, please feel free to use the promotion that is of greater value on your purchase. Also, because our deodorant subscriptions include free shipping, we aren't able to apply an additional promotion to these types of orders.

I’m local and would love to utilize your local pickup option. How do I go about doing this?

Please place your local pickup order 24 hours prior to pickup in order to ensure that items will be ready/available when you arrive during our specially reserved pickup hours which are Monday-Saturday, 9am-4pm.

If you’re still looking for some assistance, please fill out the form below or email us at hello@primallypure.com.