Why We Opened A Holistic Spa At Our Hq

This has been an idea in the making for quite some time. As a team, we dreamed, we talked, we tested, we designed, we dove wholeheartedly into this concept of creating a holistic spa at the Primally Pure Headquarters.

Why did we decide to start a spa?

To start a wave of wellness in a whole new (and holistic) way.
To start a space that supports beauty + well-being without compromising your health.
To start a movement that will make an impact across the globe.

We opened a holistic spa at our new HQ because we believe there’s a deep need for something different in this industry.

But before we dive in a bit deeper, here’s a bit of backstory.

Since day one, we’ve been dreaming up the idea of what it would be like to start a spa that uses only non-toxic products, supports beauty + well-being holistically and makes a positive impact not only in our community but in our world.

It all started with our “Spaffice” – half spa, half office. (Some of you may remember us sharing snippets of our Spaffice on social media!). I don’t know about you, but I don’t know many workplaces – or employers – who would be willing to create a spa in the office and treat the team to weekly facials. But Bethany was all about it (best boss EVER) and those were the early days of our holistic spa.

Masks blended based on specific skin care concerns with the same raw ingredients we used to handcraft our products, facial massage techniques with warm stones to melt away tension, stress + signs of aging, calming herbs to care for acne rather than fighting it with aggressive treatments and a restorative space to receive, relax and deeply rest.

While we were so excited to experience this as a team, we knew this was too good + too life-giving to keep for ourselves.

So we decided to officially open a holistic spa at our HQ. And here’s why.

To start a wave of wellness in a whole new (and holistic) way.

You may be thinking (at least, I have before), it seems like there is a spa or salon on every corner, and that this industry is already oversaturated.

While that may be true (and these stats actually show that it is!), more times than not, we’ve left facial appointments feeling disappointed and discouraged.

All too often, we’ve discovered that several spa services available are overindulgent or under delivering, are high profile or high priced, are only reserved for special occasions or seen as superficial, or are solely focused on fixing flaws.

While new spas continue to pop up (and sometimes even right next to each other), we’ve felt there’s been a bit of a gap in the beauty industry, that something has got to shift.

We started a spa to shift the focus, to help fill that gap. Where guests experience beauty in simplicity + are empowered to recreate it in their daily lives. And where spa experiences are no longer seen as a luxury, but as a way of life.

To start a space that supports beauty + well-being without compromising your health.

We’ve also found that so many facial services available focus only on the face rather than the whole person, or on rushing through the service rather than taking time + intention with the entire experience, or on the (*cough* chemical-laden) product application rather than the holistic approach to skin health.

Have you ever felt the same?

And sadly, the majority of spa retail shelves are lined with fancy facial products with long ingredients lists that promise (and even prove) lasting results – but results that are at the expense of your overall well-being.

We believe that caring for your skin should never come at the cost of your health and are committed to creating change in the spa industry – and in the lives of individuals all over the world.

We started a spa to create change, to set a new standard. To create a space that prioritizes a whole person approach to beauty + well-being, that works with the skin (and real ingredients) for optimal health, and promotes healing + wholeness, holistically.

To start a movement that will make an impact across the globe.

And finally, while we feel that self-care is essential and time to rejuvenate is necessary and nourishing skincare works wonders; if that care, time or nourishment stays at the spa or remains bottled up within us, we’re missing out on a major part of the power + beauty this industry holds.

It’s not just about treat yo’ self or superficial beauty. We deeply believe that the time in the treatment room is intended to impact + influence how we live – and how we love ourselves + others outside of the spa.

We’re all about the bigger picture, the ripple effect, the lasting impact.

We started a spa to become global beauty advocates. To cultivate wellness within our community and to provide holistic beauty + well-being treatments to those who would otherwise not be able to access or afford these types of experiences.

This spa is an extension of our existing beliefs, products and passions. A holistic spa seemed to be the natural next step.

And it’s a practical, powerful way for our team to put our non-toxic products and holistic perspectives into action – in a way that’s deeply needed in the industry, and in our world, today.

Now, we’re not the first (or the only) ones who have begun to think differently about skincare + spa services. The word about holistic beauty is spreading and a new wave of wellness, intention and perspective has begun among select spa owners and independent beauty professionals.

And while this wave is still growing and gaining momentum, we’re beyond grateful (and unbelievably excited!) to be a part of it – by building a space, an experience, and an impact that cultivates holistic beauty + well-being not only within our guests, but around the globe.

That’s our WHY and we can’t wait to see you at THE SPA.

XO, The PP Team

Schedule your Holistic Skin Treatment here and find out for yourself what sets our spa apart.


We believe there's a deep need for something different in the spa industry. Here are the real reasons we started a holistic spa + what sets us apart. | Primally Pure

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Courtney O’Connor

Courtney Joy O’Connor is Primally Pure’s In-House Holistic Esthetician and Content Curator. Being in the beauty industry for over a decade, her experience + expertise with pure products, the healing power of touch and holistic skincare rituals are at the core of all she creates. She has trained extensively with industry experts across the country to offer her community the most educational content and transformative treatments. Courtney lives at the beach with her plant babies and loves road tripping, blending superfood bliss balls and exploring our big, beautiful world.