Your Guide to Seasonal Living: How to Embrace Summer + Nature’s Rhythms

As a holistic skincare company, our roots are in the concept of living more connected to the earth beneath our feet and the bodies we call home. So, as Earth cycles through another season, it’s a gentle reminder to dig in and embrace the fresh rhythms and signs of summer’s arrival. This is the essence of seasonal living. 

Seasonal living is a powerful way to embrace the tried-and-true philosophy of cyclical living – paying attention to the cycles within and around us. Approaching life from this perspective restores a sense of connectedness + simplicity in our days. 

As we lean into the wisdom of seasons and cycles, it’s an opportunity to let go and simply be. We’re guided by something bigger than our own consciousness or desires. 

As summer rolls in, we find our long to-do lists gently fade and we spend more time embracing adventure and play. Summer provides a unique opportunity to savor the callings of our inner child and spontaneity. We have fewer of our normal “routines” (like when school is in session) that require a bit more structure in our days.

This season provides a much-needed reminder to hydrate, nurture, and protect our bodies (especially our skin!).

From seasonal skincare + seasonal summer foods to how we spend our precious hours, let’s explore what this season of long, warm, and playful days can teach us.

Let’s live like summer. 

On the Menu: Seasonal Summer Food

Instead of just purchasing whatever’s in the organic section at the grocery store, take it a step further and partake in the sacred practice of seasonal eating. 

Plus, seasonal summer food is alllll the things we typically crave: hydrating, energy-boosting, and full of supportive nutrients + antioxidants.

Our earth is brilliantly intelligent. It provides us with the essential nourishment we need each season through food. We only have to pay attention to what it’s telling us + what our bodies crave and ask for. 

A profound sense of peace and simplicity accompanies seasonal eating. It keeps us connected to the earth and in tune with seasonal rhythms. It’s cyclical living at its deepest roots – literally (see what we did there? ;)).

Plus, seasonal foods are richer in nourishing vitamins, minerals, and flavor because they aren’t fighting the elements to grow. They’ve been grown in perfect conditions. Happy crops = delicious, nutritious food.

Many peak seasonal summer foods are rich in water content (some up to 98%!), making them an excellent choice for keeping us hydrated. This high water content is present as gel water – water with an extra hydrogen and oxygen molecule. 

Gel water is extremely similar to the structured water inside our cells, making it highly bioavailable for our bodies to restore + maintain hydration. So load up on all these seasonal summer food groups – especially those that contain gel water! 

  • Melons (watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe)
  • Berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries)
  • Apricots
  • Mangoes 
  • Figs 
  • Plums
  • Avocados
  • Tomatoes 
  • Cauliflower
  • Green beans
  • Cucumbers
  • Watercress
  • Green beans
  • Radishes
  • Leafy greens
  • Squash 
  • Zucchini 
  • Okra
  • Bell peppers

*Tip: Remember to keep summer herbs in mind too! Have fun garnishing your drinks and dishes with herbs like mint, basil, cilantro, dill, rosemary, and thyme.

As summer reminds us of our need for nourishing, water-rich foods, we see the same need reflected in our skin. Let’s consider how we can gently transition to summer skin care to give our skin allll the support, hydration, and nourishment it needs. Because, at Primally Pure, seasonal living includes skin care, too. ;)

Summer Skin Care: Protection + Hydration

Summer brings a special kind of magic with its long hours of sunshine and warm (okay, maybe hot + humid) weather. While this is a welcome change, it’s still important to be attentive to your skin's shifting needs in response to the new season. 

Like many things, too much of a good thing can sometimes have the opposite effect. Part of cyclical living is learning to listen + be proactive about what your body (+ skin) needs. 

To enjoy more time outside – sans the negative side effects – your summer skincare should prioritize two main things: 

  • Adequate hydration levels – to keep your skin plump, healthy, and cool – even in high temps

Let’s break it down.


To avoid unwanted side effects, make sure your summer skincare protects against the elements: heat, humidity, and sun exposure. While these can also benefit your skin, having a well-rounded approach with proper precautions is essential. Here are a few ways to protect your skin this summer: 

Natural sun protection While daily sun exposure supports overall health, there are situations where sun protection is necessary. When you’re going to be outside for long periods or during peak UV levels, protect your skin with:

  • Mineral sunscreens with zinc oxide
  • Wide-brimmed hats
  • Light, breathable clothing layers
  • Naturally shaded areas or umbrellas

AstaxanthinOne of the most powerful antioxidants for summer skin. It can protect your skin from free radicals and oxidative damage caused by extra time spent in the sun or environmental factors like air pollution. Astaxanthin is a superbly powerful + bioavailable antioxidant 6000x more potent than vitamin C and can help protect against:

  • Dehydrated skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Free radical damage
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Other signs of sun damage or premature aging 

Find astaxanthin in our Antioxidant Balm and Plumping Serum, both loaded with other nutrient-rich oils + healthy fats to quickly restore moisture at a cellular level.

→ Odor + pit protection – Time in the heat or humidity can quickly create excess sweat + bacteria that can irritate pits. Especially during tank top season, protect your pits from unwanted odor with our Vanilla + Citrus Deodorant. It’s the perfect fresh summer scent to encourage a carefree state of mind!

While you can’t always avoid these factors, you can still proactively support healthy + resilient skin.


Regular sun exposure benefits your skin + vitamin D needs, but repeated exposure can deplete moisture if you live in a drier climate. We naturally spend more time outdoors when it’s warm – swimming in pools or oceans, and sweating (losing electrolytes). When combined with sun and wind exposure, it makes sense why hydration needs to be a focus!

Here’s your first tip: Hydrate internally with gel water foods, electrolytes, and filtered water. Internal hydration supports your skin’s delicate microbiome and moisture barrier, locking in more hydration from the inside out. And it gives you a leg up on your skincare routine. ;)

As for topical hydration, here’s our breakdown for essential summer skin care:

→ For your body: Hydrate with a body oil or body butter, which provides non-greasy moisture and absorbs easily to replenish skin. For a full at-home routine, you can start with dry-brushing and applying body polish before showering and applying moisturizer.

→ For your face: After cleansing, follow with a refreshing facial mist to prep + hydrate your skin. Then pair our Plumping Serum + Antioxidant Balm with another spritz of facial mist to layer in moisture. Layering oil and water-locking ingredients supports deeper moisture + nutrient absorption. 

*Tip: You can even add in slugging overnight for targeted repair. 

→ For little ones: Our Baby Balm is super restorative after time in the sun to replenish moisture their bodies can absorb + use easily. It also contains non-irritating ingredients and wound-healing properties to speed up sunburn recovery.

Bolstered with nutrients your skin craves, these summer skincare products are a must-have to keep skin plump + hydrated. 

Other Summer Skin Care Practices + Products to Stay Cool

With high heat, humidity, and stronger sunshine, it’s helpful to have some other resources on hand to stay cool + hydrated. Here are our top tips for additional summer skin care: 

→ Keep your facial mist + ridged roller chilled

Any facial mist would work, but we love our Plumping Mist – it’s infused with cooling and toning properties from peppermint, rose, and aloe. Take it up another notch by storing it in your fridge for a refreshing pick-me-up whenever needed!

You can also stick your ridged roller in the fridge, freezer, or a quick ice bath before use to visibly depuff and calm inflamed skin. (Is there anything better than a cool reprieve after time in the hot summer sun?)


Can’t make it to the wellness spa for cryotherapy? No problem! You can create a little cold therapy in the comfort of your home. Splash your face with cold water to wake your complexion or soothe overheated skin. You can also try a cool washcloth – or even ice cubes – applied directly on your skin.

Everything Spray

This incredibly all-purpose spray has a slight “cooling” tingly effect from tea tree oil, aloe, and witch hazel. It can be used for a variety of summer ailments like inflamed bites or cuts, preventing ingrown hairs/irritation from shaving, and supporting skin healing + soothing burns. Aka, the ultimate summer support!

Depending on where you live and how much time you spend outside, you may have slightly different needs for summer skin care. Use these as starting points to tune inward and consider what changes might be helpful as you embrace seasonal living in your skincare routine too. :) (Check out our skin quiz for customized results!)

Seasonal Living: Embracing the Simplicity of Summer Living

Cyclical living is a beautiful, evolving process that teaches us to find meaning in mundane things. A new season that used to feel like a simple change can now become a profound and transformative experience – every year. 

Summer brings out an air of playfulness and simplicity that we can’t help but notice! (Ever just feel it in your bones?!) It’s a slower-paced way of life that helps us let go of control and centers on connectedness and intention. These are a few ways we can fully embrace all summer has to offer:

→ Play – just for the sake of it

We’re taught that play and imagination are reserved for kids. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Imagination that comes from play is an essential skill set – even for (ahemmm, especially for) adults. Our founder, Bethany, is a big believer in the importance of play and imagination. 

Play is energizing, calming, and fun. It’s important to make space in our lives for doing things just for fun and enjoyment, to take the seriousness out of demanding jobs, challenging experiences, or jam-packed schedules.

Summer has a different cadence, allowing more space for playful activities and interactions. Make a new friend or learn a new skill from a loved one to connect!

→ Soak in the aromas of summer

Aromas that become tied to specific memories and times are like a balm for the soul. Our Cool Citrus Breeze line was designed to do just that – evoke a sense of summer. Its aroma is energizing and clean, with notes of fresh herbs, bright citrus, and flower blossoms. 

→ Dive headfirst into an adventure in nature

Summer is the perfect time to embrace your inner child and immerse yourself in nature. The healing power of nature is proven to reduce stress. Discover new sights, smells, and experiences. 

  • Pick up a new hobby or plan a trip to a national park. Whether it’s a cross-country road trip or a simple venture down to a local park you haven’t explored yet, adventure is waiting.
  • Try grounding daily to reset your body from the constant stimulus of electronics, which overload us with “positively” charged ions.
  • Forest bathing is taking the time to notice the aromas, sounds (or silence), activity, and textures of the outdoors to encourage a meditative state of mind.
  • Embrace natural bodies of water for their grounding and cooling properties + a dose of natural minerals (like magnesium in the ocean!). *But on the flip side, embrace your sweat too because it’s great for you! 

→ Savor the longer days 

Bask in the sensation that time is on your side during the summer months (not to be confused with packing your to-do list too full!) Bright early morning light means you can easily start your days with natural sunlight + energy, aligning with circadian rhythms that bring longer daylight hours. Now is the time for late dinner parties gathered around a luxurious spread, firepit, or idyllic covered porch.

This summer, spend your hours bathing in the sun, soaking up the feeling of the ground beneath your bare feet, and many hours of daylight. Let your time in nature energize you and restore a sense of confidence and lightness to carry forward.  

Reassessing + Re-Prioritizing Through Seasonal Living

Seasonal living is a gift. It’s an invitation to realize that our deepest needs constantly align with + reflect Earth’s rhythms. To reassess (with curiosity) what this season asks of you – for your skin, your mind, and your soul. 

So we’d encourage you to let simplicity guide your days. Yes, there are still things to be done. But slowing down and letting go helps us focus on what matters most. 

With that in mind, we wanted to provide you with a resource to let your thoughts flow and tune in. Use the following questions as a prompt for reflection or journaling.

→ How can I simplify your days this summer? What can I let go of?

→ How can I appreciate the longer days and feel less constrained by time?

→ How will I pursue an unhindered relationship with the outdoors, embracing fresh air and sunshine? 

→ What new ways can I play + let go? 

→ What type of nourishment and attention is my body craving? 

→ What can I do proactively to protect from the elements and help me flow freely with the rhythms of summer?

→ What seeds did I plant in spring that are blooming now? How can I manifest these blooms to thrive all summer long? 

Hi We hope these musings empower you to live in sync with the callings of a new summer season. 

To you + a beautiful summer, 



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Let’s disconnect from the busyness of life and tune in to seasonal living: here’s how we’re embracing summer in body, mind, and soul (summer skincare included). | Primally Pure Skincare

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