The Best Products To Repair Dry, Sun-Drenched Skin: Summer Skin Series Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of our 3-part Summer Skin Series! This series is here to help you soak up all this season has to offer – without any harmful side effects. Check out Part 1 (how to protect your skin + prevent sun damage) and Part 2 (common summer skin woes + what to do about them) for even more summer skin tips.

Soaked up a little too much sun? Feeling inflamed, sensitive or seriously dehydrated? When your skin barrier is compromised, the last thing you want to do is apply products with harsh chemicals that can be even more irritating or stripping for delicate skin.

Repairing your skin and bringing it back to balance is possible (sans chemicals!) with just a few simple natural skincare swaps – and some you can even make in your kitchen! Keep scrolling below for the best product picks + easy DIY recipes you’re going to need to nourish dry, sun-drenched skin.


Rather than using harsh astringents + harmful alcohols as a toner, switch to natural hydrosols + botanicals to help hydrate and replenish the skin’s protective barrier. The point of applying a toner is actually to replenish the skin after cleansing and to prep the skin to soak in moisturizer (a much-needed remedy for dry, damaged skin)!

Everything Spray: Spritz onto skin or apply with an organic cotton round after a day in the sun to replenish nutrients and moisture. Whether you’re sun-kissed or sunburned, Everything Spray is a powerful skin soother that calms redness, infuses skin with hydration and stimulates healing with lavender, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, magnesium oil and more. Shop Everything Spray here!

Lavender Complexion Mist: Mist your skin multiple times throughout the day for a boost of hydrating humectants and healing benefits to strengthen + support the skin. Aloe vera juice regenerates damaged and inflamed skin while organic lavender hydrosol and lavender essential oil deeply soothe and relieve redness. (Keep your complexion mist in the fridge for some serious cooling + calming skincare benefits!) Shop Lavender Complexion Mist here!

DIY: You can care for your sun-drenched skin with the clear gel from a fresh aloe vera leaf to replenish lost nutrients and moisture. You can typically find a little aloe plant at your local health food store or plant shop! (By the way, steer clear of the green-colored, chemical-filled aloe gel you find at drugstores.) You can also mist equal parts rosewater + witch hazel along with several drops of essential oils – try lavender to boost skin healing! Blend together in a glass bottle and shake before each use.


For delicate, dehydrated skin, masks are a must because they deliver a potent dose of soothing herbs straight to the skin to help expedite the skin’s healing process. Opt for a more restorative facial mask to create a protective covering and provide immediate relief for inflammatory skin conditions. Pure botanical extracts and soothing herbs offer multiple benefits for reducing redness, calming inflammation and rebuilding hydration.

Soothing Mask +CBD: Some of the *best* ingredients for sensitive skin states are spirulina + chlorella (algaes that combat inflammation), marshmallow root, and gotu kola (an ancient skin-healing herb!). Apply this mask as often as needed to provide relief + offer some serious skin TLC! Plus with the addition of organic, full-spectrum CBD Oil, your skin is going to get a potent dose of anti-inflammatory properties to visibly bring balance back to your complexion. Shop the Soothing Mask +CBD here!

DIY: Spirulina, raw honey, and oats are simple, effective ingredients known to calm and hydrate skin – and are all ingredients you may at home already (or can easily pick up from the grocery store!). Spirulina is packed with restorative nutrients, oats are a common calming ingredient and raw honey is a natural humectant that helps to rebuild hydration. Simply blend together and apply your freshly made mask a few times a week after cleansing and let it soak into the skin for as long as possible – trust us, your skin’s going to LOVE it!

P.S. Put your pure clay masks on hold as your skin is in repair-mode, as they can tend to dry out and strip the skin when they tighten + harden on your complexion. Stick to the honey-based masks for maximum replenishment!


Natural oils are SO powerful in their ability to restore and heal the skin, which is why we love using potent and pure skin-loving oils for facial serums. They are naturally rich in antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids and provide a wide range of benefits to help deeply nourish the skin at a cellular level. You can alternate + even layer these oils in your skincare routine based on your specific skin needs to support a calm, balanced complexion daily.

Clarifying Serum: Packed with anti-inflammatory oils, this serum helps to repair the skin and prevent further damage to delicate skin. Green tea (with EGCG), turmeric and colloidal silver are powerhouses when it comes to calming skin conditions, soothing inflammation and regenerating skin cells. Plus this serum just smells like summer (and is potent in healing Vitamin C) with citrus oils such as sweet orange, neroli and grapefruit. Simply put, this is Summer in a serum! Shop the Clarifying Serum here!

Soothing Serum +CBD: CBD is a skin superfood and dream ingredient for delicate, dry and inflamed skin conditions. No matter what skin issues you may be experiencing this season, CBD is about to become your new best friend. With restorative minerals, multiple amino acids, and the perfect ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3, it powerfully strengthens skin, creates a more resilient complexion and rebuilds the delicate skin barrier. Plus, it’s blended with other skin-loving oils and botanicals that boast an impressive profile of skin-soothing nutrients that will help restore your skin – and dare we say, almost overnight. 🙂 Shop the Soothing Serum +CBD here!

DIY: You can create your own facial serum as simply or as intricately as you’d like! You can blend 2 to 10 (or more!) organic oils to treat your specific skin needs. Here are a few oils we absolutely love to blend to help repair sun-drenched skin: jojoba oil, argan oil, lavender essential oil, frankincense essential oil, and helichrysum essential oil. Store in a small glass dropper bottle and apply morning and night after cleansing + toning!


Hydrate and heal from head to toe. After spritzing Everything Spray, layer on a nourishing, non-toxic body oil to help heal sun damage + restore skin. Sadly, several lotions and creams on the market contain ingredient lists that are almost entirely made up of artificial + irritating ingredients. So it’s essential to swap out skin-suffocating and potentially harmful moisturizers for natural alternatives that actually improve your skin’s health and ability to repair itself.

Blue Tansy Body Oil: One of the most potent sources of anti-inflammatory properties, Blue Tansy’s high levels of azulene (the naturally occurring component that gives this oil its deep blue hue) makes it rich in antioxidants + skin-soothing properties. Perfect for sensitive skin, damaged skin and healing inflammation, your skin is left feeling nourished, strengthened, and hydrated. (Beauty tip: this body oil also doubles as a natural moisturizing hair mask. The perfect solution for thirsty locks!) Shop Blue Tansy Body Oil here!

DIY: Organic oils such as jojoba oil and extra virgin olive oil (which you most likely already have stocked in your kitchen!) can regenerate and supply the skin with nutrients + essential fats. Blend with essential oils for aromatherapy properties and add in dried herbs – we love infusing oils with lavender buds, chamomile flowers or calendula blossoms for added calming benefits. Plus, they just look so pretty!

While you’ve taken steps to protect your skin, prevent sun damage and support common summer skincare woes, we know there may be times where you leave your sun hat behind or find yourself without your safe sunscreen and we hope these product picks + easy DIYs will help nurture your dry, sun-drenched skin back to full health!

What products or DIYs are your go-to this summer? Spill your secrets below, we’d love to know! XO


These are the products you're going to need to nourish dry, sun-drenched skin this summer. Click here for the best natural skincare picks, plus DIY recipes! | Primally Pure Skincare

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