How To Detox Your Pits (Tips For Fresh, Rash-Free Skin)

You may have some hesitations when it comes to overhauling your products (especially organic deodorant), but we’re dedicated to walking with you on this journey.

Whether you’re nervous about a natural deodorant rash, unsure about this so-called “detox phase” or just really loyal to the same brand you’ve been using since you were a teen, we’ve got tips to help you detox your pits, your products and ultimately, your beautiful, brilliant, self-healing body.

Let’s pause right there for a quick second. Soak in that truth. Your body is beautiful, brilliant and self-healing.

In a society where sickness and disease are so prevalent (and a culture where insecurity runs rampant), that’s good news! When your internal environment is given the nourishment it needs to maintain homeostasis (aka when your natural systems + organs are balanced and functioning optimally) your body is better able to actually heal itself.

BUT when it’s burdened and bogged down with chemicals and toxins, it begins to seriously slow down its ability to rebuild, adapt and heal. Not so good news.

That’s why making the swap to non-toxic deodorant is such. a. big. deal.

Detoxing aluminum, artificial anything (especially fake fragrances), and other harmful ingredients from your skincare + beauty products minimizes the amount of buildup in your body – and supports its natural detoxification, cleansing and healing process at a cellular level.

Healthy cells, healthy self. It’s that simple. 🙂

Say good-bye to those hesitations you’ve been holding on to, swap to natural deodorant asap and create fresh, rash-free skin with these holistic tips below!


It’s called Everything Spray, but some say it should be called a miracle mist! A few spritzes of this spray after showering (or really at any point during the day) not only helps to detoxify skin and reduce B.O. but to protect delicate skin from any potential irritation/inflammation. Its potent blend of healing and toning ingredients help to balance pH levels and provide anti-bacterial benefits. Apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, and tea tree oil are the perfect trifecta for neutralizing bad bacteria, refreshing the damp, dark area in your underarms and preventing any potential rashes that may arise from shaving or swiping organic deodorant.

Which brings us to our next tip… (dab it!)


How you apply your deodorant really does make a difference. Sometimes swiping the product on your pits can tend to cause irritation and feel harsh on delicate skin. A simple solution? Dab it! The “dabbing method” minimizes friction from the baking soda (the odor-busting ingredient in natural deo) for those with sensitive pits. Less friction = less inflammation. Especially when it comes to organic deodorant with pure, concentrated ingredients, a little goes a long way (and lasts all day!) – so a few dabs is all you need for fresh, rash-free skin.


If you’re still a bit unsure about the effectiveness of natural ingredients to keep you smelling fresh, say hello to activated charcoal (one of skincare’s best-kept secrets). Charcoal deodorant contains added detoxifying and deodorizing properties that powerfully reduce odor-causing bacteria and purify your pits. Naturally sourced from coconut husks, this odor-fighting powerhouse is made up of millions of tiny pores that attract, trap and bind toxins. From combatting unwanted odor, detoxifying your skin, and soothing irritations from rashes, adding in a deodorant with charcoal to your daily routine is a no-brainer to beat B.O.


This tip may sound silly, but having hair in your underarms can actually harbor more bacteria! Because hair is porous (and your pits don’t see the light of day much) it can hold on to more sweat and odor. A simple tip to help detox and get rid of trapped sweat, bacteria, and odor is to keep skin clean-shaven as much as possible. But always remember, never apply deodorant directly to skin after shaving – your delicate pores are exposed and more susceptible to rashes and irritation.

Try this bar or this oil to shave and spritz with Everything Spray after showering to prevent ingrown hairs, protect with anti-bacterial properties and soothe skin with lavender and aloe.

For our friends who prefer to go au natural (or for our male customers), we suggest pairing our natural deodorant (especially our deodorant with charcoal which has added detoxifying benefits!) with Everything Spray to neutralize B.O. and keep bacteria at bay.


While we loveee doing masks regularly to create radiant skin, we’re talking about your pits in this post! The “detox phase” when transitioning to natural deodorant is real – but this DIY pit detox mask (recommended by our Founder, Bethany!) can be a BIG help during this process. While excess sweat and odor may be an inevitable part of the initial pit detox, this detox mask can help minimize odor, painful rashes and sweat!

Mix together the following ingredients:

  • 1 tablespoon clay (any type will work!)
  • 1 teaspoon ACV (aka apple cider vinegar)
  • 1-2 teaspoons purified water
  • Optional: A few sprays of Magnesium Oil for an added detoxification + odor-busting boost

Apply a thin layer to each pit for about 5-20 minutes (depending on how your skin responds). Use daily for up to 2 weeks – or until your pits are detoxed, smooth and odor-free!


And finally, if your body odor continues to linger you may want to take a deeper look at your diet choices. From the time you get up to when you go to bed, you can fill your day with food + bev to keep your body’s natural detoxification process on track. Start your day with warm water and lemon to wake up your body, provide a Vitamin C boost, balance pH levels and move out toxins. Make it a habit to stay hydrated and keep sipping pure (keyword, here!) water all throughout the day to help cleanse cells of built-up waste – plus prevent body odor! End your day with a cup of dandelion tea to do more detox work and calm your mind before bed.

Load up on leafy greens to help stimulate liver-cleansing enzymes, minimize environmental toxins and boost chlorophyll levels. Get your daily dose of organic greens in your smoothie, salad or fresh cold-pressed juice! And of course, eliminating processed and refined (and fast) foods from your diet will minimize the toxic burden on your body and promote balanced pits – and better B.O. 😉

How’s your swap to natural deodorant going? We’re here to help, so drop any deodorant (or detox!) questions below! XO


Using organic deodorant? Here's how to detox your pits with holistic tips for fresh, rash-free skin - and some might surprise you! | Primally Pure Skincare

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