14 Postpartum Essentials Our Founder Swears by to Ease the Transition After Birth

With the privilege of bringing new life into the world comes a huge transitional time – the season of postpartum. And while it’s just a season, it’s important to be prepared in the ways you’ll want to feel supported, nourished, and cared for after you bring your beautiful baby into the world.

Along with the support of my family and loved ones, these postpartum essentials have been my lifeline in one of life’s more challenging (yet rewarding!) seasons. Remember the old saying, you have to fill your cup to pour into others? It’s true! If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s the importance of prioritizing your comfort and nourishment in this delicate transitional period.

Giving birth is a life-changing, empowering experience. You won’t ever be the same – but in the best way! 

These postpartum essentials have helped me feel comfortable, taken care of, and cozy – as we all desire as tired, happy moms.

The All-In Panty (AKA the Best Postpartum Underwear) From Bodily

This company specializes in maternity and postpartum products, so adding them to my postpartum essentials is a no-brainer. The compressive postpartum underwear design is ideal for after your baby arrives. It fits my criteria: something that feels like it holds you together but isn’t too constricting.

The 24/7 Patented Nursing Bra From Saisei

This nursing bra is my go-to for being out and about. It looks great underneath clothes with its seamless design and support. It even has pockets to hold nursing pads. It’s super comfortable and the material feels wonderful against my skin.

Lightweight Baby Wrap From Solly Baby

This is a longtime postpartum essential for me. I’ve used this product with all three of my kids. I’m a big fan of using this cozy and snug wrap for babywearing for the first 6mo or so – it’s a beautiful way to connect with your baby yet be hands-free. This one is my go-to.

It’s a lightweight, breathable, soft baby wrap that hugs your baby to your chest comfortably. They also have the perfect colors, prints, and brand collaborations.

Haakaa Manual Breast Pump

This breast pump is made from food-grade silicone, which makes it super durable, easy to throw in a bag, and easy to clean. Personally, I prefer not to use a mechanical pump, so this is my go-to option for pumping. Mechanical pumps can get complicated with cords and too many pieces to clean – this provides an easy way to pump at home or on the go. It also naturally boosts your milk supply. 

Our PP Baby Kit Full of Clean Baby Skincare Products

A newborn has extremely sensitive and delicate skin, so having clean baby skincare products is a must! These days many products have a strong scent, so I’m careful about what I use on myself too (per usual!). 

Our baby line is fragrance-free and essential oil free to create zero risk for your baby. Of course, I’m biased. But these are the best organic baby skincare products you can find and are a prime part of my postpartum essentials. My favorite part about the PP Baby Kit is its dual nature. 

Here’s how I like to use the kit:

For Baby:

  • The baby bar is a perfect lathering + clean formula soap for your baby’s skin
  • The baby oil is beneficial for baby massage/moisturizing
  • The baby balm is perfect for diaper cream/skin sensitivities
  • Talc free baby powder is a safe choice for your baby’s bottom

For Momma:

  • The baby bar doubles as a face cleanser + body wash to steer clear of fragrances
  • The baby oil can be used as an eye makeup remover or an all-over moisturizer
  • The baby balm is also a favorite to soothe sore nipples from breastfeeding (don’t double dip if you’re using it as a diaper rash cream) 
  • The talc free baby powder can be used as dry shampoo in a pinch

Nursing Cardigan From Storq

This stylish nursing cardigan is a great discreet postpartum essential you can continue to wear for years to come. It’s cozy and especially great if you’re nursing during the fall or winter. It’s uniquely designed to help cover your baby while nursing. And the best part: it’s versatile for lounging or dressing up.

Feel Good Delivery Robe From Storq

This robe was on my pregnancy essentials list, but I have to include it in my postpartum essentials too because it’s so versatile for pregnancy and the years after. I’m all about the functionality of this piece. It’s really soft, comfy, and lightweight. It’s certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which means it’s non-toxic in every aspect.

This company has nailed it when it comes to maternity and postpartum essentials – you won’t regret any purchase from them!

Ribbed Nursing Dress From Hatch

Nursing dresses are everywhere, but this one caught my eye. I have a lot of stuff from this brand, and I’ve never been disappointed. The fabric is super soft and textured for comfort. And like many of my postpartum essentials, it’s got easy nursing access, but it’s versatile – you could wear it around the house or out and about. 

The buttons are cleverly incorporated into the style, so it’s not overtly obvious that it’s for nursing (meaning you can continue to wear it beyond postpartum!).

Hydration Booster/Milk Supply Booster From Majka

Hydration is so important for breast milk supply, so this is a must-have in my postpartum essentials. Even if you don’t need help from a milk supply booster, it’s crucial to have one on hand, just in case. Worst case scenario, you can use it as an electrolyte mix.

It’s made from dried coconut water and supplemental herbs + fruits. It tastes fantastic and passes my test for clean products.

Cozy Rib Day to Night Postpartum Pants From Storq

Jersey material + postpartum pants? Yes, please. These cute pants are super comfortable and fluid to move with you. I love that the texture and high waist give you some extra coverage at a time when your body is transitioning and you may feel self-conscious.

Plus, they have an adorable matching nursing bra!

Cozy Rib Sleep + Nursing Bra From Storq

Storq’s ribbed nursing bra is one of the absolute best nursing bras for nursing because of its simplicity. Great for middle-of-the-night nursing – just pull over and nurse as needed – no clamps or clasps to fool with like most bras.

Tip: Pair with the ribbed postpartum pants for an adorable postpartum (and beyond) sleep set!

Flower Bath Epsom Salt Soak From PP

Baths are a postpartum essential, in my opinion. Epsom salt is perfect for soothing your sore muscles after birth. And the essential oils in this soak (especially geranium) are great for balancing hormones.

It’s a nice treat to take some time for yourself and indulge. (You’ve earned it!)

Lightweight Nursing Shawl From We Are Amma

If you can’t tell by now, my postpartum essentials consist of easy-to-use and functional pieces. This nursing shawl is lightweight + breathable for you and your baby while nursing. 

I also love the full coverage – front and back – because you don’t have to be as careful to prevent your back from being overly exposed while nursing. 

Postpartum Restorative Tonic From Flourish Apothecary

I’m a big believer in nourishing your body with postpartum essentials – inside and out. This one is a beautiful restorative concoction for the months after birth. It’s infused with TCM healing herbs to support your body in this transition.

Bonus: It tastes incredible (even for picky people – read the reviews.) 

Find the Postpartum Essentials That Make You Feel Your Best 

Now that our sweet baby is here, I’m gearing up with these postpartum essentials. I don’t ever want to assume my solutions are the answer for everyone, but I hope to bless another momma by sharing what’s worked for me. 

Although the postpartum season can feel exhausting, it’s also infinitely rewarding. And with the right postpartum essentials on hand, you’ll be able to focus on your new bundle of joy as you transition in body, mind, and spirit.

Of course, baby comes first, but don’t forget to nourish yourself too. You’re the life source, Momma.


Bethany, Founder of Primally Pure

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