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Our Ridged Facial Rollers create healthy skin holistically by stimulating lymphatic drainage, detoxifying skin tissues and boosting blood flow to feed the skin from within. With the addition of ridges, along with the specific gemstone properties, our facial rollers provide even more visible benefits by powerfully targeting specific skin needs.


    • Green Jade is a naturally cooling stone that calms inflamed skin, encourages circulation, cleanses skin tissues, minimizes puffiness and strengthens the delicate skin barrier to promote a balanced complexion.
    • This stone is known to help promote understanding and openness by unblocking stagnant energy and emotions. It’s also believed to help calm the nervous system and recenter your sense of wellness - the perfect stone to bring your skin back to a state of balance, holistically.
    • Ridged Roller: Apply Soothing Serum and/or Beauty Cream to freshly cleansed skin to provide proper slip. Always start with the neck and move upwards, using light/short strokes to stimulate lymphatic flow and circulation. Incorporate more medium/firm pressure to target muscle tension and help reduce signs of aging + discoloration while working around active acne breakouts to promote healing.
    • Rounded Handle: Use this end to stimulate acupressure points along the face to release tension and rejuvenate skin from within.
    • Keep in the fridge/freezer to decrease puffiness, tighten skin, and refresh your complexion.
    • We recommend spritzing your Gemstone Roller with our non-toxic Hand Sanitizer or washing with warm + soapy water after each use.


  • Our Gemstone Rollers are crafted from sustainably sourced Green Jade stone and come packaged in Organic + Fair Trade pouches.

    Each stone is unique and the colors vary due to the natural diversity of Green Jade.