Why We Love the New Jello Skin Trend + Why You Will Too

Have you hopped on the jello skin train yet? 

Jello skin has a funny ring to it, doesn’t it? It’s a little strange yet wildly intriguing. 

Though it’s making its rounds across the internet (ahem, TikTok), it’s not so different from other terms you’ve heard related to your skin health. It prioritizes the holy grail of healthy, glowing skin: moisture.

So What Is Jello Skin Exactly? 

Jello skin is just another term for supple, nourished, and bouncy skin. It’s pretty much what you’re probably envisioning in your head. If you’re feeling confused, check out this viral video

Introduced and coined by the Tik Tok influencer, @glowwithava, jello skin is a creative (albeit trendy) way of describing healthy, bouncy skin full of collagen and elastin. 

With these crucial components, your skin can retain moisture and keep firm, taught, and wrinkle-free. Goals!

How to Tell if You Have Jello Skin

If you pinch a generous portion of your skin, you should see it “bounce” back into place instead of immediately falling flat. Jello skin has a thick layer of jello-like “padding” underneath the surface. 

Remember those popular single-serve jello cups we used to eat? The decade is the early 2000s and jello cups are your new thing. If you lacked self-control with textures (ahem, like some of us), you probably dumped the jello out of the container to play with its quirky properties. You can move, poke and prod it, but it still bounces back into its form effortlessly. 

Jello skin is much the same way. Pretty fun, huh?

Wondering How to Achieve This Type of Skin?

We’re glad you asked. We love (and echo) the jello skin queen Ava’s transparency. She ensures her followers know it’s about much more than a single product or supplement. It’s a lifestyle shift – a gradual process of healthy choices and patience to achieve dreamy, bouncy, moisturized skin. 

And that’s perfectly okay! 

We’ll cover some of the basic tips to get you on your way to jello skin.

Foundational Lifestyle Habits/Practices 

We recommend this as your starting place to build a strong foundation. While we believe in the power of moisture-rich products and skin-boosting practices, there’s only so much skincare products can do. That’s why we advocate for a holistic approach to skincare! 

Either way, we couldn’t leave you without these critical lifestyle points for healthy + moisturized skin.

Practice Mindful Eating 

Diet will always play a role in your skin health – for better or worse – so be mindful!1 

Prioritize real foods, and eat organic whenever possible – especially the “dirty dozen.” Eat nutrient-dense, balanced meals with protein, healthy fats, and natural sources of carbohydrates.

Manage Stress + Protect Your Mental Health

Stress is proven to have damaging effects on your skin, so be intentional in managing your stress and your mental health. They’re intricately related. 

Sometimes this is your first step towards jello skin – letting go of stress and prioritizing your mental health. Mental health impacts your entire body!2 Try journaling or batching your work for better time management.

You don’t have to go it alone – seeing a professional counselor can give you the tools you need to destress.

Get Quality Sleep 

Like most of our foundational suggestions for jello skin, sleep is a non-negotiable. You can’t have good skin without good sleep. So how do you improve your sleep quality? 

  • Reset your bedtime routine to relax + unwind.
  • Limit blue light exposure, so you feel tired at bedtime + fall asleep quickly.
  • Create a sanctuary bedroom – dark, cool space, calming atmosphere, no TV, cozy sheets, and an inviting aroma

Creating a comfortable, safe space to sleep allows your body to truly wind down and reset for the next day.

Let Your Skin Breathe

The struggle of not having the energy to wash your face at the end of the day… it’s real. But it’s essential to let your skin breathe at night.

Beyond nighttime, try going makeup-free occasionally or expose your skin to the sun each morning (and gain other health benefits too!).

While topical products and practices are helpful, these lifestyle-related factors will support your journey and build a solid foundation for the coveted jello skin.

Our Top 6 Tips, Products, and Tools for Achieving Jello Skin 

While your journey to perfectly bouncy skin can feel daunting, here’s the good news: skin-boosting options are endless! It’s just a matter of trial and error to see what works.

Tip #1: Find New Ways to Hydrate for Bouncy Skin 

The power of hydration can’t be overstated for whole body health, especially skin health. 

  • Gel waters are a fun way to hydrate (and more effective than plain water).
  • Electrolytes/salt help your body absorb and utilize hydration better.
  • Take it easy with caffeine and alcohol that dehydrate.

Find new ways to get excited about hydration – it’s a life-changing habit! 

Tip #2: Avoid Synthetic Procedures, Fillers, and Products

While the immediate results of synthetic procedures can be tempting, they come with risks. You won’t achieve jello skin with synthetic products/procedures. The real deal is always better.'

  • Avoid Botox it’s created from a lethal toxic substance and can lead to serious long-term issues.
  • Say no to fillersunless you can find a stem cell fat approach like Dr. Chesnut’s.
  • Steer clear from Microneedling while it may seem harmless, it can actually pull from your skin’s limited collagen reserves instead of naturally supplementing.

With synthetic procedures, you probably won’t be able to achieve the jello-like consistency in your skin the same way. But it’s entirely possible to achieve jello skin naturally.

Tip #3: Supplement With Collagen

If you know a thing or two about skin, you know collagen is essential for bouncy skin, yet production decreases with age.3 So, what can you do to maximize your collagen?

  • Supplement with collagen peptides – we love Perfect Supplements rigorously tested collagen
  • Drink bone broth this is collagen in its most natural form (and loaded with essential nutrients + minerals)
  • Always pair with a vitamin C supplement for maximum absorption – try Livon Labs or Paleo Valley

The right supplements can go a long way in boosting your jello skin goals and graceful aging. 

Tip #4: Facial Gua Sha 

Used for centuries to encourage lymphatic flow, facial gua sha opens pathways for nutrients to travel to the skin + build a healthy, plump texture. It also diminishes wrinkles/fine lines. These are your building blocks for jello skin. 

Plus, facial gua sha is arguably better than botox. ;)

Tip #5: Moisturizing Products – Serums, Creams, and Mists Oh My!

Moisture isn’t just for dry skin, you guys! It’s for anyone who wants optimal skin plumpness or bouncy skin.

The skin barrier needs a balanced ratio of oil in serums/creams and water in mists/sprays. That’s why we’re a huge advocate for multi-step routines.

Especially in colder/dryer months, layering products help to achieve moisturized skin and protect your skin microbiome.


Our holistic esthetician believes that mists are a MUST. People often skimp (or even skip!) on spritzing mists because they think it’s a frilly step. Rest assured, mists are essential – especially if you want jello skin. 

Mists prime the skin and help boost absorption of your serums and creams. And with the right skin-specific mist, you’re adding a dose of nutrients too.

Nourishing Serums

Serums are an especially important step in achieving hydrated skin because they can reach deeper levels of your skin. This allows healing and soothing from the inside out to support the formation of bouncy skin.

If you’re looking for a super-nourishing serum the castor oil in our plumping serum is arguably the best natural ingredient to plump the skin. 

Make sure your serums have oils that are safe and non-toxic (and avoid seed oils unless they are cold-pressed).

Moisturizing Creams/Rich Balms

Moisturizing creams are the perfect last step in your daily routine because they lock in rich healthy fats + nourishing ingredients. Think of it as a protective outer layer that keeps out harmful stuff and maintains all the plush hydration. 

Maybe you’re looking for a dose of extra moisture – try a balm for an even richer, decadent experience! Add a final few spritzes of a facial mist to further assist in moisture absorption.

Tip #6: Holistic Skin Treatments to Plump Your Skin

At PP, we love to encourage you to explore all the holistic treatments! Here are a few of our favorites: 

  • Buccal massage – intraoral massage (sounds weird, but we promise it’s relaxing!) that releases tension from the jaw, depuffs, and plumps your face.
  • Facial massage + gua sha combo – many holistic spas will offer this as a duo service. It’s the best of both worlds, a workout for your face that builds muscle, reduces tension, and boosts plumpness.
  • Slugging restores extreme moisture as you transition to colder months. (But please don’t use vaseline as all the beauty trends tell you – petroleum is linked to cancer.3) Instead, opt for a moisture-rich cream or balm (our baby balm would work perfectly!).

And if you want to go down the rabbit hole of holistic skin treatments, check out this post for even more. 

Jello Skin – Are You In? 

This trend is the best thing since pencil-thin eyebrows in the 2000s (just kidding!). We love the term jello skin because it’s light and fun, yet it gives a solid definition and relatable imagery to hydrated skin + optimal skin health. 

Moisture couldn’t be more crucial as we transition into the fall months. A time when the humidity subsides, and the brisk air can have a drying effect on your skin.

Consider this your inspiration for your fall skin prep.



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