Opposites Attract: Why Oil-Based Skincare Products Are Best Paired With a Facial Mist

Some of the best things in life are duos. Just stop and think about it for a minute. 

→ Peanut butter and jelly

→ Meditation and early mornings

→ Rainy days and a warm cup of tea

→ Fairtrade and Organic

→  Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

When two complementary things, people, or concepts come together, it’s an unstoppable force. We’ve intentionally centered many of our holistic skincare products around this very concept. Used together, our non-toxic skincare products create even more potent, transformative results.

One of the most potent duos combines two essential elements: oil and water. Why? Oil-based skincare products are more effective in tandem with our facial mists.

Both can easily be misunderstood, but trust us. Both oil and water deserve a place in your holistic skincare routine. 

Here’s why.

Why We Love Oil (And Oil-Based Skincare Products) for Your Skin

To some, it may seem weird that oil is helpful for your skin, especially if you’re prone to a more oily complexion. But thankfully, oil-based skincare is gaining recognition as the powerful tool it is. It helps clear acne, restore moisture and balance, and improve overall skin health. 

The best part is its versatility for all skin states. 

Debunking the Oil Myth

For a while, there was a lot of misinformation on oil in the skincare world. Most of us were led to believe that oil was the enemy of healthy skin – when, in fact, it turns out the opposite is true! 

Here’s the thing. Sebum is what your skin produces to lubricate and lock in moisture. Many of the oils we use (in our cleansing oil, facial oil, face balm, and face cream) mimic the sebum your skin creates. This makes them an incredible match to deeply moisturize, replenish, and balance – regardless of your skin goals.

And in turn, the regulation of your skin’s oil production (fueled by oil-based skincare products) promotes a secure skin barrier. The result? 

Healthy, balanced skin.

So yes, our products are unconventional – but in the best way. 

Oil is a key component for vibrant, moisturized, and healthy skin. With that knowledge, we proudly stand apart from the crowd. We hope you'll embrace our oil-based skincare products too – even if it’s not the norm.

Benefits of Oil-Based Skincare Products

Our non-toxic skincare combines the synergy and efficacy of BOTH plant and animal fats as a powerful duo for skin health. Together, they deliver potent nutrients and support homeostasis in your skin barrier.

Many of the oils we use contain nourishing and protective properties like:1

  • Antioxidant
  • Antimicrobial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Better-balanced skin barrier
  • Improved wound healing
  • Anti-carcinogenic

In addition to these protective properties, oil-based skincare can also: 

→ Balance Oil Production 

No matter your skin state (balanced, oil-rich, combination, or dry), oil-based skincare products help maintain proper oil levels in your skin. And sure, putting oil on an already oil-rich skin may feel counterintuitive, but like dissolves like! What do we mean? 

The right blend of oils helps balance your skin’s oil production – not strip it completely. It’s an excellent way to support your skin holistically – including during the hormonal cycles that can affect oil production

→ Restore + Maintain Moisture 

Moisturized skin is a sign of health! Our face balms, face creams, and facial oils are deeply moisturizing. The oil-based formulas work to restore + maintain the skin’s protective barrier. This means your skin is far less prone to inflammation, flaking, premature aging, sun damage, and other dermatological issues. 

*Tip: Retain even more moisture by layering a facial mist before and after – more on that in a minute. ;)

→ Clear Acne and Irritation

The balancing effects of oil-based skincare products keep your skin free from buildup and clogged pores. And as we know, clogged pores irritate + set you up for acne, redness, and inflammation

(Don’t worry, we only use non-comedogenic formulas + cold-pressed oils. Aka oils that are safe and effective for your skin.)

So whether you struggle with dryness and flaking, or oil and acne – or anything in between – oil-based skincare products are a great option. To give you a taste of just how incredible oil-based skincare can be, let’s explore some of the specific oils we use.

Our Favorite PP Oil-based Skincare Products

We’ve researched and tested for YEARS to find the most effective oils for each skin state. So rest assured every single oil-based skincare product we offer is backed by science and real results. They provide the most reparative and healing properties nature has to offer for your unique skin goals.

These are just a few of the star players you’ll find in our oil-based skincare products.

  • Emu Oil – ethically sourced + processed. This animal-based oil is packed with omegas, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that deeply penetrate.2  It’s anti-inflammatory and moisturizing – boosting cell regeneration and oxygenating skin cells.3,2

  • *Find it in our Face Balm + Face Cream collections

  • Tallow – ethically sourced from grass-fed (and finished) cows. This isn’t an actual “oil,” but it acts similarly. It’s a healthy fat that works with your skin and is highly biocompatible. (The Latin version of tallow translates to “sebum,” if that tells you anything! ;)) 

  • Tallow is packed with bioavailable nutrients, vitamins, and minerals only found in animal-based fat. (We could go on for days about the unique benefits of tallow – check out this post on tallow)

    *Find it in our Face Balm + Face Cream collection

  • Castor Oil – deeply hydrating. It boosts collagen production and contains antimicrobial properties to help prevent acne-causing bacteria.4 It also enhances the smoothness and softness of the skin and promotes healthy tissue growth. With these properties, it can also aid in restoring uneven skin tone.5

  • *Find it in our Cleansing Oil and Plumping Serum

  • Prickly Pear Seed Oil – contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.6 It’s also one of the highest plant sources of vitamins E & K, which are healing for sun-damaged skin.

  • *Find it in our Plumping Serum and Clarifying Serum

  • Jojoba Oil – its high “waxy content” that’s extremely similar to our skin’s sebum makes it a coveted choice for repairing + replenishing skin. It contains potent antioxidant, anti-acne, and soothing properties excellent for calming psoriasis. It also has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antimicrobial capabilities.7

  • (This oil was actually the most impactful catalyst for change in Bethany's skin and inspired her natural skincare journey)

    *Find it in our Cleansing Oils, Clarifying Serum, Soothing Serum, and all our skin-specific face creams

  • Rosehip Seed Oil – its high content of fatty acids and antioxidants provides nourishment and protection against oxidative stress and inflammation. It’s especially nourishing for inflamed skin.8

  • *Find it in our Plumping Serum and Cleansing Oil for Dry Skin

  • Pumpkin Seed Oil – rich in fatty acids and can aid in wound healing.1Contains extremely high vitamin E + K content and soothes inflammatory conditions like eczema and psoriasis. With vitamin C and zinc, it also provides relief + repair for problematic skin conditions. 

  • *Find it in our Soothing Serum 

  • Olive Oil –  contains vitamins A, D, E, and K, which are all excellent for skin health. It also boasts protective effects against premature aging, antibacterial properties, and moisturizing properties to soften and soothe skin. (We'll be growing/processing our own olive oil from our new regenerative farm in the future!)

  • *Find it in our Everything Balm and Baby Balm 

  • Baobab Oil – moisturizes, retains water, and improves skin softness, texture, and elasticity. It also helps repair the skin barrier, reduces inflammation, and speeds up wound healing.9

  • *Find it in our Cleansing Oil for Oily + Acne Prone Skin

    Our skin-specific formulas and products are meticulously crafted because we know oil-based skincare can play a massive role in healthy skin. But as duos go, these work better with their partner in crime. ;) 

    Now that we’ve explained all the major benefits of oil-based products, let’s dive into the power of facial mists.

    Why Our Facial Mists Boost Your Oil-Based Products

    Water, aka our facial mist, is your missing link. Facial mist maximizes your results with your oil-based products. And yes, water and oil are opposites – but remember – opposites attract. ;)

    Okay, let’s get one thing out of the way: you won’t see “water” on the ingredients list for our facial mists. Here’s the thing: we didn’t want to settle for just water – you can get that out of your faucet at home! (Plus, water cheapens products + requires a preservative.) 

    Our facial mists are crafted with hydrosols + water-locking ingredients as their foundation. Instead of pumping our products full of *plain* water, we use plant/floral waters – called hydrosols (and other hydration-enhancing ingredients) – in our facial mists. 

    How does this benefit your skin when paired with oil-based products? 

    It maximizes your hydration + benefits. Our facial mists provide the same hydration as water but with added vital nutrients and vitamins from nature. This means you get EVEN better results from your oil-based skincare products. ;) Water alone wouldn’t be as beneficial – and neither would oil. Here’s how they work together to drastically improve your results:

    → Better Absorption 

    Without a spritz of facial mist before and after, your face balm or face cream may potentially just “sit” on the surface of your skin. Instead, you want it to absorb and do the good work below the surface. 

    The hydrosols in our facial mists (+ our Everything Spray) work synergistically with your oil-based skincare products to absorb more fully + keep moisture (and nutrients) in. Think of your facial mist as the delivery vehicle for the nutrient-rich oils.

    Similar to how gel water helps your body hydrate even better internally, the same is true for hydrosols and oil-based skincare products.

    → Provides Hydration to the Skin

    Just like you need hydration from the inside, you also need it from the outside. Oh, and want in on a secret? Aging is really just dehydration in the skin! So it only makes sense that hydrated skin = less irritation, inflammation, more youthful texture, and “bounce” (hello, jello skin).

    → Restores Balance

    Our bodies are mostly water, but we’re constantly losing hydration (through coffee, sweating, alcohol, environmental pollution, seasonal changes, stripping cleansers, etc.). The facial mist helps rejuvenate the skin through potent hydration, bringing balance to the microbiome. That’s why our mists use specific hydrosols for skin.

    → Prevents Transepidermal Water Loss

    Not only does facial mist hydrate your skin, but it also “locks in” moisture from your oil-based serum, face balms, and face creams. (Using facial mist between each oil-based skincare product is our Holistic Esthetician, Courtney’s, tried and true tip for a reason!)

    With various benefits that improve the health + appearance of your skin both inside and out, what’s not to love? Let’s get into the specific ingredients that serve as the “water” portion of your oil + water skincare regimen.

    Breaking Down Our Facial  Mists: Hydrosols + Water-locking Ingredients We Love

    Similar to our oil-based skincare products, we’ve spent years perfecting + refining our facial mists. So we know they bring you only the best ingredients and most potent results. 

    Here are some of the best hydration-rich ingredients we include in our facial mists:

  • Aloe Vera Juice – though not technically a hydrosol, we love this plant-based water-locking ingredient for all skin types. It contains antioxidants and salicylic acid. It can calm breakouts, support healing, and stimulate hyaluronic acid to rebuild cellular hydration. 

  • Therapeutic, healing, and protective properties work against environmental stressors and decrease inflammation. 

    *Find it in all of our customized Facial Mists + Everything Spray

  • Neroli Hydrosol – antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory support for acne, scarring and pigmentation. Nudges natural cell renewal.

  • *Find it in our Clarifying Facial Mist

  • Geranium Hydrosol – contains antibacterial and skin-healing properties and encourages cell regeneration. It also acts as an astringent, and reduces pigmentation from scarring.10

  • *Find it in our Plumping Facial Mist

  • Rose Hydrosol – naturally antibacterial and contains antioxidants and vitamins A + C. It strengthens skin cells + neutralizes free radicals. It protects skin from water loss while also providing astringent properties that tighten and tone skin.

  • *Find it in our Plumping Facial Mist

  • Lavender Hydrosol – contains antibacterial properties, reduces inflammation and sensitivities. It also restores hydration and expedites healing for compromised skin barriers.

  • *Find it in our Everything Spray

    How to Pair Your Skin Mist With Your Oil-based Skincare

    Using your products together is pretty straightforward, so don’t stress! Here’s how we recommend using your products to get the most out of your oil + water duo.

  • After washing your face with your Cleansing Oil, spritz a generous amount of your chosen skin mist. This helps replenish hydration after cleansing and provides a drink of water for your skin cells. It also preps your skin for your facial oil and oil-based moisturizer (aka face cream or face balm). 
  • *Apply your oil-based skincare products while your skin is damp!

  • After applying your facial oil + face balm or face cream, round out your routine with another application of facial mist. Think of it as the cherry on top to seal in moisture. It helps your oil-based skincare sink in more deeply, and boost its efficacy! 

  • The bottom line: Oil and water work better together to absorb into your skin, replenishing it in the perfect balance. With our specially formulated facial mists, you can experience the synergistic benefits of a duo that can’t be beat. 

    The Skincare Duo You Need for a Massive Change

    At Primally Pure, all our products are designed to build on each other, amplifying your results for an undeniable glow. And because they build on each other, every investment you make in the health of your skin builds on your results.

    These two powerhouse components – oil and water – are a match made in heaven. Your facial mist hydrates, replenishes, and preps. And your oil-based skincare products balance oil production, restore moisture, protect the skin barrier, and diminish signs of aging. 

    When given the chance, this duo showcases a restorative + synergistic relationship that can boost your skin health like no other. ;)

    Pair your oil-based skincare products with a skin mist. You’ll give your skin the potential to improve exponentially.



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    The unlikely duo of water and oil (through our oil-based skincare products + facial mists) is nothing short of transformative for your skin. | Primally Pure Skincare

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