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DRY BRUSH Tools Primally Pure
DRY BRUSH Tools Primally Pure
DRY BRUSH Tools Primally Pure


$ 16.00

The simple practice of dry brushing is proven to boost beauty + wellness throughout the body. It has a long-standing list of beauty benefits including increased circulation, smooth + exfoliated skin, detoxification through lymphatic drainage, and improved appearance of the skin.

Our Dry Brush handle is made from sustainable bamboo wood and boar bristles.

Click here to read more about why you should start dry brushing today.

Here's how to dry brush in 4 easy steps!

  • Before showering, begin at your feet and brush upwards with gentle, short strokes – always towards your heart.
  • Brush in a counterclockwise direction over your belly (this helps to improve digestion!) and then brush from your hands to your heart.
  • To finish, brush down toward your underarms to help flush out toxins + improve lymph drainage. Always use light pressure – the point isn’t to scrub off your skin, but to gently, effectively get blood + lymphatic fluid moving.
  • After showering, apply body oil + enjoy your skin’s glow and your new found energy. 
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No product info provided :(

Slightly disappointing to see a product listed with zero information provided. It was after reading your article on the benefits of dry brushing that I decided I wanted to give the process a try. However, when looking at the brush you offer I want to know about the product (i.e.what kind of wood, what type of bristles, size of the brush,etc). Sadly, with no information provided I went with a brush from another company. Even though I paid over $40 for it, I still felt I was buying a quality brush that not only would last, but was made from high quality components that would provide the most benefits. I love your site, top notch informative articles, and am looking forward to receiving the products I have ordered. I just wish there had been some info on the brush so I could have completed my order with your co.

Primally Pure

Hi Darla, Thank you for taking the time to leave us that feedback and we definitely appreciate the need for information before making a purchase! Our Dry Brush is made from soft boar bristles and is the perfect size to find directly into your palm for easy use. We are huge fans of dry brushing over at the PP Headquarters and are happy to hear that you are partaking in the ritual, even if it means you are using a different brush at this time. :) We encourage you to apply our Body Oil after dry brushing + bathing to allow all of the nourishing ingredients to penetrate deeply into your exfoliated skin for optimum results. We hope this info is helpful and encourage you to reach out to us over at: Hello@Primallypure.com if you have any other questions or concerns. Best,

Hannah M.
United States United States
Smooth arms!

I am struggled with KP forever, and I just recently tried dry brushing. It has seriously helped smooth my arms. I dry brush before showering and then use the blue tansy body oil after - this has been the perfect combination for my skin for summer! (I use the PP Body Butter in the winter). Primally Pure's products have worked drastically better on my arms and skin in generally than other products I have tried in the past. It's so nice to have found clean products that actually work.

Megan B.
United States United States
Glad I bought

I finally took the leap to get a dry brush for myself and purchased this one. So glad I bought it because I love using it. The bristles aren’t so harsh and makes it so easy to use right before jumping in the shower. Bought this with the blue tansy body oil and it’s a perfect pair. Would recommend to anyone if they are looking for a dry brush.

Jaylen S.
United States United States

I only started dry brushing because I first saw it here. After much reading, I added the brush to my order. I LOVE IT. It’s amazing how good it feels, the benefits are great and it’s a wonderful way to further relax before getting in the shower. Sometimes I do it before bed too b/c it makes my arms (especially) feel so good. Great brush! Thank you.

Abigail S.
United States United States
Great brush!

Very much enjoy this brush! Been using it every day before I shower and I do think I’m slowly seeing an improvement in my skin texture. I like the size and feel of it and that it doesn’t take up much space. I used to have one with a long handle and that wasn’t really necessary or useful.