These 6 Beauty Tools = Holistic Skincare Heroes (Self-Health Series Part 1)

Self-care, self-love, and self-help are some of the trendiest terms in today’s culture. 

These philosophies have become increasingly popular. Here’s the good thing about these philosophies: they make you feel deserving, valued, and seen – which you are!

But they’ve taken our society by storm in a bad way. Anxiety, burnout, and stress-induced sicknesses continue to rise – at alarming rates.

At Primally Pure, we believe there’s a lot more to a healthy individual than just indulging in actions geared toward self-fulfillment. 

(Even if said self-care does include incredible results from holistic skincare products ;))

At the end of the day, it’s hard to deny that some of these “self” mindsets have become distorted. It dilutes the meaning. So we’ve decided to put a new spin on it. Ready to take a different approach to wellness this season? Let’s go.

The approach: Self-health.

The purpose: To optimize personal wellness to pour into the lives of others.

Keep in mind, anything geared towards self is a delicate balance. Even with self-health, if we neglect it or, on the flip side, overemphasize it, it impacts our ability to be fully present for the people around us. Not only that, but it keeps us from our deepest purpose in life. 

Finding your unique balance toward self-health is essential.

Self-Health Practices Are Personal

Self-health is about investing in your health (mind, body, and spirit). The end goal is to be the most alive, vibrant, and present version of yourself for those you love.

In some seasons, self-health might look different – embrace it!

→ If you have two kiddos under 2, oil cleansing before bed and going outside for a stroller walk every day might be the extent of your self-health practices. 

→ If you live alone and have a little extra time to yourself, your self-health practices might include daily gua sha and a full morning yoga flow. 

Regardless of where you land, give yourself grace for the season you’re in. Focus on the self-health practices that serve you and your schedule. Then you can show up better for those around you, including yourself.

Today, we want to shine a spotlight on one of our favorite ways to practice self-health: holistic skincare beauty tools. Holistic skincare is the perfect match for self-health. It focuses on whole-body health to support the skin. But don’t be fooled – these holistic skincare practices aren’t in vain. They have proven health benefits like:

  • Boosting lymphatic and blood flow throughout your body
  • Opening healing pathways in your skin
  • Clearing out toxins and impurities that hinder whole-body health 
  • Grounding effects to feel more centered + peaceful
  • Rebuilding healthy cells (yes, really!)

These beauty tools for holistic skincare practices promote a healthy, glowing complexion. They also create a ripple effect that positively impacts your body, mind, and soul.

Facial Gua Sha Stone: Get Glowing + Grounded

A calmer mind and clearer skin every day? Done. 

A facial gua sha stone deserves a spot in your holistic skincare (aka self-health) routine. 

Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, a gua sha stone is a double-duty beauty tool. 

This holistic skincare routine boosts lymphatic drainage and microcirculation. It brings a brighter, firmer complexion and an increased sense of wellness. It’s powerfully able to target fine lines and wrinkles. It also opens healing pathways in the skin to bring fresh nutrients to the areas most needed.1 (Some say this holistic skincare practice is even better than Botox.) 

What makes this an excellent self-health tool is its ability to powerfully support stress levels. Its rhythmic, repetitive massage-like motions help sedate your sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is our fight/flight response. As you might guess, this system is active far too often for most of us. 

Gentle, soothing strokes from a gua sha facial stone tap into the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system controls our rest + digestion. On top of that, it releases muscle tension + tightness. So this holistic skincare tool boasts a big dose of calming vibes with each use.

A regular gua sha practice focuses on holistic skincare that allows the body and mind to enter a state of relaxation too. When you're relaxed, your body can focus on reparative functions to restore overall well-being – inside and out. 

Tip: If you’re an experienced facial gua sha user, we also offer an advanced shape. The Bian Gua Sha Stone contains even more edges, angles, and curves. This ancient stone even contains trace minerals + therapeutic ion properties. There's no doubt it’ll enhance your holistic skincare ritual and results too.

Shop our facial Gua Sha Stone.

Red Light Therapy: Non-Invasive Holistic Skincare (+More)

Next, we're turning to the power of light to promote self-health holistically. This is a highly beneficial part of your holistic skincare routine and whole-body health routine that is also super relaxing.  

Red light therapy is proven to have a positive impact on the:

  • Skin
  • Body
  • Mind
  • Mood

Infrared rays support rejuvenation and detoxification at a cellular level. These invisible rays are natural and non-invasive. Infrared as a holistic skincare practice can harness the beneficial properties of the sun – without the harmful effects of UV rays.  

Infrared rays work by penetrating tissue to increase your body's core temperature. And increased core temperature stimulates circulation to get lymphatic fluid flowing.2

Soaking in infrared light regularly (for about 10-20 minutes a few times a week) helps you:

  • Restore immunity
  • Expedite healing
  • Increase relaxation + nervous system support
  • Balance hormones 
  • Boost your mind + mindset

And it doesn't stop with these impressive self-health benefits. This holistic skincare tool does wonders for your skin too. It evens skin tone, calms inflammation, promotes a more youthful appearance, and leaves a glowing complexion.3 

What can't red light do? ;)

Shop infrared lights at our favorite, Joovv.

Ridged Facial Roller: Boost Beauty + Well-Being

If you’re new to holistic skincare and beauty tools, a facial roller could be a great starting point for your holistic skincare journey. The technique is a bit simpler than gua sha – but still provides similar benefits (and a much-needed boost!) for your skin health. 

Facial rolling doesn’t require much time or expertise. So this is the perfect holistic skincare tool if you’re tight on time, need a quick morning pick-me-up, or are a mama with her hands full. 

The precious gemstones are rich in trace elements and energetic benefits. So you’re getting even more than the holistic skincare benefits. You’re supporting emotional and mental well-being too.4

Here’s how the Ridged Facial Rollers pack a one-two punch:

  • The roller end has ridges to stimulate even more circulation, collagen production, and lymphatic flow.
  • The end of the handle is rounded to use on targeted acupressure points to rejuvenate skin + self from within.

Tip: Keep your facial roller in the fridge for an added self-health (and holistic skincare) boost!

Shop our Ridged Facial Rollers.

Lymphatic Paddle: Promote Flow in Body + Mind

This is one self-health practice you’ll want to try ASAP. No waiting period – you’ll experience benefits immediately – in body, mind, and soul. (Ummm… Holistic skincare gold!)

Gentle massage movements with a wooden lymphatic paddle help:

  • Awaken your lymphatic system
  • Detoxify skin tissue 
  • Deeply support your nervous system

The intentional shape of this holistic skincare tool is paired with light massage motions to follow the pathways of lymphatic flow in the body. The result? You feel like you just had a massage – but from the comfort of your home! 

This is such a powerful way to promote drainage, release toxins and visibly improve the appearance of skin. You’ll also effectively release fascia. Doing so will loosen connective tissue, ease tension, and clear blockages to support healthy flow in body and soul.5

Yes, please!

Shop our favorite De La Heart Lymphatic Paddle. 

Dry Brushing: Detox + Brighten

Dry brushing has found its home among many diverse cultures as a vital part of supporting health by removing stagnant waste from the body. This holistic skincare ritual promotes optimal vitality and longevity. 

It's one of the best ways to activate your lymphatic system, which is responsible for:6 

  • Recycling nutrients back into your bloodstream
  • Filtering out waste and harmful substances
  • Sustaining immunity
  • Maintaining homeostasis

Plus, daily dry brushing as part of your holistic skincare routine offers double the benefits. On top of the benefits for your body, dry brushing will brighten the skin by lightly exfoliating and sloughing off dead skin cells on the surface. In turn, this stimulates blood flow below the surface to create a more clear, even, and soft complexion – naturally. It’s why we love holistic skincare tools like this. 

This traditional yet simple holistic skincare hack is one of our favorite self-health practices!

Tip: If you’re short on time, this holistic skincare practice is perfect for you. It’s lovingly known as our 2-minute beauty hack.

Hands: Tune In to Your Skin + Soul

Nothing compares to the healing power of touch. Your hands make the perfect self-health tool to support your skin and overall sense of well-being. 

You’ve got everything you need to support self-health on a deep, cellular (and soulful) level – for free. Facial massage wakes up circulation and lymphatic flow and melts stress. It can even help release stagnant emotions stored in our muscles. 

The result of this holistic skincare practice: calmer, clearer skin, and spirit. 
Skin-to-skin contact allows your fingers to feel texture and temperature along with areas of tension. Tune in to what your skin is saying – and what you might be feeling more than skin deep.

Your personal touch helps to determine your skin’s needs. Even more importantly, gentle touch helps you slow down and move in a more mindful and present way. This has the power to extend far beyond just your holistic skincare routine. It can profoundly impact your physical and mental health – plus how you interact and engage with those around you.7  

Sometimes the simple things in life have the most profound impact – our hands are no exception.

For our favorite facial massage tutorial, click here.

It’s True, Holistic Skincare Can = Self-Health

Self-health is investing in yourself for the purpose of impacting the future. 

For the sake of longevity, of legacy.

These simple holistic skincare tools take only a couple of extra minutes to tune in to what your skin (and soul) are saying. A focus on holistic skincare cultivates daily habits (part 2 of our self-health series) that continue to serve you. But don’t forget: self-health looks different to everyone. 

Simple beauty tools + little tweaks to our day-to-day create a deeper sense of well-being. And it inevitably overflows to those around us. Whatever we choose to call the time we take to invest in our self-health, may the purpose remain the same.

Let’s show up for ourselves, our families, our coworkers, our communities, and the world around us. More rested, more present, and more full.


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