How to Naturally Get Rid of Acne Part 2 (Lifestyle Changes for Acne)

→ This post is Part 2 of a 3-part series focused on how to get rid of acne naturally + the best lifestyle changes for acne. Read Part 1 (all about nutritional factors) first and then Part 3, which covers topical acne solutions.

Every part of our being is connected: mind, body, and soul. 

The same goes for the issues we see presented in our skin. What we see in our skin represents the complex systems in our body. The best natural acne treatments start with acne remedies at home that impact our full body.

Everything we do is connected so starting at our roots is essential.

It's essential to take a holistic approach for a full skin healing protocol. 

Healing your skin from a holistic perspective will look different for everyone. That may look like avoiding processed foods. It could be setting your alarm thirty minutes earlier to move your body and break a sweat. Maybe it’s just setting aside intentional time in your day-to-day life to dedicate to healing in some way. 

Regardless, I firmly believe that incorporating some (or all!) of these basic lifestyle changes for acne will help support a beautiful shift. You’ll see improvement – not only in your lifestyle but also in how your skin looks and feels. 

Better Sleep as a Lifestyle Change for Acne

Sleep is essential to skin health. It’s one of the best lifestyle changes for acne.


Our body does the most healing while we sleep.

So giving your body the time it needs to rest and slow down is essential. That’s when it’s able to focus healing energy on restoring function, repairing, + rebuilding your body. So, in short, it helps heal your acne from within.

Some of the benefits of sleep as a lifestyle change for acne include:

  • Increased circulation. 
Circulation increases blood flow, which provides much-needed nourishment to skin cells. Better blood flow to the skin helps establish a radiant complexion. It also minimizes the appearance of inflammation and redness.
  • Restored moisture balance. 
Better sleep helps retain hydration. On top of that, excess water retention is removed, reducing the effects of inflammation + balancing sebum production. A healthy skin barrier = thriving skin.
  • Collagen stimulation. 
Production of new collagen means skin integrity is strengthened + elasticity is restored. The new collagen helps gradually clear out acne-inflamed skin + rebuild new strong cells.
On the flip side, with minimal sleep, cortisol levels rise, causing inflammation to increase and acne to flare up. So trust me, beauty sleep is not a myth. It’s a must when it comes to lifestyle changes for acne. All you have to gain is a balanced self and beautiful skin. :)

Tip: Take a few moments before bed to quiet your mind + body and boost restorative sleep with an aromatic non-toxic candle or cup of herbal tea.

How Exercise Can Treat Acne Naturally

Our bodies were designed to move. Our blood is intended to flow, and our skin is meant to glow with health. If you want to achieve clear skin, exercise is also one of the key lifestyle changes for acne.

One of the skin’s main functions is excretion (aka releasing waste products through the skin’s surface). We can support this process and treat acne naturally by sweating more to encourage a gentle purge. 

Exercise helps to facilitate the healthy and natural removal of toxins in the body.

Exercise is one of the best lifestyle changes for acne because it can: 

  • Expel trapped dirt and oil to keep the pores clean
  • Minimize inflammation and irritation by eliminating bacteria buildup
  • Improve sleep (which is when your skin rebuilds)
  • Alleviates stress that can cause hormone imbalances leading to breakouts
  • Strengthens the immune system for full-body health to support clear skin

Exercise (and regular sweat) just makes sense as a lifestyle change for acne. It brings together the concept of full body health for clearer skin. 

Tip: Always cleanse after a workout with our Cleansing Oil to keep your skin detoxified + radiant.

Sunshine as an Acne Remedy 

I know not everyone will agree with me here. That’s okay. 

But the age-old saying that "too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing" still holds true. To me, sunshine is one of the most essential + easiest lifestyle changes for acne you can choose. 

Yes, it’s a controversial topic – and at Primally Pure, we hold a different opinion on sun exposure than many skincare companies. We believe in a balanced, intentional time spent with direct sun exposure – daily. 

Overexposure to the sun can certainly be detrimental to your health and wellness, but the sun is also a natural acne remedy. Balanced time in the sun can improve our mood, immune system, and overall health.1

Here’s how you can incorporate this as a lifestyle change for acne:

  • Indulge in short bursts of sunshine (sunscreen-free) to suppress bacterial growth
  • Choose the morning sun to soak up rays when they’re less intense
  • Protect your skin when free radical damage is a concern

Time in the sun, used as part of your lifestyle changes for acne, fosters glowing, healthy, + resilient skin. The key is to manage it responsibly. Follow ancestral wisdom and protect your skin during the strongest time of the day. Doing so will help avoid compromising skin integrity or incurring long-term damage.

Tip: If you’re soaking in Vitamin D for longer periods, protect your skin from overexposure. I love cool light layers, stylish hats, and safe sunscreen like Raw Elements.

Treat Acne Naturally by Drinking More Water 

We know this all too well but still catch ourselves saying, “I need to drink more water.”

(You’re not alone!)

This is one of the most powerful – yet simple lifestyle changes for acne that you can make to improve the appearance of your skin. 

Some of the benefits of hydration as a lifestyle change for acne include:

  • Improved digestion to absorb nutrients better
  • Blood circulation that keeps your skin plump + hydrated
  • Better detoxification to eliminate toxins + bacteria and cleanse cells of built-up waste

So, yes, it’s obvious that we all need more water, but I can’t overlook it as a crucial lifestyle change for acne. 

Here are some simple + practical ways to sip more water – asap:

  • Keep it cute: Your water bottle, of course! Because let’s be real – if it’s not cute, you’re not going to carry it around in public. And always opt for a glass water bottle to avoid chemicals. Plastic water bottles can leak chemicals into your water, especially if left in the sunlight or direct heat.
  • Keep it pure: As you’re removing toxins and clearing up your skin, you wouldn’t drink water filled with chemicals, chlorine, contaminants, and pollutants, right? Getting a purifier for your home faucet or a reusable 3-gallon jug to refill with purified water solves that problem.
  • Keep it interesting: Plain old water can be boring at times. Make it fun and fresh by mixing fruit, veggies, or herbs into your water bottle. Enjoy the added benefits of frozen berries, cucumbers, fresh basil, mint leaves, pomegranate seeds, lemon slices… you name it. There are no rules here. :)

See how simple it can be to begin making these subtle yet beautiful changes to your lifestyle? Cheers to clear(er) skin.

Breathwork as One of the Most Beautiful Lifestyle Changes for Acne + Beyond 

We all have access to a truly priceless (and free) gift that can deeply transform our skin, stress levels, and our overall sense of well-being. 

Ready for it? Take a deep breath...that’s it. Right there. Your breath! 

Take a deep, slow breath again. Feel your shoulders drop, your heartbeat slow down, and your furrowed brow relax. The benefits of breathwork are immense and immediate.

Deep breathing can serve as one of the best tips for acne because it: 

  • Calms inflammation in your skin and body
  • Boosts immunity throughout the body to protect your skin
  • Provides oxygen to replenish vital nutrients in your blood for healthier skin

But your breath is more than just another on the list of lifestyle changes for acne. It’s a sweet and simple reminder to remain present. Doing so relieves your body of tension and stress, helping to keep your skin clear long-term.

Tip: Rather than your chest rising and falling with shallow, sharp breaths, be intentional about keeping your chest still. Pull your breath from your abdomen (a.k.a. diaphragmatic breathing). 

Inhale for four counts, and watch your belly rise. Hold for four counts. Exhale for eight counts, see your stomach sink and feel your whole self start to truly relax. And look into nose breathing for even more health-boosting benefits.

Less Stress = Less Acne

Just seeing that word makes me stressed out. Constant pressures and rapid heart rates plague our culture relentlessly. Chronic stress is serious stuff – overexposure to stress severely attacks the health of our skin + self (and even our brains). 

It’s a massive issue and a way of life that, sadly, we've become too accustomed to.

When our bodies undergo prolonged stress, the hormone cortisol increases, which can throw off hormonal cycles, contribute to inflammation, and make our skin more susceptible to breakouts. 

The effects of stress on the skin can appear differently depending on the individual. You might see rashes, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis as stress-induced skin conditions.

Setting aside time for self-health and creating habits that help minimize stress levels is one of the most powerful healing approaches to skincare. Similar to breathwork, it’s one of the best lifestyle changes for acne that will provide a higher quality of life. 

A few ways to incorporate stress-relieving practices as lifestyle changes for acne:

  • Set a morning routine with intention
  • Practice journaling + focus on gratitude 
  • Phone a friend as an act of self-health
  • Indulge in aromatherapy with a non-toxic candle
  • Learn some vagus nerve exercises to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system

There’s no set way to practice stress relieving activities. It might look different for your preferences, hobbies, or available time. But no matter what you choose, make it worth it and do it with intention. You won’t regret it.

Lifestyle Changes for Acne That Leave You Balanced + Clearer

Hopefully, this has given you some starting points for acne remedies at home you can incorporate into your routine – without spending a dime! 

What I love about this approach: Lifestyle changes for acne improve your skin and quality of life. And who doesn’t want a better quality of life?

Of course, these are just a part of the bigger picture. They should be part of a holistic plan to clear acne naturally by considering the whole person. But start to stack these lifestyle changes for acne and see your skin (and your life) transform.

Because you deserve it.


  1. Harvard School of Public Health | Vitamin D | The Nutrition Source 

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