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Lemongrass Deodorant

$ 14.00

Lemongrass Deodorant

$ 14.00
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We've spent years researching and formulating with safe, effective ingredients to create a gentle and non-toxic deodorant that actually works.

The fresh, uplifting scent of lemongrass is the perfect complement to your bright personality and upbeat lifestyle.  Plus, it powerfully protects against odor-causing bacteria to keep you smelling clean long after the sun has set.


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  • Primally Pure natural deodorant contains a small amount of baking soda to combat odor and is fortified with kaolin clay (powerful detoxifier) and non-nano zinc oxide (soothes irritation).
  • Made with other good-for-you organic ingredients including grass-fed tallow, fair trade coconut oil, arrowroot powder, beeswax and essential oils.
  • Lemongrass has a fresh + uplifting scent that powerfully protects against odor-causing bacteria.
  • Click here to read up on the hazards associated with conventional deodorant and the benefits of using ours.

How to Use

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Tallow from grass-fed cows

Rich in Vitamins A, D, E and K, anti-inflammatory conjugated linoleic acid + antimicrobial palmitoleic acid and deeply moisturizes the skin.

Naturally mined Baking Soda

Has a finer grain for a more gentle and effective deodorant. This new baking soda is less abrasive and has less potential of causing irritation – while still providing the pure odor protection you need.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Has a fresh + uplifting scent that powerfully protects against odor-causing bacteria.

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Rich in anti-inflammatory + anti-bactierial benefits, it’s a star player in protecting against unwanted odor, calming inflammation and helping to hydrate skin. A main component of coconut oil is lauric acid, which effectively keeps bacteria at bay – especially the kind that make their homes in our armpits and produces odor.

Arrowroot Powder*, Fair Trade Extra Virgin Coconut Oil*, Tallow from Grass-Fed Cows*, Beeswax*, Baking Soda*, Non-nano Zinc Oxide, White Kaolin Clay, Lemongrass Essential Oil*, Rosemary Extract* and Non-GMO Vitamin E


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