Thank You, Skin: An Invitation To Reframe Your Reflection (From Our Holistic Esthetician)


Your skin is not the enemy.

It’s not to blame.
It’s not betraying you.
It’s beckoning you deeper.

Your skin is on your side.

Pursuing a path of healing.

Your skin is speaking.
It’s communicating.
It’s a messenger.
A mirror.

Giving you a glimpse into the deeper, unseen spaces –
of your physical body,
of your emotional being.

Lean in.

The skin is a teacher.
Extending an invitation 
to tune in, 
to touch, 
to notice —

with curiosity,
with compassion,
without casting judgment.

It’s here we can become better observers
of the skin’s innate ability to communicate
the tension we’ve been carrying for too long, or
the systems below the surface that require a rebalancing.

May we move away from the belief 
that any breakout that appears 
should be picked, prodded or dried out
Or that any fine line that forms 
should be frozen, erased or numbed out.

Skin’s reactions do demand a response,
But we don’t need to fight back.
There’s a more effective way,
A softer way.

Simply asking: 
What is my skin communicating?
What is the deeper connection?
What ways can I offer compassion?

To slow down and sip some water?
To draw a bath and turn in early?
To extend forgiveness and release worries?
To prioritize gentler products or gut-healing foods?
To nudge stagnation along with a facial massage?

When we begin a different dialogue,
giving time and intention to seek the skin’s underlying messages,
we will start to move towards true healing – inside and out.

Let’s change our language
and adopt a different approach.

As the skin gives cues,
may we give thanks.

When we see inflammation flare or a wrinkle form,
May we offer a gentle and genuine “thank you”.

Thank you, skin – for showing me a side of myself
below the surface I couldn’t see before.

Thank you, skin – for shedding light on deeper places
that are needing nurturing.

Thank you, skin – for being a catalyst for
connection, communication and compassion 
towards my body and my whole being.

As we oil cleanse or
catch a spontaneous glimpse of our reflection or
gently trace any tension with our fingertips —
may we daily say “Thank you, skin.”

What we give thanks for, grows.

With this age-old wisdom in mind,
expect to experience even greater healing
in your complexion,
in your perception, and 
in the unseen spaces of your soul
as you begin to reframe your reflection
and give thanks for all the gifts
your skin so generously gives.

While it may not change the condition of your skin overnight,
it will change you from the inside out.

A more balanced, beautiful and vibrant skin state starts here,
with giving thanks.

Thank you, skin.


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