These Clean Beauty Products Can Serve Multiple Uses + Make Your Life Easier

These days, most of us are short on time. In a culture where busy is the new normal, we all appreciate anything that makes our day-to-day simpler so we can slow down and savor life. We’re here to help you do just that. 

If you’re already a lover of holistic beauty products and non-toxic skincare, you’re probably somewhat of a minimalist. 

Minimal ingredients in your products. 

Minimal ingredients in your foods. 

These days, less is more. That’s how it should be, after all! Simple ingredient lists and simple product routines are proven to be just as effective, if not more. It’s all about knowing what works for you + your body.

Returning to our roots, we’re reminded that many things in life are easier + more effective when we simplify and practice minimalism.

With simplicity in mind, we wanted to highlight a few of the best multipurpose beauty products you’ll find in our lineup at Primally Pure. These products are our favorite picks for holistic beauty products that pack a punch in value with multiple uses.

The Primally Pure Baby Line

Yep, our entire organic + natural baby line is designed to be multi-functional for all of Momma + baby’s needs. These products are made with delicate babies' skin + microbiome in mind: free from all harsh chemicals and ingredients. 

We even go the extra mile to avoid essential oils (which can sometimes be too potent for delicate baby skin) and fragrances in our formulas. This lineup is arguably one of our most versatile offerings when it comes to multipurpose beauty products.

Talc Free Baby Powder 

  • The common use: helps with diaper rash/preventing diaper rash
  • Provides chaffing relief from irritation in summer 
  • Can soothe a natural deodorant rash when applied to the pits
  • Doubles as a dry shampoo if you run out

Baby Oil

  • The common use: soothes skin irritation and moisturizes dry skin
  • Provides deep moisture for sensitive skin or conditions like eczema
  • Can be used as a gentle makeup remover in a pinch

Baby Balm

  • The common use: prevents chapped skin + diaper rash 
  • Nutrient-rich eye cream for all the tired Mommas out there
  • Fragrance-free face cream for sensitive skin
  • Belly cream to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy
  • Hair pomade for men with nourishing ingredients
  • Brow balm for women with nourishing oils
  • Tame frizz/flyaways + add shine to hair
  • Helps remedy dry heels or cuticles with potent moisture

Goat Milk Soap

  • The common use: gently cleanses baby but doesn’t disrupt the delicate skin barrier/microbiome
  • Postpartum body wash for moms needing a fragrance-free soap 
  • Helps heal + soothe rashes and inflammation on the skin
  • An extremely gentle facial cleanser if your skin is sensitive to oil cleansers or other facial cleansers
  • Hand soap to cleanse + eliminate bacteria

Like what you see? Check out The Baby Kit to sample all our baby products + their multipurpose uses. You don’t have to be a mom – or have a baby. ;)

Cleansing Oil

Our cleansing oils are one of our best-selling holistic beauty products for a reason! Though the original purpose was intended for cleansing the face, this natural oil blend can also serve a few different purposes. Whether you’re short on time or just want to simplify your routine, our cleansing oil is perfect for multiple applications.

  • Hair Oil: The castor oil content is super nourishing for the follicles – just remember, a little goes a long way! It stimulates hair growth and a healthy scalp. And you can use it to tame frizz or flyaways and add shine. You can even use it as an overnight oil treatment for restorative moisture.
  • Makeup Remover: Yep, we get this Cleansing Oil FAQ a lot: your cleansing oil can double as a gentle makeup remover. Just cleanse as usual. Though you may want to double cleanse to let the oils work their way into your pores and cleanse deeper layers of the skin for a thorough clean. Similar to our baby oil, you can even use this as a gentle makeup remover for eye makeup. If you experience any irritation from the essential oils, discontinue use.
  • Moisturizer: If you forget your face cream or serum on a trip or forget to re-order, you can always apply a small amount of cleansing oil instead. After cleansing, squeeze a few drops of oil into your hands and pat it into the skin until it absorbs. It’s full of nutrients + nourishing oils that hold you over!

Tinted Lip Balm

This is a fun one! We love a clean, non-toxic tinted lip balm. But what do we love even more? That this holistic beauty product can double as other makeup products in a few quick swipes. ;)

  • Eye Shadow: If you enjoy a rosy tone eye shadow or like to coordinate lip and eye colors, just swipe your tinted lip balm across the lids and gently pat onto your eyelid.
  • Cheek Tint: The perfect tint to compliment your defined cheekbones. Just slide it across the top portion of your cheekbones for a warm touch of color.

Everything Spray

Okay, the name of this holistic beauty product might give it away, but we love how versatile this healing + soothing spray is. It’s truly the jack of all trades.

  • Facial Toner: Keep your pores clear and free from excess dirt/debris after cleansing and balance your skin’s PH. Plus, the tea tree oil and lavender calm inflammation. 
  • Pit Refresh: This spray helps balance PH, which is especially helpful when transitioning to natural deodorant. It has antibacterial properties that help keep BO away and powerfully soothes irritation with lavender and tea tree oils.
  • After-Shave to Prevent Ingrown Hairs: Soothing + inflammation help is just what you need after a shave. We love spritzing this on the skin to keep ingrown hairs at bay.
  • After-Sun Soother: Tea tree oil + lavender essential oil is a known combo for soothing sunburns and helping the skin heal. It also contains apple cider vinegar, which is a natural sunburn remedy. Plus, the cooling sensation is heavenly for painful red skin after too much time in the sun.

Cleansing Bars

Our Cleansing Bars were designed to gently wash away impurities from the face, but they work great for any kind of cleansing + moisturizing.

  • Body Soap: Based on your personal needs or skin state, you may find that our skin-specific cleansing bars are your new best friend in the shower. 
  • Hand Soap: We love our goat soap or plumping bar for its serious moisture + nutrient-rich content that will soothe dry, chapped hands. 
  • Shaving Bar/Lather: The cleansing bars contain purifying + hydrating properties for just the right amount of glide to get a clean shave. Shave without any waste, harmful chemicals, or drying ingredients. 

Beard Oil

Did you know we make beard oil too? Yep, it comes in two wonderfully masculine scents: Old Fashioned or Mojito. Both of which can serve as aromatherapy blends if it fits your liking. ;)

  • Moisturizing Shaving Oil: Before or after shaving, this oil provides glide and nourishing oils that your skin will love. No beard, no problem. ;)
  • Aromatherapy: Keep our beard oil blend at your desk for a mid-day pick-me-up. You can rub it on the insides of your wrists and a light touch on your neck to revitalize your senses.
  • Perfume: If you like earthy, woodsy, fresh scents, our beard oil can double as a perfume. Maybe you’re on a trip and forgot your perfume? Snag your man’s beard oil and use a few drops. He’ll never know. ;)

Body Oil

Our luxurious body oils provide deep, long-lasting moisture for your skin. But that’s not all they can do.

  • Hair Oil: Like our cleansing oils, these can also be used to add a bit of shine and moisture. Just a tiny dab will do wonders to smooth stubborn or lackluster hair.
  • Shaving Oil: If you’re less of a sudsy shaver and prefer more of an oil-based glide, pick up your body oil next time you shave. It’s infused with nourishing oils and invigorating scents for a clean + fresh shave.

Immune Boosting Hand Sanitizer

Many hand sanitizers are filled with stringent + toxic alcohol at concentrations that can be harmful. Our hand sanitizer combines the power of natural grape alcohol and essential oils with germ-fighting, anti-viral components for safe sanitizing – without drying your skin. This makes it useful for a few other skin concerns that can pop up unexpectedly. But your hand sanitizer is up to the challenge. ;)

  • Cold Sore Remedy: With powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral oils, it can help reduce healing time when used as a spot treatment.
  • Acne Spot Treatment: You can also use our hand sanitizer as a spot treatment for acne that appears out of the blue. It’s got plenty of potent medicinal oils to treat acne at the source. And with soothing and moisturizing properties, it won’t dry out your skin.
  • Wound Spray: Spray on any cut or wound to keep it clear of bacteria/infection and help the healing process. The perfect addition to your medicine cabinet or travel bag.

Bath Soak

We’re big proponents of taking your R&R time! Rest and recovery are essential for whole-body health. Designed with rejuvenating salt, magnesium, and essential minerals, you can use your bath soaks for spa-quality treatments at home. 

  • Facial Steam: Our bath soak can be used as a facial steam bath. Take advantage of its aromatic and detoxifying properties. Let your pores soak up all the goodness while you sit back and relax. It’ll provide deep pore cleansing + a healthy glow.
Tip: Use our Flower Bath if you’re looking for extra moisture – it contains coconut milk and other moisturizing ingredients. 
  • Foot Soak: Detox + relax tense and achy muscles after lots of standing or walking. Bonus: it’s less work than a full bath, but helps you soak up extra mineral nutrients you don’t find in foods. Pairs well with an at-home facial.

Holistic Beauty Products with Clean Ingredients = Endless Uses

At Primally Pure, we’re proud to create products that are transparent: from ingredients to sourcing to uses. Our multipurpose beauty products make your life easier + your time spent taking care of YOU even more effective. 

So whether you have a tight budget, want to travel lighter, need a quicker routine, or want to clear out the clutter at home, these products are on the top of our list for multipurpose beauty products that stand the test of time. 

At the end of the day, our goal is to create clean beauty products that deliver value. So we’ll never keep any secrets from you – after all, we could all use a little less “stuff” + a little more simplicity in our lives! 

Do you have any other products you’ve discovered a second use for? Let us know in the comments! 


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