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Breast Care Collection

Breast Health Month

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re committed to providing our community with practical resources to help you to take control of your health and support a non-profit that is proactively doing the same.

Plus we’re giving away FREE Deodorant for a year! Scroll below for details.

All month long we’re donating $1 to BCPP for every order that includes a product from our Breast Care Collection below.

Throughout October, we’re partnering with Breast Cancer Prevention Partners (BCPP) and their belief that the products we apply play a big part in our overall well-being - from preventing disease, promoting natural detoxification and restoring hope and wellness, hostically.

Win Free Deodorant For A Year! 

Purchase a product from our Breast Care Collection during the month of October to be entered to win.

Primally Pure Natural Deodorant

Help Us Reach Our Donation Goal

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Help Us Reach Our Donation Goal

Primally Pure Breast Health Bundle

Non-Toxic Products: 

Our delicate underarms are directly next to major lymph nodes and breast tissue, so the ingredients you're applying to your pits are actually impacting your health more than you might realize. 

Our Natural Deodorant (like all our products) is made without dangerous chemicals that have been linked to various diseases, including cancer.  

Pair your deo application with a spritz of Everything Spray to your pits for extra odor protection and detoxifying action.

Wellness Tools: 

These simple tools can be used around the delicate breast tissue to powerfully optimize lymphatic drainage to support detoxification and immunity to minimize the potential of inflammation and ultimately, disease. 

Known as Garshana, this traditional detoxification ritual is practiced to support the removal of stagnant waste (aslso known as ama) from the body to promote optimal vitality and longevity.   

Activate your body's natural cleansing system to release toxins and roll your way to better lymphatic flow - and breast health.  

This Traditional Chinese Medicine technique opens pathways for lymphatic drainage and sweeps away stagnation to create a fresh flow of health and healing.   

Primally Pure Wellness Tools for Cancer Prevention and Lymph Support
Breast Cancer Prevention Reviews from Primally Pure Customers

Whether it was a diagnosis, a dead-end search or discovering that ingredients really do matter, these are the non-toxic product stories that inspire us daily - and we hope they inspire you, too.  

From the PP Community

Whether you’re walking through your own breast cancer journey or taking steps towards prevention, we hope these non-toxic products and natural practices provide a sense of hope and healing - in body, breasts and spirit.

XO, The Pure Team

*Donations to BCPP up to $12K and 10 winners up to four (4) 2.5 oz deodorants per winner.

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Sustainably Sourced

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