This Balm Is A Beauty Must Have (Here Are 5 Ways To Use It)

1 product that does it all? Pretty much.

This 6-ingredient multi-purpose product has a long-standing list of benefits from beauty, baby, sensitive skin issues, and even eczema.

But don’t let the name of this balm fool you. It’s not just for babies or a growing belly.

Our Baby Balm is rich in vitamins + anti-inflammatory properties, it deeply penetrates to bring much-needed nourishment and provides multiple beauty benefits – from head to toe.

Whether you have a baby on the way or have flyaways you’re trying to tame, our Baby Balm can bring relief to almost every beauty woe under the sun. Almost. 😉

Here are 5 of our favorite ways to use our Baby Balm.


The fragile skin around the eye area is the first place to reveal lack of sleep + signs of aging, so it’s essential to include a vitamin-rich eye cream in your skincare routine. Enter: Baby Balm. It contains marshmallow root, which is known as nature’s hyaluronic acid – helping to firm + plump the skin, protect skin’s moisture barrier and soften skin texture. This plant is a powerhouse when it comes to promoting more youthful skin. The roots secrete a thick, gum-like substance called mucilage that aids in repairing + rejuvenating the skin – exactly what we want for tired eyes, fine lines and dark circles.

In the evening after cleansing + toning, apply a light layer of Baby Balm all around the eye area – and remember to use your ring finger (it’s our weakest finger, which is best for this delicate area!).


Baby Balm for hair care? Yup. Like we mentioned before, don’t let the name fool you. The beeswax in this balm makes for a perfect brow tamer, frizz smoother and provides control for pesky flyaways. It adds a little bit of shine and hold to keep each hair in place. Even for dry, sensitive scalps, this balm helps to soothe the skin and support a healthy foundation for hair growth. And for men, it can double as a style aid or hair pomade – but remember, our pure + concentrated ingredients mean that less is more, and a little bit goes a long way.

Keep a little jar in your bag to tame brows or flyaways on the go – leaving hair healthy and hydrated.


From head to toe, this multi-purpose balm is our go-to. It’s loaded with deeply moisturizing + anti-inflammatory animal fats + organic plant oils to lock in moisture and combat seriously dry skin (think: dry, cracked heels and cuticles). With antioxidants, vitamins, and the ability to be easily absorbed by the skin, our Baby Balm helps to heal and repair damaged skin and deliver nourishment where the skin needs it most.

Before bed, apply a thick layer of Baby Balm to feet and slip on socks for dry skin repair overnight. For cuticle care, keep a jar in your purse to protect skin + nails no matter where the day may take you.


Of course, our Baby Balm has multiple benefits for babies and has become a staple for new mamas! For such delicate and absorbent skin, it’s important to use gentle, natural ways to support baby’s skin health (instead of harmful chemicals or prescription creams). In our Baby Balm, age-old + nutrient-dense ingredients help to diminish diaper rash, soothe skin conditions such as baby eczema and calm inflammation on infant skin. Plus, this soothing balm helps to heal cracked nipples from nursing and organic marshmallow root is nature’s answer for preventing stretch marks on growing bellies. And because our Baby Balm is a multi-purpose product, it’s one less product moms need to remember to pack! Clearly, this balm is a win-win for babies and mamas.

For baby, apply liberally to bottom, cradle cap or any other signs of irritation. For mama, apply to nursing nipples or as a nourishing eye cream to combat tired, puffy eyes (#momlife).


It can be intimidating to try a new product when your skin tends to react to anything it touches. Trust us, if you have sensitive skin, this balm is about to be your new best friend. It deeply hydrates even the most sensitive or reactive skin to rebuild the skin’s moisture barrier and calm redness + irritation. With powerful antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic and antibacterial properties, it protects skin from infection + irritation while sealing in moisture. In our Baby Balm formula, we even take our organic extra virgin olive oil to the next level by infusing it with the healing, soothing and softening benefits of calendula flowers – the perfect combo for sensitive skin conditions.

In both your evening + morning skincare routines, apply as a facial moisturizer to soothe, calm + hydrate sensitive skin.

How have you used our Baby Balm? Let us know below!
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This multi-purpose balm has a long-standing list of benefits from beauty, baby, sensitive skin issues, and even eczema. Here are 5 ways to use it! | Primally Pure Skincare

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