Grace’s Personalized Holistic Acne Treatment: What Finally Worked (+ Why it Was Worth the Wait)

Holistic healing. It’s healing from the inside out.

If you're unfamiliar with the term “holistic healing,” don't worry - I've been in your shoes. I’m going to explain everything you need to know!

If you read part one about my journey to heal acne naturally you know that I had zero interest or pursuit of holistic wellness for the last decade. But the biggest lesson I’ve learned from transitioning to a holistic lifestyle is that you should always aim to treat the root cause, not just the symptoms. Especially for someone like me, who was experiencing chronic acne. 

In this post, I’m going to walk you through the details of my holistic acne treatment, including:

  • The team of professionals who supported + advised me
  • What we changed about my lifestyle and diet (+ why)
  • The exact steps and natural protocols we used to heal my skin… from the inside out!

But first, a little background.

My Path to Choosing a Holistic Acne Treatment Approach

Sure, I’d heard about holistic healing and lifestyles from a few people over the years. But, like many of you, I grew up in a conventional household and never had a reason to change my lifestyle in any significant capacity. 

→ I ate what was served to me.

→ I used the most affordable products.

→ I went to whatever doctor my insurance suggested.

So naturally, when I began to experience acne as a teenager, I went straight to my local dermatologist. I took whatever was prescribed. I didn’t research or ask questions about anything regarding my health and what I was putting in and on my body. 

I was the definition of conventional.                                                                              

When I joined the team at Primally Pure as Bethany McDaniel’s personal assistant, I gained an inside view into how to live a holistic lifestyle and prioritize wellness

Bethany’s health-conscious decisions slowly rubbed off on me.

I watched her intentional choices in what she and her family ate, purchased, and used. After several months of exposure to the non-toxic lifestyle, my heart softened to the idea of making the transition. I decided to go for it.  

At first, a holistic lifestyle seemed like a lot – because it was. I’d have to change everything I ate, my day-to-day habits, and all the products I used.

I had to break from so many of my tried-and-true products, including:

  • Household cleaning products 
  • Everything that went on or into my body
  • All the foods I consumed and cookware I used every day
  • Laundry products like detergents and dryer sheets

…The list goes on. 

Making this many swaps can seem overwhelming. But I’m living proof: the benefits of a holistic lifestyle outweigh the “hardness.” Just because something feels challenging doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. You reap what you sow. And in my experience, almost anything that’s ever produced fruit in my life stemmed from overcoming a challenge. 

There’s an element where you kind of just need to jump in the deep end, make the changes, and figure out questions and solutions as you go. (That’s what I did!) BUT –  I also want to make this approachable for anyone who’s ready to start transitioning to a non-toxic lifestyle but feels overwhelmed. If that’s you, I’m glad you’re here. In this post, I’m going to provide a few simple places to start. 

Remember, there’s no perfect way (or order) to do this. Everyone’s body, circumstances, and journey will be different. But I’ll do my best to explain what I personally did to heal my skin + body holistically. Think of it like your older sister’s loving advice and guidance on how you can make the transition, too. (Because if I can do it, so can you!)

I worked with a team of experts to develop a holistic acne treatment. I changed each of the following aspects of my life with the intent to deeply heal and achieve overall wellness.  I'm so excited to share some of the expertise & resources with you as I walk you through the five key steps of my regimen!

Step 1: Know Your “Why” for Choosing a Holistic Approach to Acne (or Any Condition!)

Realistically, if I didn’t have a motivating reason to make these changes, I probably wouldn’t have. 

My clear “why”– my purpose for changing my lifestyle – was because my skin (and the chronic acne I was dealing with) felt horrendous. I was willing to do anything to get rid of my painful, unattractive acne… no matter how much of a challenge! 

My desire to fully heal is what kept me going when a non-toxic lifestyle and my holistic acne treatment regimen got tough to maintain (because it’s not easy). 

On the other side of the coin, if my only “why” was clear skin, I could have taken the easy way out. I could’ve just gone on birth control, taken dermatologist prescriptions (again), or done anything on the laundry list of conventional “solutions” society hands to people struggling with chronic acne. 

So my SECOND “why:'' Choosing a holistic approach to my condition would give me real answers and address the root cause of my acne – not just the symptom. Yes, this would be the route less traveled, one that required more patience, was more financially challenging, and ultimately: was harder. But a holistic acne treatment would do more than just heal my outward appearance. It would change my overall health and wellness, without negative side effects. 

So I knew a holistic approach was worth my time, intentionality, and investment. And throughout this process, I gained full awareness of my health, learned how to manage it, and discovered tools to maintain + support wellness as a lifestyle. 

Holding on to this truth kept me going through the hardest parts of this journey – and ultimately allowed me to come out the other side in victory.

So whatever health issues you may be struggling with, they have a root cause. And take it from someone with personal experience – a holistic route will address it. 

I encourage you to consider the facts as you read about my story and develop your personal “why.” Do this before making these lifestyle changes… it will keep you pressing on + excited for the end results!  

Step 2: Clean Eating as a Pivotal Part of Your Holistic Acne Treatment 

While there’s no “right” order to make lifestyle changes, I would tell anyone and everyone: start by switching to a clean diet. 

Diet was one of the most impactful changes for my health when I began my own non-toxic lifestyle swaps in November 2023. 

I began with an elimination diet where I cut out inflammatory foods like:

This is such a great start for anyone because it’s an easy, cost-effective way to see if diet could be the root cause of your symptoms. Do this before considering further specific testing, because it could be a huge piece of the puzzle for you. 

In my case, I ended up eliminating even more specifics (a big one being eggs) after further testing with my practitioner Taylor Dukes. But we’ll get to that in Step 4. 

A Non-Negotiable: Source Clean Food

Here’s the deal. Cutting things out of your diet has a time and place (it was a necessity in my situation!). But where your ingredients are sourced from is sometimes even more important than what the food is. 

Here’s an example to explain this concept: 

→If you see someone with a plate of chicken + asparagus, and another person with a plate of burgers and fries, who’s eating a healthier meal?

Most would assume it’s the person with chicken and asparagus. (Seems correct, right?) 

But – this isn’t necessarily true! 

The chicken might be pumped with hormones and antibiotics. The asparagus might have been grown with pesticides in a non-organic environment. Both may have been cooked with industrial seed oils.

And on the flip side, maybe the burger is 100% grass-fed and finished beef, topped with organic produce, a gluten-free bun made from scratch with wholesome ingredients, and fries cooked in avocado oil. 

In this case, the person with the burger and fries is eating a much healthier, nutrient-dense meal because it was sourced cleanly. You get the idea!?

This helped me grasp the concept that “clean eating” does NOT mean boring – or plain! Today, I thoroughly enjoy the meals I make, and even those I order on an occasional night out. (YES, you can eat out as a clean eater! Be selective and do your research, but clean restaurants do exist!) 

It takes time to learn recipes, find trusted ingredients, snacks, and restaurants, and get into a new rhythm (that often requires more meal prep). But you can do it. And once you get the hang of it, I’m here to tell you: it’s fairly simple! 

Clean Eating Q&A With Primal Pastures

Primal Pastures played a massive role in my dietary changes. I only ate meat from Primal Pastures for the first few months to ensure I was getting the cleanest meats possible. I even got to sit down with Farmer Rob, the owner and co-founder of Primal Pastures (who doubles as a physician assistant).

Our conversation gave me a balanced and science-based perspective on food and how it affects our bodies. I want to share some of his knowledge with you, so check out some of our conversation below.

Q: Why does where you get your meat (and other ingredients) matter more than the actual ingredients?

A: Because labels can't be trusted. There's been such a manipulation of labels and what certain things mean. You may think you're getting something healthy when you really aren’t. Knowing where your food comes from and how it's raised is the only way to know if you’re truly eating quality food, not by blindly trusting a label. 

Q: How do food/ingredients affect our skin health (and gut health)?

A: Nutrients and proteins affect our body in certain ways. They cause reactions like acne, chronic inflammation, and all sorts of issues – that’s our body saying “something's not right here” and wanting to be fed clean food.

Q: What meat do you recommend if someone is ready to start the transition to clean eating? What are some affordable options?

A: As a starting point: beef is the easiest meat to change because the amount of grass-fed and finished beef out there is higher. However, the two worst types of meats for you are chicken and pork because they’re raised so poorly. Pork is the dirtiest meat for sure. Swapping those first would make the biggest impact on your health due to nutrient density and quality.

In summary: An easy first step swap to clean meat would be to opt for grass-fed and finished beef, due to price point and availability. To have the biggest health impact, start by swapping your chicken and pork for pasture-raised and certified organic. 

“You wouldn’t put unleaded fuel in a Ferrari. If you want to take care of your body, put premium in it; not junk. If you value your health and body, put the best product in it and you'll get results." - Farmer Rob, Primal Pastures   

Step 3: Toss the Toxins to Lessen the Burden on Your Body and Skin

According to a 2015 survey by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), American women use an average of 12 products per day that contain 168 different chemicals.1  

Crazy, right? 

That doesn’t even include the chemicals we come into contact with at home or in public spaces, what we use to clean our homes, and what we put in our laundry. All the products you use have such an impact on your overall wellness. 

But… are the chemicals and products you’re using really that bad? You might be asking, “Do I HAVE to eliminate them as part of my holistic acne treatment?”

I remember having that question myself. I doubted that I was really affected by my products and viewed the whole holistic movement as kind of pompous or trendy because of the way society paints organic and non-toxic lifestyles. 

But, if we’re getting down to the facts, they really are that bad, and tossing the toxins can significantly elevate your life.

(It would take a whole other blog post and probably a lot of research + conversation to walk you down that road. So if you’re not sold…  I highly encourage you to do your own research + seek out trusted holistic sources!) 

Non-Toxic Lifestyle Resources 

Before we get into the details, I want to provide a few eye-catching facts and credible resources that’ll hopefully help you consider hopping on the holistic train.

1. Branch Basics is such a wealth of information for household products: what to avoid + what to use! 

    “There are currently more than 85,000 chemicals in the U.S. that make up the products we use daily... and few have been tested for safety. Toxic products contain one or more ingredients that can cause health and/or environmental harm.”2  

    2. This post on the Pure Life Blog is such a great place to start researching ingredients! Plus, it has some helpful resources for continuing your studies + finding cleaner swaps! 

    “When we feed our skin with ingredients that are artificial and harmful to our cells, it puts a serious strain on our body and creates a toxic burden that can lead to inflammation and serious illnesses.” 

    3. This post on the Pure Life Blog is such a great, simplified explanation, of how to start the transition to a non-toxic life! 

    “With consistent exposure, our bodies retain and build up those nasty chemicals. It may start with a migraine here and there, or a bout of abdominal discomfort, but could eventually turn into a chronic condition, which is typically masked with more chemicals like painkillers and steroids”  

    Non-Toxic Product Q&A With Branch Basics

    For this part of my holistic acne treatment plan, I had the privilege of learning directly from our founder, Bethany, along with her friend Allison, co-founder of Branch Basics. I got to ask Allison all about how to toss the toxins and make the swaps! 

    Q: How can toxic products (not just body or face products) contribute to acne?

    A: Sadly, so many of the products we bring inside our homes contain hormone-disrupting ingredients that can cause a cascade of symptoms, including acne. We should be especially mindful of fragrance ingredients (“fragrance”/“parfum”), which have been directly linked to endocrine disruption due to their mimicking of our natural hormones. 

    Laundry detergent is perhaps the most important product to keep in mind when it comes to acne. We’re spending hours each night with our skin soaking up the products we choose to use in our laundry room. This switch alone has resulted in so many people’s skin clearing up, from acne or eczema! 

    Q: How do you recommend beginning the switch to non-toxic products? It feels like a big change and overwhelming to do all at once for beginners!

    A: The beauty of switching to non-toxic products is that it’s all about going back to basics. We’ve been trained (especially as Americans living in a consumer-driven culture) to believe we need a separate product for each cleaning need. 

    The truth is, a high-quality cleaning surfactant (like Branch Basics!) can replace virtually all cleaning products in the home…and actually work! Skincare lines like Primally Pure prove this as well, using simple, pure ingredients that can be used to treat a plethora of skin issues. 

    The most important thing to think about, when embarking on this journey, is that it’s about removal of toxic products, more than it is about adding more products. The process of removal alone will transform your home’s air quality, and thus your and your family’s health. 

    Opening windows, taking shoes off, getting a high-quality soap for cleaning, and using clean skincare products will make a huge difference, without much cost at all. 

    Q: Based on The Branch Basics 10-Day Stay – what positive health changes occur right off the bat from non-toxic swaps?

    A: Our bodies are made to heal and detoxify. But sadly, most people go their entire lives and never experience a truly clean, toxin-free environment. When we remove pesticides, synthetic fragrances, built-up dust (which carries the chemicals!), glyphosate and additives in our food, and even excessive radiation in the form of Bluetooth, cell phones, etc., our bodies are able to dump built-up toxins at warp-speed. 

    Marilee has worked with clients for over 35 years and watched their bodies transform when toxins are removed, and this was shown in the total toxic-burden labs we used during the 10-Day-Stay project. Here is a snapshot of one of our participant’s toxin level shifts in just this ten day period: 

    Glyphosate: 21.3 → 6.46 (70% less)
    BPA: 1.36 → 0.37 (72% less)
    Methylparaben: 58.55 → 1.21 (98% less)
    Propylparaben: 34.13 → 6.25 (82% less)
    Phthalates: 64.27 → 0.33 (99.4% less)
    VOCs (NAP): 6.96 → 0.64 (91% less) 

    Q: What are your biggest “no’s” with a non-toxic lifestyle?  

    A: No-never’s for me are using pesticides and synthetic fragrances in/around our home. Diet-wise, food dyes and non-food ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup are also where I draw the line! I will also never inject fillers or Botox into my skin. Those are my personal boundaries! :)

    Helpful, right!? As part of my holistic acne treatment, I switched all of my conventional cleaning & laundry products to Branch Basics. I’ve been loving the feel of a healthy, cleaner (aka toxin-free) home.

    Making non-toxic product swaps doesn’t have to be difficult or limiting. November 15th, 2023, I packed a whole box of my old products and plopped them in the garage. At the time, I wondered if I’d return to grab them in desperation after this didn’t work. 

    → But guess what!? 

    I ordered the Branch Basics starter kit and a new skincare routine from Primally Pure… and the journey with the “product” portion of my holistic acne treatment began. I’ve continued to swap products slowly over time, but it all started with one day: a decision and a big overhaul! 

    (In full transparency: I did end up going back to the garage a few months later… to throw the box of old, toxic products RIGHT into the trash! And I haven’t looked back.)

    The Details: My Non-Toxic Skincare Swaps in My Holistic Acne Treatment

    Everyone’s products are unique to their personal life, body chemistry, and a variety of other factors. This is what’s worked for me, but your routine might (probably will) look a little different – and that’s okay! 

    Trial and error is part of making your swaps and developing your new regimen for a personalized + holistic acne treatment.

    Here’s my current Primally Pure skincare routine (+ a couple extras).

    My skin feels: sensitive, acne-prone, and breaking out

    My product staples: 

    My facial tools:

    Some Days, I don’t do anything as part of my holistic acne treatment! ;) But on the days where I feel I need some extra hydration or want to elevate my skin, here’s what I do.

    1. I start by sweeping my face with our Facial Dry Brush. This helps brush away any impurities and exfoliates my face with a gentle holistic facial tool 

    2. Then I wipe my face with warm water, using a Clean Skin Club towel

    3. I follow up by massaging a small amount of our Everything Balm onto my skin. 

    4. My AM routine ends with a few sprays of our Clarifying Mist (oil and water actually work best together, despite common misconceptions!). 

    My Nighttime Skincare Routine is where I do A LOT of work to maintain my holistic acne treatment. I tend to block out about an hour before bed to get this all done. Some nights I may skip a tool or step if I need to go to sleep (SLEEP itself is hugely important to your health!3 I always strive for 8-9 hours a night.).

    1. I begin with a double-cleanse. I use our Cleansing Oil + a second cleanse with our Clarifying Bar. (And I use Clean Skin Club towels to gently wash off both cleansers with warm water.) 

    2. (Optional Step) I'll apply one of our face masks for 20-30 minutes if I have time. I do it while I  wind down or just do some relaxing household chores while it works its magic. The Clarifying Mask has been the best for my skin type,  but I‘ve found benefits in both the plumping and soothing masks too, so sometimes I switch it up! 

    *Tip: Remember, you can do a face mask anytime! For example: Mid-afternoon while making lunch may work better for your schedule!

    3. I apply our Everything Spray as a facial toner. I spray it directly onto a 100% organic cotton round to apply it. 

    4. (Optional Step) I lay underneath a Celluma Acne Light for about 30 minutes while listening to an audiobook or podcast. Our very own, Danielle Slawsby from the Primally Pure Spa, was so kind to let me borrow hers! I’ve been using this as frequently as possible (but not every night, as the time is not always there)

    *Tip: Though this step has been extremely valuable, and I’m a huge advocate for all things light therapy, I’m fully aware most of us don’t have Celluma’s lying around to use. So I was so excited to find a more budget-friendly alternative: the Solawave “Bye Acne” Light! I purchased this for myself and love to keep it on hand to pop it on – even if I’m just watching a movie with my husband or reading a book.

    5. Next up, I apply 5-6 drops of Clarifying Serum to my face and massage it in gently with my hands or a facial tool. I like to alternate between facial cupping and gua sha. I’ ve found pairing one of these tools with the clarifying serum has been a HUGE help in fading my acne scarring. 

    6. Finally, to end my routine, I apply a generous amount of ozonated hemp or olive oil to my entire face. Ozone therapy, specifically in oil form, can be highly beneficial for fighting acne (It definitely was in my case!).4 It’s also one of Bethany’s favorite biohacks.

    In a season where my skin has REALLY needed extra love and attention, this routine has been crucial for me to prioritize. 

    Is it realistic for everyone in every season? For sure no. 

    I probably won’t keep up with this lengthy regimen forever, either. But, it’s done wonders for me over the past few months and has been WORTH my time and effort.

    My cleaning products + skincare were some of the first swaps I made when transitioning to non toxic… but I’ve made plenty more since! Here are a few more bonus products I’ve been loving:

    For Your Body:

    For Your Home:

    For Your Hair:

    Remember: The non-toxic life is ever-changing. I try to live by the principle of “good, better, best.” Any improvement is progress, and you can continue to upgrade the quality of your products as you go! 

    Your routines and products will change over time as you learn and grow in embracing a holistic lifestyle. Don’t feel pressure to start perfectly. Start by swapping your essentials, and add from there! 

    Step 4: Seriously Consider a Personal Protocol with a Provider as Part of Your Holistic Acne Treatment

    If you’ve made it to step four, you’re WELL on your way to a clean, non-toxic lifestyle! You’ve probably learned so much about your body, and maybe even ruled out a few probable root causes – even if you aren’t struggling with a skin-specific issue. 

    Like I mentioned in step one, direct testing isn’t always a necessity… but sometimes, it is. In my case, I wasn’t seeing the changes I wanted to –  even after faithfully practicing all of the changes above – for over two months. 

    And… I had a wedding approaching. So I wanted to try to speed things up IF possible and find an even more personalized holistic acne treatment. If this is you, I hope my story provides you with both HOPE and DIRECTION!

    Bethany and I reached out to Taylor Dukes, who’s a functional medicine provider, board-certified family nurse practitioner, and the founder of Taylor Dukes Wellness. Taylor provided the testing I needed to finally get some solid answers on the deeper internal issues. 

    And not surprisingly, those root causes required a more personalized protocol for me to heal my acne naturally. 

    So while I will openly share everything we included in my holistic acne treatment to heal my skin from the inside out, I highly recommend you also work with a practitioner. The right practitioner can help you find exactly what you need to do to heal your individual condition!

    Breaking Down My Protocol With Taylor Dukes

    You’re probably wondering “How do I find a practitioner, and where would I start that process?”

    Thankfully, I’ve got some solid advice for you right, from our very own Taylor Dukes. 

    Q: How would you explain the difference between Western medicine and holistic medicine? Why pick one over the other?

    A: We live in the best country in the world for acute care. Where our system struggles is with health promotion and disease prevention (“the pill for the ill”) as opposed to getting to the root cause. There’s a time and place for the conventional medical system, but when it comes to ongoing issues such as autoimmune, infertility, skin conditions, etc., integrative (or holistic) medicine doesn’t suppress someone's symptoms. We ask WHY is this happening and solve it from the inside out. I'm not against prescription medication, but it’s for sure not going to be my first go-to.

    Conventional Medicine ends with diagnosing your symptoms, where integrative medicine sees a symptom as the beginning of where to start, so we can go deeper into why this is happening.”  

    Just to say it again – I don’t knock the medical system. I was traditionally trained. But doctors are not taught a lot of this stuff. Most natural practitioners got to that realm because the conventional system failed them and they had to do their own research and advocate for themselves.

    Q: Walk us through my (Grace’s) protocol and why:

    A: We use testing to help guide personalized protocols because we firmly believe in “test don’t guess” when it comes to what someone needs. We’re very mindful of not trying to fix everything at once.  

    We want everyone to work on stress, have regular bowel movements, decrease chemicals in their environment, open detox pathways, and more. But we can only treat so many pathogens at once, and don't want to overdo it when treating parasites, fungal overgrowth, or dysbiosis (imbalanced gut bacteria). So, we try to take it one step at a time. 

    For Grace, we did multiple tests and really took on a lot at once for her, because she had a major life event coming up and we were in a time crunch. In a typical case, this would be a more elongated process.

    The testing we ordered for Grace included:

    • Genova Diagnostics GI Stool Map 
    • Mosaic IgG Food MAP with Candida + Yeast
    • DUTCH  Adrenal Test
    • Nutrient Panel
    • Vibrant Total Toxin Burden
    • Taylor Dukes Wellness Blood Work Panel

    Breaking down each test, we’ll touch on some of the main issues we found + how we addressed them:

    Genova Diagnostics GI Stool Map, TDW Blood Work Panel, & Vibrant Total Toxin Burden:



    Dysbiosis: overgrown pathogenic bacteria in the gut.

    Different blends of herbal supplements:


    1. Dientamoeba Fragilis 
    2. Endolimax Nana

    CellCore Para Kit – full moon parasite cleanse

    Grace was not digesting or absorbing food properly (revealed by low pancreatic enzymes in testing)

    Digestive Enzymes at mealtimes

    Additional Digestion Support:

    • Chew food thoroughly and slowly.
    • Practice mindful eating. 
    • Eat smaller, more frequent meals.
    • Avoid excess liquids at mealtime.
    • Reduce stress, practice relaxation (especially at mealtimes).

    **Also take 5 deep breaths, hum, sing, say "voo or zoo" before eating to help stimulate the vagus nerve.

    Leaky Gut (high zonulin): also known as increased intestinal permeability, is a condition where the gaps between the cells in the gut lining increase in size. This allows larger molecules, chemicals, and microbes to pass through the gut barrier and into the bloodstream.5

    GI Immune Support:

    • Heal and seal gut while boosting immune system
    • Improve mucosal barrier of gut and immune system

    High levels of Beta-Glucuronidase resulting in excess estrogen (revealed by marker in stool test) 

    Hormone Detox Support Supplement to naturally regulate estrogen

    Low amino acid count (not digesting, eating, or absorbing enough protein) 

    Protein and Collagen added to diet

    Toxin exposure + need to detox 

    Binder detox supplement:

    • Help detox
    • Get rid of all things “killing off”
    • Open detox pathways

    High exposure to the following toxins:

    1. Fumonisins B1
    2. Ochratoxin (a toxin from mold)
    3. BPA
    4. Butylparaben

    Avoiding Toxins by:

    • Minimize skin contact with receipts, limit disposable coffee cups, and eliminate all plastics 
    • Avoid foods high in mold, alcohol, yeast, and fermented foods as much as possible
    • Avoid microwaving or saving plastic containers
    • Limit packaged + processed foods
    • Limit take-out food, especially hot and high fat foods, packaged in plastic take-out containers
    • Avoid products made with recycle codes 3 or 7 since they can be made with BPA
    • Avoid body care products that contain parabens
    • Consider limiting pharmaceutical medications containing parabens and determine if a compounding pharmacy can adjust formulation to eliminate parabens
    • Limit intake of processed foods, which contain higher levels of parabens than whole foods

    Mosaic IgG Food MAP with Candida + Yeast (More commonly referred to as a food sensitivity test)



    Candida fungal overgrowth in gut

    Diflucan (one of the only prescriptions Taylor prescribes!) 

    Food Sensitivities: 

    1. Eggs
    2. Whey
    3. Bromelain
    4. Peanut
    5. Wheat Gluten
    6. Whole Wheat
    7. Rye
    8. Gliadin

    Intentional eating + avoiding these specific sensitivities for six months before carefully reintroducing.

    ** I also had a few foods I tested moderately + mildly sensitive to, which I also cut out for three months, but that list was far too long to include! 


    DUTCH  Adrenal Test



    Low cortisol: caused by cortisol being high for so long due to prolonged stress, causing the body to send a negative feedback signal to the brain, telling it to decrease production of ACTH (and ACTH regulates cortisol and androgen production!) 

    Stress Be Gone supplement to help regulate cortisol levels + implementing other lifestyle practices like: 

    • Prayer time
    • Biblical counseling
    • Slowing down

    Nutrient Panel



    Low nutrients + magnesium


    • A few other things we implemented for overall health and wellness as part of my holistic acne treatment:

    Additional Lifestyle Priorities:

    • 8 hours of sleep each night (essential for detox, drainage, and healing)
    • Morning sunlight every day
    • Eating protein first each meal
    • Not skipping meals/breakfast
    • Avoiding processed foods
    • Adequate hydration
    • Consuming nutrient-diverse & properly prepared foods
    • Prioritizing vitamins and minerals 
    • Managing/paying attention to stress levels
    • Incorporating deep breathing, journaling, prayer etc.
    • Laughter and community
    • Movement (stagnation breeds illness; avoid sitting/not moving for too long. Walking is powerful.)
    • Encouraging daily bowel movements
    • Castor oil packs
    • Coffee enemas

    Okay wow, that’s overwhelming.

    Yeah. I thought so too.

    And only 4 months out from my wedding it seemed like a laundry list of problems and zero chance they’d all be addressed in time. Talk about stressful. (Oh wait - I wasn’t supposed to get stressed either!)

    Thankfully, even though the list of issues was long, the list of solutions was longer. And it was ALL doable – with intentionality, consistency, and support.

    I was finally on the path towards healing with this super customized holistic acne treatment. And you can be too. 

    But first…

    Some More Suggestions from Taylor… 

    Q: Would you ever suggest a dermatologist or any sort of antibiotic/steroid cream for acne? 

    A: For acne, I would not. A dermatologist will just put you on Accutane, intense topicals, antibiotics, etc. and it never gets to the root cause. I DO refer out my practice in some cases. For example, if someone had blood in their stool or needed to see an autoimmune specialist, then yes. But I’ve never in any case referred an acne patient to a dermatologist. They just suppress symptoms, but here we can get to the root cause. It won’t be overnight, of course, but we can get there.

    Q: What do you suggest people start with (in terms of testing or healing) when it comes to acne?

    A: For sure start by cleaning up your diet. It’s an easier, more cost-effective solution before a test. I would suggest an elimination diet, cutting out inflammatory foods (including gluten, dairy, soy, + refined sugar). 

    After 30-45 days, if you’re still having issues, then it’s time to look deeper – and I’d recommend beginning with a stool test. For anything skin-related (eczema, acne, psoriasis, etc.), it’s usually a gut-to-skin connection.

    Q: Can you recommend a good resource for finding a practitioner near you?

    A: Our Get Your Gut Right program is a REALLY great place to start. The cost of this program comes with:

    • A GI stool test
    • 1:1 consultation with one of our in-house practitioners
    • Nine online modules that cover even beyond diet and protocol. 

    You can also join our TDW Community which can get you access to testing + functional medicine expertise, along with support from a group of like minded individuals. Community is HUGE in this lifestyle!

    Or, if you’re just looking for a local practitioner, is a great resource to find one in your area! 

           BEFORE: January 2024                            AFTER: Wedding Day! June 2024

    Grace’s Personalized Holistic Acne Treatment | Primally Pure Skincare

    Step 5: Keep on Going & Growing

    If you’ve made it to step five, there’s not much more to do besides… keep on going and growing! I’m so proud of you! 

    We’re all constantly learning, adapting, and striving towards wellness, and no one has ever reached “perfection.” Take it one step at a time, and be encouraged: there are success stories. (I’m blessed to be one of them!) And I couldn’t have done it without the amazing resources and people I have met along the way. 

    I’m SO thankful to Taylor + her team for providing me with ANSWERS, HOPE, & DIRECTION toward healing. Her personalized holistic acne treatment truly made all the difference. My skin and body have come such a long way in the past nine months and are still on the up + up. 

    I can’t wait to see even more improvements as I continue down this path of holistic healing. And more than anything, I want to encourage you to see it through your own holistic lifestyle journey and make it out the other side along with me! 




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    After countless requests from our community, we’re giving you full access to Grace’s personalized holistic acne treatment + how she healed from the inside out. | Primally Pure Skincare

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    Grace is the Executive Assistant to Primally Pure founder, Bethany McDaniel. She lives in Southern California and is recently married to her husband, Kevin. Grace is a "recent convert" to the non toxic life due to her skin/health issues that pushed her to make the switch. She is passionate about education, wanting to be both a resource and an encouragement to those struggling with health issues or questions about clean living. In addition to her work at Primally Pure, Grace hosts a podcast called "Beat the Culture" and hopes to relaunch it in the coming months with a new emphasis on doing things outside of the norm + living for The Lord.