Warm Citrus Spice and Crisp Smoky Woods

As cool autumn days give way to crisp winter nights, may these limited-edition Home Collections carry you through the colder months to come.

We’d like to reintroduce you to the seasonal aromas you’ve come to love now with brand new names and extended availability so you can savor sooner or linger longer.

From autumn’s first morning light until winter’s final frost-covered night, enhance your days with the comforting, cleansing aromas of your favorite season - all without the chemicals.

Warm Citrus Spice Room Spray

$ 32.00

Warm Citrus Spice Hand Soap

$ 38.00 Sold Out

Warm Citrus Spice Oil Diffuser Blend

$ 58.00

Warm Citrus Spice Home Collection

$ 112.00 Sold Out

Warm Citrus Spice Candle

$ 52.00

WARM CITRUS SPICE (Previously loved as the Autumn Home Line)
Warm cinnamon and citrus blossoms, hints of sweet honey and golden hay with notes of rich cacao.

Oil Blend

From detoxifying indoor air to restoring grounding rhythms, make this warming blend a part of your daily wellness ritual.

Room Spray

Spritz as often as needed to purify your space and invoke a sense of nostalgia for the warmth, comfort and ease this season brings.

Hand Soap

Let the cleansing lather calming aroma transform washing your hands into a ritual that allows you to slow down and savor the present moment.

The Hidden Dangers In Traditional Home Products

As the weather cools down, days get shorter and we spend more time indoors, now is the time to bring the sense of the season into our home.

But often, these “scents of the season” and traditional festive fragrances we look forward to savoring this time of year (hello, all things pumpkin spice and pine) come in the form of artificial fragrances and harmful chemicals that can wreak havoc on the health of our home and our families.

This season, swap dangerous ingredients hidden in seasonal home products (think: candles, conventional soaps and air fresheners) for non-toxic replacements that invoke the same sense of nostalgia (without the harmful, hormone-disrupting ingredients) to keep your home free from chemicals - and still reminiscent of the festive season.

Crisp Smoky Woods Room Spray

$ 32.00 Sold Out

Crisp Smoky Woods Hand Soap

$ 34.00 Sold Out

Crisp Smoky Woods Essential Oil Blend

$ 54.00

Crisp Smoky Woods Home Collection

$ 108.00 Sold Out

Crisp Smoky Woods Candle

$ 24.00 Sold Out

CRISP SMOKY WOODS (Previously loved as the Winter Home Line)
Crisp black spruce and bay laurel, hints of sweet, woodsy silver fir and cedarwood, and a touch of the rich, smoky aroma of tobacco.

Oil Blend
Surround yourself with the forest bathing benefits of this woodsy, medicinal blend even before the first snowfall.

Room Spray
Breathe in this cleansing, warming blend to support respiratory health and settle the nervous system as you embrace the stillness of the season.

Hand Soap
Stock every sink with this powerful antiviral and immune-boosting blend to cleanse the skin, support immunity and restore a sense of peace within.

From autumn in California to winter in Rhode Island, our Home Collections now span seasons and coastlines. Despite the temperature outdoors or a date on the calendar, you can infuse your space with the same scent profile and seasonal feels you crave - until the very last drop.