My 4 Favorite Facial Tools

We talk about topical products a lot on Pure Life (I mean, it makes sense since we handcraft non-toxic skincare!) but today I’m unpacking another approach to caring for your skin and creating a glowing complexion – but this time, from just below the surface.

Of course, topical skincare is key and a consistent routine makes a world of difference in your skin’s overall health, but beyond the proper cleansing oil and perfect skin-specific serum, facial tools have become a MUST for me – in my personal self-care practice and in my spa treatments as a Holistic Esthetician.

Facial tools use simple, powerful techniques that focus on optimizing the body’s systems beneath the skin (especially our life-giving circulatory system + detoxifying lymphatic system) while also helping to inevitably improve the skin’s external appearance – in. so. many. ways.

Lately, it seems like facial tools have taken social media by storm and by now, you’ve most likely got one or two (or more, if you’re like me!) facial tools in your beauty routine. But today I’m sharing my 4 favorite facial tools that I can’t live without – and suggest you don’t either. 😉


If this is a foreign word to you, I’m SO excited to introduce you to this ancient healing technique + transformative facial tool. Gua Sha has been getting a lot of hype in the beauty world recently – some say it’s even better than botox!

This smooth gemstone tool + light pulling technique visibly transforms the skin. With the stone’s intentional design for smoothing, contouring, clearing, depuffing and plumping, its effects are experienced almost immediately and continue to build over time. The before + after pics are proof! I’m slightly (okay, completely) obsessed – and so are my facial guests.

Gua Sha works with the skin to support and optimize the body’s own reparative functions by promoting lymphatic drainage, calming the nervous system, relieving muscle tension and tightness (a dream for TMJ), clearing blockages + buildup of toxins and excess fluid, and increasing the flow of oxygen and vital nutrients to the skin. Gua Sha is a game-changer for healthy, glowing skin.

Tool Tips:

  • Morning – Doing Gua Sha after your morning skincare routine helps to visibly diminish puffiness (especially around the tired eye area!), create a seriously healthy glow and give skin a more firm, lifted look for the day ahead.
  • Evening – This is when I personally incorporate my Gua Sha practice because it’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day, melt away stress + muscle tension, and sedate the sympathetic nervous (fight/flight) system for a solid night’s sleep.

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Jade rollers have quickly become one of the trendiest facial tools around – especially in the world of Instagram and beauty vloggers. This tool is a bit more simple than Gua Sha, but still provides similar benefits for your skin health. These precious gemstone rollers boost the natural glow of the skin by encouraging circulation, calming inflammation and brightening the complexion.

Since I’m still training myself to become a morning person, I’d rather sacrifice part of my skincare routine than skip out on sleep (coming from me, that’s crazy, I know!) but since jade rolling doesn’t require tons of time or expertise, this is my morning facial tool go-to. After applying my Plumping Serum or Beauty Cream, using a jade roller helps to enhance product absorption, provide a natural plumping effect, and tighten + tone tired skin.

A few light strokes starting at the neck and working your way up the face seriously detoxifies the skin tissues, depuffs the undereye eye area and makes you feel ready to face the day ahead. My jade roller has a permanent place in my skincare routine – and refrigerator!

Tool Tips:

  • Ridges – Look for a roller with ridges to wake up skin by stimulating even more circulation + collagen production.
  • Fridge – Keep your tool in the fridge or freezer to decrease puffiness, tighten skin and refresh your complexion.

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We tout the benefits of dry brushing all of the time, but now we’re taking it to a new level – ever thought of dry brushing for your face? The beauty benefits of body vs. facial dry brushing are both incredibly powerful, however, the main difference between the two is the tool itself. The skin all over your body is thicker and can tolerate tougher bristles, but for your face, it’s extremely important to be sure you’re using the proper brush (i.e. gentle bristles specifically designed for delicate facial skin!).

Facial dry brushing works twofold: exfoliating + softening the texture of the skin to create a smoother, more clarified appearance and, at the same time, detoxifying and cleansing the skin below the surface by stimulating the lymphatic system. Light, short strokes with this must-have tool sweep away dead, dull skin cell buildup on the surface while also sweeping away excess fluid + buildup and flushing out waste from within.

You know those clogged pores you just can’t get rid of or bumps + blemishes that appear just below the surface of the skin that seem to linger forever? I’ve experienced them too – and facial dry brushing completely came to my rescue.

Tool Tips:

  • Swap out scrubs – Swap out potentially harsh, harmful facial scrubs for dry brushing instead! Gentle bristles provide the perfect amount of exfoliation without damaging delicate facial skin.
  • After cleansing – While you want to dry body brush before showering, for the face, I suggest using this facial tool after cleansing. Think of your typical skincare routine: cleanse, exfoliate, tone, hydrate. Starting with a fresh, clean complexion, this tool becomes the only exfoliant you’ll need.

I’ve been using and loving this dry facial brush for over a year and love it!


Surprisingly, in our hyper-connected, social media-saturated world, I feel like true connection and human touch is something we’re becoming more and more deprived of – which is why my #1 favorite facial tool of all time is simply: our fingers.

Nothing compares to the healing power of touch and your hands make the perfect tool to support your skin and overall sense of well-being. Even if you haven’t tried all of the facial tools above quite yet, you’ve still got everything you need to support healthy skin on a deep, cellular level. Facial massage helps to strengthen facial muscles (repeated massage movements help to naturally lift + tighten), promote lymphatic flow (stagnant lymph can cause dullness, acne + puffiness), and melt away stress (which is one of the biggest contributors to inflammation in the skin).

This skin-to-skin contact also allows your fingers to actually feel skin texture, temperature and areas of tension – something that can be more difficult to discover using a stone or a brush. Your personal touch helps to determine your skin’s needs and, even more importantly, helps to heal them. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that have the most profound impact – and our fingers are no exception.

Tool Tips:

  • Cleansing oil – Combine the deep cleansing properties and the power of touch with the Oil Cleansing Method! The facial massage component is one of the reasons I’m completely sold on this cleansing technique.
  • Proper time and place – While touching your skin when applying your skincare is essential and extremely beneficial, throughout the day do your best to avoid touching your face to help reduce bacteria, buildup and breakouts. 😉

Try alternating all of these tools in your skincare routine! I typically do my Gua Sha practice before bed to promote relaxed muscles + restful sleep, I’ll often finish my morning regimen with my jade roller fresh from the fridge, and then some mornings I’ll switch it up and do facial dry brushing first thing. Let your skin and well-being be your guide to choose the best facial tool for you in that moment. Leave any comments or questions below, enjoy! XO

**Stay tuned for our upcoming facial tool tutorials! Can’t wait until then or want to experience them firsthand? You can schedule a Holistic Skin Treatment with me here!


Facial tools are powerful ways to visibly transform the skin + our Holistic Esthetician is sharing her 4 favorite facial tools that she can’t live without! | Primally Pure Skincare

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