I Was A Natural Skincare Skeptic But Now I'm Sold: Here's Why

A few years ago I was the first one in line at the drugstore (with a coupon in hand) to grab the cheapest skincare products on the shelf. Honestly, I didn’t pay much attention to the lotions, scrubs, makeup, or deodorant I used. I worried more about what I put in my mouth than on my skin.

So, when the idea of transitioning to natural skincare was introduced to me, I admit to rolling my eyes — more than once. Then one day, I listened a little closer. On the Goal Digger podcast, Jenna Kutcher mentioned making a change to her skincare routine after experiencing fertility issues.

Having gone through the whole fertility deal myself, my ears perked up.

Then, it hit me. Why have I been ignoring my skin? It’s the largest organ we have in our bodies, yet most of us neglect it the most. I don’t think I’m alone. We spend significant time talking about eating healthy foods and the importance of exercise — but what about our skin?

If you ask most women what they’re using on their face, legs, armpits, or hair they’ll often mention a big name brand or drugstore skincare company. Ask those same women to pronounce the 28 (give or take!) chemicals in each of those products and nearly all of them will struggle.

In an attempt to take care of our skin, we’ve been duped into believing that harsh chemical concoctions will make us look younger and produce flawless skin. (I was one of those believers until I found Primally Pure.) But what I’ve learned in my journey toward natural skincare is that all these “beauty” products do is damage our skin even further.

This was proven to me when I (hesitantly) decided to try Primally Pure’s oil cleansing routine on my face. I happened to be pregnant which means hormones were wreaking havoc on my skin – but within a week of using Primally Pure’s Cleansing Oil, Complexion Mist, and Beauty Cream, I was hooked.

Here’s why I’m loving natural, organic skincare products:

  • My skin always feels clean.
  • My face has a beautiful radiant look to it (especially after using the Beauty Cream).
  • I went my entire pregnancy without any blemishes (for real).
  • I actually look forward to cleaning my face at night.
  • I can pronounce all of the ingredients in every product.

When I find a product or brand that I love, I think it’s important to tell the world about it. My sister, colleague, and sister-in-law quickly became Primally Pure fans as well. They have experienced the true beauty and purity of using 100% natural skincare products. And the spa aroma that fills the room (and instantly relaxes you) when you open a Primally Pure package is another plus!

How To Transition To Natural Skincare

Making the change to natural skincare products is easier than you think, trust me! My first piece of advice is to start small. Going ‘all-in’ immediately can be intimidating and expensive.

Instead, try these steps:

  • Choose one area of your body that needs some love (ex. armpits)
  • Do your research to find a product or two to try for that part of your skin (ex. Primally Pure Deodorant)
  • When you’re getting low on one of your other skincare products, finish it up and replace it with a natural option (ex. replace drugstore face cleansers and lotions with Primally Pure’s Cleansing Oil, Complexion Mist, and Beauty Cream)
  • Continue this process and you’ll find yourself moving toward a cleaner bathroom full of all-natural skincare products!

It’s perfectly fine to finish your other products, however, if you find something isn’t working for you don’t feel obligated to finish it just to say you did. You (and your skin) deserve nourishment and pure, quality products all the time.

Remember, slow and steady definitely wins the race when making the transition to a clean lifestyle. Taking little steps in your skincare routine can lead you to make bigger changes such as using all-natural cleaning products and eating organic foods.

Since becoming a Primally Pure customer I use about 75% of their products and haven’t looked back. Now, I’m working on incorporating more natural ways to clean my house and fill my fridge.

It’s truly amazing what happens to your health and wellbeing when you ditch the chemicals and go back to what nature intended — pure ingredients that make a huge difference.

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This wellness blogger went from a clean beauty skeptic to transitioning to natural skincare. Plus she shares 4 tips to make the swap even easier! | Primally Pure Skincare

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