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Facial Cupping Tool

$ 34.00
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Facial Cupping

Say hello to our new holistic beauty obsession.

This Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) tool and gentle suction technique creates space for increased microcirculation and oxygen-rich blood flow for an undeniable glow – while clearing away blockages in the lymphatic system, immediately reducing puffiness and the appearance of wrinkles.

The light vacuum-like pulling leaves you feeling lighter and lifted, in just 5 minutes.

And don’t worry, this facial massage won’t leave any marks behind (unlike its body cupping counterpart) – just a brighter, firmer complexion

The facial cupping set includes:

  • 1 large cup for the face and neck
  • 1 little cup to target eye and lip area

Made with silicone free from BPA, PVC and phthalates.


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  • Improve skin’s natural rejuvenation capabilities for a vibrant complexion
  • Support skin elasticity and collagen production for a tighter, firmer skin
  • Release stagnant energy and balance emotional body for holistic healing support
  • Soften facial muscles and fascia adhesions for line-smoothing and plumping effects
  • Increase lymphatic drainage to depuff, detoxify and define facial contours
  • Open pathways of flow and expedite skin’s innate healing processes
  • Reduce acne and diminish associated scarring for a clear, even skin tone
  • Promote product absorption and nutrient delivery to the skin

Note: Facial cupping offers the most transformative results when paired with holistic habits that prioritize proper sleep, hydration levels, stress relief, nutrient-dense foods and non-toxic skincare products.

Click here to learn more about TCM and the roots of this ancient ritual.

How to Use

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Facial Cupping Tutorials

The Facial Cupping Ritual
Step 1
Prep Skin

Apply serum generously after cleansing and toning.

Step 2
Lymphatic Drainage

Always start on the neck to stimulate the lymphatic system. With the large cup, do flash cupping (suction + release) 3x on each area: collarbone, side of the neck, beneath the ear and under the chin. 

Repeat on opposite side

Step 3
Depuff + Sculpt

With the large cup, do fluid cupping (slide + release) 3x on each area: under the jawbone towards the ear, middle of chin to lower ear, corner of mouth to middle of the ear, nasolabial fold to top of ear.

Repeat on opposite side.

Step 4
Soften + Lift

With the large cup, do fluid cupping (slide + release) 3x on each area: center of brows up to hairline, above each brow to hairline, center of brows towards temple, middle of forehead towards temple.

Repeat on opposite side.

Step 5
Clear + Drain

With the large cup and light suction, do downward fluid cupping 3x on each area: beside ear, beneath ear toward collarbone, below collarbone towards underarm. 

Repeat on opposite side.

Step 6
Plump Lips

With the little cup, do flash cupping 3x followed by fluid cupping 3x directly on the lip line working from the outside of the lips towards the center. 

Repeat on opposite side.

Step 7
Awaken Eyes

With the little cup, do flash cupping 3x followed by fluid cupping 3x along orbital bone and just underneath brow bone. 

Repeat on opposite side.

Step 8
Target Lines

With the little cup, do flash cupping 3x followed by fluid cupping 3x working directly over deeper depressions on the face and neck.

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