The Power Of Hydration To Supercharge Well-Being, Beauty And Energy (Holistic Habit Stacking Week 2)

We’re bringing it back to the basics to help you build foundations for health on a daily basis - in a way that’s actually doable. The key to creating your most vibrant self begins here: Holistic Habit Stacking. New to this concept? Check out this post (plus get a free downloadable resource to help!) and begin with our very first habit here. Then keep scrolling for the second habit we’re stacking in this blog series!

“Aging is simply drying out.”

This simple (and slightly shocking!) quote speaks volumes about the active role hydration has in our health and why it’s a foundational habit to form for the most vibrant version of yourself.

And given that we can’t go more than a few days without it, we’d say water is one of our most essential components and nutrients for life - and glowing skin, of course.

Hydration has the power to unlock a dramatic difference in how you feel, inside and out, and we can’t wait for you to start stacking this habit to supercharge your well-being, beauty and energy.

The Power of Hydration

Sure, we all know drinking water is important for practically every aspect of health, but with the reality that 75% of people are currently living with chronic mild dehydration, maybe we need a bit of a refresher.

Our bodies (and skin) are comprised of almost entirely water, and every single day that fluid becomes depleted from excess sweating, chemicals, dehydrating diets and other internal/external factors. While dehydration can definitely make your skin more susceptible to fine lines and loss of elasticity (even sensitivities and acne) it impacts so much more beneath the surface of your skin.

Dehydration is one of the biggest culprits of a sluggish lymphatic system. Lymph is largely comprised of water as well (96%!) and requires adequate hydration to flow properly and remove waste most effectively. This system is your body’s natural cleansing and detoxification system (think: your body’s personal plumbing service) so proper hydration = better flow = brighter glow.

Deeper than even our skin and lymphatic system, lack of hydration can also influence mental health. Even slight dehydration can heighten feelings of anxiety or depression, making them more difficult to manage. Something as simple as staying hydrated can help when processing emotions or supporting a balanced mood and mindset.

And if that’s not enough of a case to keep your water bottle nearby, a water deficit in the body can even make cells (and our brain!) shrink - not exactly the health results we’re going for.

On the flip side, here’s what optimal hydration can do for your health:

  • cleanse tissues and blood
  • stimulate lymphatic drainage
  • create a clear, plump complexion
  • promote deeper sleep
  • improve digestion
  • encourage cognitive function
  • increase energy levels
  • maintain homeostasis

    Proper water supply protects vital organs (like the liver, kidneys and brain - just to name a few) while promoting deeper sleep, better digestion, clearer thinking (goodbye brain fog and afternoon slumps), increased energy levels, less inflammation in the body (aka less pain and more joint flexibility) and so much more.

    Oh, and like we mentioned above, it supports healthy circulation, detoxification and lymphatic drainage resulting in less breakouts and fewer fine lines for a naturally bright, youthful appearance.

    What can’t hydration help with? We’ll wait… ;)

    Here are a few easy, effective ways to up your water intake on a daily basis!

    The Habit of Hydration

    How many times have you found yourself saying, “I should drink more water”? Well, here’s a secret: It’s not about drinking more, it’s about *maximizing* the water you’re already drinking. 

    To supercharge your well-being, beauty and energy, start your morning with a glass of pure water with a pinch of sea salt.

    This one simple tweak to your water intake will significantly help your body retain hydration and begin healing at a cellular level. Unrefined salt acts is a natural electrolyte and provides much-needed minerals - without mineral content in your water, your cells aren’t able to receive the hydration it needs (read: chronic mild dehydration continues).

    P.S. This is the brand of sea salt we recommend that tests for purity and heavy metal contaminants! Also, your water shouldn’t taste salty (the goal is not to feel like you just had a big gulp of ocean water), just a subtle hint of salt to help with deep hydration.

    Drinking a glass of water with sea salt first thing in the morning helps to move out cellular waste accumulated as our body was doing a deep clean the night before! It even helps to prep and prime your entire system to more efficiently receive additional hydration as you move throughout your day.

    Hydration Myth Busters: Believe it or not, that 8 glasses of water a day thing is actually a myth. There is no magic hydration number! Depending on your body type, diet, climate, activity level, etc everyone has a different hydration need. But by beginning your day with a tall glass of water with a pinch of sea salt, you’re getting your body on track towards optimal hydration for the rest of the day.

    Remember, the thing about a habit is that it’s hard - until it’s not. Soon enough it will seamlessly fit into your day-to-day and become second nature. So to help ease this transition into drinking more water, here are a few extra hydration tips:

    PM PREP: How many of you prep your coffee pot at night so you can enjoy a fresh brew first thing in the morning (with minimal effort)? Well, let’s use the same concept to increase hydration.

    • Prep your water glass before going to bed so it’s ready to drink right when you wake up. This helps to minimize your morning routine (and any excuses you might come up with!), making you more likely to stick with your morning boost of hydration before your fresh brew is even ready.
    • Surround your daily cup of (ahem, dehydrating) coffee with a glass of water before and after to support hydration levels. Coffee Tip: Blend in a TB of grass-fed butter or coconut oil into your morning brew to boost the benefits (and hydration!).
    • Add fresh herbs or fruit (or even chia seeds) for deeper, longer-lasting hydration.
    • Sip warm water or herbal teas throughout the day.
    • And, of course, give your body only pure, living water to help flush out toxins instead of contributing to heavy metal or toxic buildup in your body.
    EAT H2O:
    • Incorporate more green juices/smoothies for extra-hydrating and digestion-boosting properties.
    • Add in more water-rich fruits and veg into your diet (like melon, strawberries, celery, cucumbers, leafy greens).

    MOVE YOUR WATER: Regular movement actually helps deliver the water your drinking deep into your tissues where it’s needed most.

    • Sitting at a desk all day while keeping your water bottle close by? To get the most benefits of your hydration, get up and move every hour to help hydration travel through your body and get to where it actually needs to go!
    • After a long night of rest (especially now that you'll be getting even deeper sleep from boosting your hydration levels!), sip your water with sea salt then do a few light stretches to stimulate lymphatic flow and support healthy fascia - aka helping transport the mineral-rich water you just sipped to your tissues.

    STACK: If morning has become your sacred time to practice 5 minutes of stillness, stack these habits together and sip your water at the same time!

    So many health ailments or skin struggles can be significantly supported, restored and repaired by simply focusing on effective hydration. We can so often overcomplicate health - but when it comes to hydration, this is one of the most simplistic, yet transformative, habits you can begin. XO

    Download your Holistic Habit Tracker here to build on your daily practice of 5 minutes of stillness with a glass of water with sea salt each morning!

    Note: These habit suggestions and diet recommendations aren’t intended to be medical advice and if you have any questions or concerns about your unique body chemistry and needs, please see a trusted holistic health professional!

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