Primally Pure x Jenna Kutcher

I'm Jenna Kutcher, and

Primally Pure totally changed my skin.

I'll be honest, before our miscarriages, I didn't really care what chemicals were going on or in my body, but once I started to really dig into things, I was shocked. I had this belief that natural stuff just couldn't work as well and a fear of ditching the products I was raised on. 

As I slowly transitioned, I became obsessed with reading labels, knowing that I was treating my body with the ultimate respect and I started to fall in love with the natural scents, the feel of the products, and the way I felt when I used them. Consider me a completely converted skeptic.

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My Skin Transformation

When I went to Target, some marketing sucked me into buying a new serum or cutesy face mask or extra strength pimple cream. I honestly don't know how many dollars I dropped filling my beauty cabinet over the years. When I say I tried a mountain of products, I mean it.

After our second miscarriage in 2017, I switched to all-natural products and started to notice a change. Can I tell you how happy I was to actually start to like the face looking back at me in the mirror?

I didn’t necessarily want perfect skin, but I wanted to simply know that I was taking care of it! And, of course, being able to truly take care of your skin can deliver a huge boost of real confidence, right?

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Primally Pure is all-natural and non-toxic.

Have you ever spent some time reading the ingredients on the products you're putting on your skin? Lemme remind you: your skin is your largest organ...

When I started to get serious about looking at the labels, I was shocked to realize I couldn't pronounce most of what my body was ingesting through my skin. Primally Pure is different. Every single product is made with safe, natural ingredients — and nothing else. Trust me, this is one label you'll be able to read.

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Are you ready to swap your products to all-natural, non-toxic ones with with ingredients you can actually pronounce? It's time.

Use code JK10 to save 10%

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