Top Pit Tips for Transitioning to Natural Deodorant

Sometimes just the thought of swapping out your antiperspirant might make you start to sweat a bit. But switching to natural deodorant doesn’t have to be scary - and we promise, the sweat will subside. If rumors surrounding the dreaded detox phase may be holding you back from making the transition, we want to clear the air and share what you can actually expect when switching to our natural deodorant - and why this season is the perfect time to start.




Let's get this fear out of the way first, shall we? Sweat is not the enemy - it's a healthy, necessary function to detoxify and keep our body balanced. Instead of blocking pores to prevent sweating (like an antiperspirant) with harmful chemicals (like aluminum), natural deodorant allows skin to breathe, rids the body of toxic buildup + regulates its internal temperature.

Although you will sweat when you first switch to natural deodorant (and you may even be extra sweaty as your body begins to purge itself of toxins from chemical-filled conventional deodorants), your body will normalize soon after and you'll find you sweat even less! Our natural alternative also has a cumulative effect, so the more you use it, the better it works.

Pit tip: When you allow your body to detox through sweat, you'll be less likely to detox through your skin (aka breakouts + blemishes). Get active, move your body and make the switch to a natural deodorant that doesn't prevent perspiration!




B.O. is a big one. After trying countless natural deodorants, have you found you still smell like foul body odor, but mixed with fake flowers? Don't be tempted to turn back to your drugstore brand! Steer clear of engineered scents + carcinogenic chemicals to cover odor. And always avoid deodorants with "fragrance" listed on the label, as that term is code for "chemical cocktail". Our natural deodorant has powerful odor-fighting ingredients like fair-trade coconut oil, baking soda and organic essential oils to prevent odor + keep bacteria at bay.

Similar to the sweat situation, as your body rids itself of toxins from traditional deodorant, you may find yourself a bit more smelly than normal. After a week or two (the detox phase depends on your current chemical buildup), this will minimize and disappear as your pits + sweat glands become more balanced. All day odor protection - without the risks of disease or dangerous side effects - is possible when taking a natural, non-toxic approach to conventional deodorants.

Pit tip: If your body odor continues to linger, you may want to take a deeper look at your diet + lifestyle choices. Eliminating processed and refined foods, eating lots of leafy green vegetables and getting regular exercise can help support the detoxification process and promote balanced pits - and better B.O.!




Does redness, rashes or inflammation make your sensitive skin nervous to try another natural deodorant? Baking soda is an incredibly effective odor-fighting ingredient, but can cause irritation for some skin types. Through years of trial + error, we’ve formulated our deodorant with the perfect amount of baking soda – enough to combat odor but not enough to cause irritation for the vast majority of people.

Plus, our good-for-you ingredients include nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids with anti-inflammatory + anti-microbial properties help to improve the health of skin, leaving pits smooth and protected.

Pit tip: Here are some helpful suggestions to prevent irritation and protect sensitive skin when applying natural deodorant. Don't apply after shaving (shave at night + apply in the morning), apply only 1-2 swipes for lasting odor protection (less is more!), allow deodorant to warm up to skin to reduce friction, and try dabbing instead of swiping.




Take advantage of these cooler temperatures and start the transition to natural deodorant now! We're not as prone to sweat during colder months, making this season the perfect time for our bodies to purge chemicals from antiperspirants. Plus, cozy sweaters can easily cover up any initial excess sweat or smell. So when the warmer months of summer arrive, your body (and sweat glands!) will be balanced and you can bare all without fear - or B.O. :)

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