Sarah Adler's Primally Pure Favorites

I'm Sarah Adler,

and Primally Pure has changed my relationship with skincare.

Meet Sarah Adler, Founder. Visionary. Author. Nutritionist. Mother. Real-food queen and 5-ingredient-or-less recipe creator. Natural skincare non-toxic beauty advocate. A recovered all-or-nothing perfectionist. Obsessed with feeling GOOD, inside and out.

Here to help you value yourself. Your health. And wake up to your own life.

Are you ready to: simplify and elevate your daily routine, leave the chemicals behind, and nourish and feed your skin in a more intentional way? Here are some of my personal favorites!

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Unscented Deodorant
$ 14.00
4.7 star rating 531 Reviews
Charcoal Deodorant
$ 22.00
4.7 star rating 4716 Reviews
Tea Tree Deodorant
$ 14.00
4.7 star rating 643 Reviews
Blue Tansy Deodorant
$ 16.00
4.7 star rating 2713 Reviews
Plumping Serum
$ 52.00
4.8 star rating 719 Reviews
Lip Balm
$ 4.00
4.9 star rating 1254 Reviews
Dry Brush
$ 16.00 - SOLD OUT
4.6 star rating 341 Reviews
Baby Powder
$ 12.00
5.0 star rating 87 Reviews
Soothing Serum
$ 42.00
4.8 star rating 352 Reviews

"Primally Pure has changed the health of my skin for the better. But even more than that, these products have changed my daily life. They enhance even the smallest daily rituals and routines and make them practices that I love, look forward to, and feel great about using."

Why I Love Primally Pure

There are no magic pills, shortcuts or quick fixes for a lifetime of vibrant health & beautiful skin – at any age. If you want the real truth, I think it’s this: great skin & true beauty is the result of taking true and deep care of yourself and your body. 

This means being intentional & choosy about what you allow on, in and around your body. 

As someone who has spent her entire career teaching people about the beauty and ease of real food (and the difference between real food and processed health food), I realized something pivotal: the same was true with my personal and skincare products. That the more simple, real and pure something is, the better it is for your body, your health and your life. 

Namely, when we can recognize it and pronounce the ingredients, our bodies can too. 

It’s why Primally Pure is my favorite trusted skincare brand: not only are the ingredients impeccably pure and simple– ones you can feel great about your entire family using– but the products work even better than conventional ones. That’s what I call a true win. 

It’s a message I feel so passionate about sharing: to get educated. To stop and look at what you are putting ON and IN your body. To clean things up and get rid of the chemicals and toxins that sneak into everything. And to take ownership of your health, your body and your life, in a much deeper way. 

- Sarah Adler

    As the founder of Simply Real Health, her mission is simple: to teach women how to simplify their food, so they can simplify and amplify their lives. And how to create a more intentional and healthy life, that feels good from the inside out.

    Without the rigid rules.

    Sarah lives in Seattle with her husband and two babies, and lives for a perfect hot cup of matcha, snuggling her kids, making a mess in the kitchen, long podcast walks, face masks, salt baths and traveling to catch the sun.

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