5 Tips for a Smooth Shave Every Time (No Shaving Cream Needed!)

Everyone has a bad story about shaving, right?

→ The time you just wanted a smooth shave but cut yourself terribly before a first date, and it wouldn’t stop bleeding. (Palm to face) 

→ Or when you were in a hurry and thought it’d be fine to just use water. But instead, ended up with razor bumps galore – riiiiight before your summer beach trip. 

At some point, we’ve all had a frustrating experience with shaving. Trying to get a smooth shave day in and day out can feel like a real chore. But it doesn’t have to. 

Let’s make your shaving experience a little bit easier. Here are our best tips + tricks for a smooth shave every time, using your favorite Primally Pure products.

Smooth Shave Tip #1: Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliation is key to a smooth shave. Your skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells, which can get in the way of a smooth shave + cause irritation and ingrown hairs. That’s why our first tip is to always exfoliate before shaving. There are a few ways to exfoliate with your Primally Pure products to set you up for success before you even pull out your razor. 

  • Dry Brush – use your dry brush before shaving for an exceptionally smooth shave. The manual exfoliation from the bristles gently clears out dead skin cells and built-up debris to soften your skin and give you a closer shave.

  • But your dry brush is also a wonderful multipurpose tool – it provides more than just a smooth shave. It also helps:

      • Boost circulation throughout your body
      • Stimulate lymphatic flow to promote detox
      • Improve skin complexion + reduce cellulite
      • Work out the “kinks” in fascia to eliminate tension + tightness
      • Activate a calming sensation in your body via your parasympathetic nervous system
      • Prep your skin to better absorb moisture after shaving
  • Body Polish – another effective way to exfoliate + rejuvenate your skin before taking your razor out. We love this spa-like ritual for allll its benefits:
      • Softens and smooths skin with gentle sugar crystals
      • Relieves stress with a relaxing essential oil blend
      • Promotes circulation for healthy tissue + radiant glow
      • Improves moisture levels + effectively locks in moisture

    Regardless of which exfoliation method you pick, it’s a quick, relaxing, 2-minute routine you can do before you hop in the shower or bath. Our holistic esthetician Courtney keeps hers right by the shower as a reminder – steal her trick so you never forget. ;)

    Don’t skip this first step if you want a smooth shave! 

    Smooth Shave Tip #2: Replace Your Shaving Cream With a Cleanser

    As tempting as it is to jump right to the razor and get the job done, it doesn’t promise results of a smooth shave. Don’t forget to slow it down and lather up. Shaving creams usually contain harsh detergents and chemicals, which will not help irritation. On the other hand, our cleansers knock out two steps in one: washing away any bacteria or debris that could lead to irritation in your pores after shaving AND providing an indulgently smooth shave. ;) 

    Having a barrier between your razor and your skin will go a long way in achieving a smooth shave – and much less chance of irritation. 

    The right lather = a smooth shave.

    Now, when we say “lather,” we don’t mean it needs to be really foamy on your skin. Despite the common assumption that foam = clean, you don’t need suds to cleanse your skin – or to get a close shave! 

    So whether you choose a bar of our cleansing soaps or go for one of our creamy natural body washes, the important thing is to prime + protect your skin. When you do, the razor glides effortlessly – giving you an ultra-smooth shave.

    • Natural Body Cleanser – our low suds lather is the perfect consistency for a smooth shave. Instead of a chemical-laden shaving cream, our creamy wash contains a carefully curated formula, packed with moisturizing + nourishing nutrients to protect and balance your skin microbiome like:
      • Coconut oil – has anti-inflammatory + antibacterial properties that calm inflammation + restore moisture.
      • Aloe vera – creates a smooth glide + protects your skin from potential knicks.
      • Shea butter – contains healthy fats for your skin to nourish + avoid unwanted dry, flakey legs after shaving.
      • Cleansing bars – if you already own a cleansing bar or want a more traditional sudsy “lather,” our cleansing bars work great, too! The most important thing is to never shave directly on the skin without a barrier.

    *Tip: Our Soothing Bar or Clarifying Bar will keep skin happy and achieve a smooth shave if you’re extra prone to breakouts or sensitivity. (Try our plumping bar in the winter or summer months when your skin is extra thirsty.)

    As a tip for the men out there, our beard oil can double as a shaving oil for the face.

    No matter which product you choose, you’ll find that these nourishing, good-for-you products will help create a close, smooth shave that lasts. 

    Smooth Shave Tip #3: Calm + Soothe Skin

    Don’t forget your aftercare to maintain a smooth shave! One of the best ways to prevent ingrown hairs from developing post-shave is to treat your skin immediately after shaving. Especially areas more prone to irritation.

    Sometimes irritation can pop up after the fact – you think you’re in the clear, but your smooth shave turns into bumpy, irritated skin. (ugh!) Our Everything Spray is the perfect solution to stop irritation in its tracks. Formulated with witch hazel, apple cider vinegar, lavender, and tea tree oil, this multipurpose mist is excellent for resetting pH + healing any potential knicks or irritation to maintain your super smooth shave. Plus, antibacterial properties and soothing lavender prevent inflammation.

    Hopefully, you won’t experience any issues with irritation, but this smooth shave tip takes things the extra mile with preventative care. You’ll be one step ahead of frustrating issues like redness and ingrown hairs. 

    Smooth Shave Tip #4: Hydrate After Shaving

    It’s important to always restore moisture after shaving – this sets you up nicely for your next shave, too. Did you know shaving is a form of exfoliation? It’s similar to the manual exfoliation from a dermaplaning treatment on your face which also uses a razor. And you’d never want to skip moisturizing afterward – which restores the moisture barrier.  

    How you prefer to moisturize is up to you – the important thing is to do it. ;) Here are a few ideas to add even more softness to your shave:

  • Body butter – gives you a deep, restorative moisture to keep that smooth shave extra soft. Perfect for extra dry or flaking skin, it’s loaded with healthy fats like shea butter, mango butter, ethically sourced tallow, and organic plant oils.

  • Body oil – another great option for preserving moisture daily. All our body oils contain nourishing ingredients to soothe, renew, and leave skin supple.

  • *Tip: apply right after getting out of the shower – the moisture will help the oils absorb easily for a luxuriously non-greasy feel. ;)

    Not sure which moisturizer to choose? Check out our guide that explains the difference between body oil and body butter

    Men can also use our beard oil as a double-duty product – aka moisturizer post-shave. 

    Okay, now that you’ve got the prep and aftercare covered, let’s talk next steps to keep that smooth shave. We want to prevent irritation from the get-go so you can avoid bumps, itching, and redness.

    Smooth Shave Tip #5: Wait to Apply Certain Products

    Achieving a smooth shave that lasts takes some patience. In some cases, it’s best to wait to apply any more products besides a moisturizer. Because shaving can create small knicks in the skin, you don’t want to add anything that could irritate the skin right after shaving. 

    Let’s get a little more specific, though. Here are a few times it’d be best to wait:

  • Applying deodorant. To get the smoothest shave on your pits, leave the deodorant for later.

  • Nobody wants an armpit rash, and even a non-toxic deodorant could cause some irritation if you apply it immediately after shaving. Some ingredients in deodorant, like baking soda, can irritate the small cuts. We recommend you shower (+ shave) at night and apply deodorant in the morning. Problem solved. :) 

  • Applying sunscreen (when it makes sense!). A non-toxic moisturizer shouldn’t hurt anything directly after shaving your legs or bikini line, but you may want to wait to apply sunscreen. Just like your pits, we recommend shaving at night, and then you’ll be ready when it’s time to be in the sun.

  • We know this tip might feel frustrating, but it’s best to wait. You can thank us later when that smooth shave lasts longer than ever. ;) 

    The Best Shave of Your Life, Done. 

    Shaving doesn’t have to be a pain!

    When it comes to luscious, supple, and smooth skin, these are your tried and true tips (+ products!) you can count on. Embrace shaving as a kind gesture to yourself, and take the time to prep, protect, and support your smoothest shave yet. Incorporate these tips and see how your experience with shaving changes for the better. 

    A smooth shave isn’t so far away after all.


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