Facial Cupping Set: What It's Used for + Why We're Obsessed With This New Tool

If you’ve heard of cupping before, you might be thinking: cupping on your face?!

Yep. Before you think of those purple and red circular bruise-like marks on professional athletes and wellness influencers, don't stress. Cupping done on the face doesn’t involve bruising. ;)

We can’t wait to show you all the benefits + just how easy our facial cupping set is to use. It’s the latest addition to our lineup of holistic beauty tools – all designed to keep your skin glowing, nourished, and healthy.

The ancient tradition of cupping has been around for centuries. But cupping on the face is a relatively new modality in skin care. From anti-aging benefits to replacing expensive + risky skin procedures – we might be biased, but we think this holistic tool can do it all.

Understanding Cupping

Facial cupping is the act of moving a small suction cup (usually silicone) across the face in a particular pattern to encourage blood flow, lymphatic drainage, and overall skin health.

But before we dive into this specific practice as a holistic modality, it’ll be helpful to have a little background on the origins. Let’s look at the history of cupping.

The history of cupping on the body originated in China and the Middle East. In ancient cultures, the first cups were made of bull horns or bamboo.1

Cupping uses suction to bring more blood flow to the surface of the skin. Doing so helps: 

  • Eliminate/move out stagnant blood 
  • Ease tensions + tightness in the muscles
  • Release toxins from the body
  • Stimulate the flow of qi, the invisible “life force” or energy throughout the body1

Usually, cupping on the body involves placing plastic or glass cups on specific acupuncture points. Then, suction is created using a heat vacuum with a flame or a manual tool applied to a special cup to remove air.

Internally, the pressure creates movement (flow) of both qi and blood throughout the body’s meridians. Meridians are invisible pathways in the body that transport vital energy and nutrients. 

Today, you’ll find cupping treatments in Traditional Chinese Medicine practices, as well as acupuncturists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and other medical professionals.

The Difference in Cupping the Body vs. Face Cupping

Now that you have an overview (or refresh) of how body cupping works, let’s compare the two forms. 

Face cupping is different and much more forgiving for three key reasons:

  1. The end results do not create bruising or cupping marks. Done correctly, there is no reason that the cups should leave any marking on the face. Though you may notice a slight flush of color due to new blood flow.
  2. The cup stays in constant motion instead of staying on one spot of the skin. Facial cupping involves continuous, massage-like movements.
  3. The suction is much gentler + very fluid. You’re not creating intense, prolonged suction. You’re just using the natural suction from pressing the cup against your skin.

Now that we’ve covered the different types of cupping + what to expect from your facial cupping set, let’s dive into those beautiful benefits. There’s a reason all our facial guests at the spa rave over this rejuvenating treatment!

Facial Cupping Benefits

There are many impressive benefits. But here are some of the biggest reasons you should pick up your set ASAP.

  • Increases lymphatic drainage + flow: Facial cupping benefits the skin by moving toxins and stagnant waste through the body. This movement happens through stimulating lymphatic fluids. Your lymphatic system is one of your body’s most important detox pathways, but it needs a kickstart. 
  • Plumps + sculpts/depuffs: Like gua sha, many benefits are immediate. This makes it an excellent holistic alternative to botox. The massage movements, paired with suction, remove excess fluids from the face. This naturally creates more definition in the jawline, cheekbones, and bony structures of your face.
  • Increases blood flow: Cupping stimulates more oxygen-rich blood flow and microcirculation to the face. The gentle suction pressure encourages the formation of new blood vessels to deliver more nutrients to the skin.2
  • Releases tension: It brings spaciousness into the tissue. This helps smooth wrinkles because muscles can lay flat. (Botox is essentially "relaxing" – aka paralyzing –  muscles, so the muscle lays flat. Same concept here, minus the paralyzing.) And just like Botox – it can even help relieve headaches that stem from muscle tightness.3
  • Boosts collagen production: The suction and blood flow stimulates collagen and fibroblasts, activating their natural responses to create taught, firmer skin.
  • Encourages cell turnover: New blood flow and lymphatic drainage encourage cells to turnover and naturally (yet powerfully) increase your skin’s glow. This is why it can also help with dermatologic issues like eczema and acne.4  
Tip: It’s important to always work around active acne or inflammation. This opens pathways of healing to the impacted area.
  • Increases product absorption: Similar to a roller or gua sha routine, your facial cupping set gently encourages the absorption of products as you move over the skin, so it’s a great final step in your routine.
  • Releases emotions: We all store stagnant emotions in our muscles. Massage helps release and balance the emotional body. The rhythmic calming strokes are an excellent way to wind down after a stressful day + find a moment of serenity.
  • Replaces many expensive and risky procedures: We believe in a safe and holistic approach – supporting the body and skin without risking skin integrity. Regular use of a facial cupping set can replace procedures like:

Our favorite thing is that this is such a quick, easy practice you can incorporate into your routine. And it requires minimal training and instruction to see real, noticeable results. 

With this list of positive quick wins at your fingertips, why not try it? Here’s a brief rundown of how to use your facial cupping set if you’re open to discovering the best skin of your life. ;)

How to Use Your Facial Cupping Set

If you’re a directions guru, don’t worry. Just click here for your step-by-step guide and video tutorials from our Holistic Esthetician. And you’ll definitely see more content on this topic from us. 

But in order to help you feel familiar, here are a few pointers, tips, + best practices to get you started.

→ Face cupping should not bruise the skin – ever! It will, however, bring blood flow to the skin's surface, which can create a flush of color/redness. This should resolve within about 15 minutes.

We recommend using your face cupping set 3 times per week. It’s ideal to let your skin rest so it can do the work of building muscles. Think of it like recovery and rest days with a workout regimen. 

→  Proceed with caution if you're pregnant or breastfeeding, are on a blood thinner, or have bleeding/clotting problems. In pregnancy, there are two specific points you should avoid – the top of the outer shoulder and just above the center top lip. (These acupressure points have more downward energy.) Every situation is different, so we always recommend double-checking with your trusted healthcare provider.

→  When using your set, you shouldn’t stay in one area too long. Staying still could potentially cause broken capillaries and bruise-like marks on your skin.

→  Stay away from areas of inflammation and irritation. Like with all holistic beauty tools, it’s best to avoid these areas so they can heal uninterrupted. This includes sunburn, open wounds, irritated or red skin, itchy areas, and breakouts.

→  Always cleanse your cups after each use. You can use warm water and a non-toxic soap (we love Branch Basics). Or use our non-toxic hand sanitizer if you’re in a pinch. Hygiene is essential to keep unwanted bacteria away.

→  Use your set at night. This is when your skin does the most restorative healing work internally. Take advantage of the timing.

→  Check out our holistic esthetician’s tutorial for a visual example of how to use a facial cupping set. She’ll go through the most important techniques and areas of your face you should focus on. 

Facial Cupping = Beautiful Results + Better Flow

If you’re looking for a tool requiring minimal time and energy, a facial cupping set could be perfect for you. A tool that can plump, soothe, and heal your skin all in one simple little suction cup? It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not! 

At the root of this practice is the concept of optimizing + encouraging your body’s innate healing capabilities. The natural flow beneath the surface brings nutrients where it’s needed most and revitalizes your skin. 

It’s an excellent practice to incorporate into your skin care routine for noticeable results, leaving you feeling lighter + lifted.

So head over to the shop and check out our facial cupping set – you’ve got nothing to lose and only glowing skin to gain.


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