I Broke Up With My Toxic Deodorant: Here's How I Did It

If you’ve been following along with Primally Pure for any time at all, then it’s probably not news to you that one of the most toxic relationships you can have is with your deodorant.

After coming to terms with the fact that this relationship is slowly poisoning you and you need to call it quits, you might experience some hesitations and doubts. I mean you’re comfortable with it – he keeps you feeling secure during hot yoga and you don’t have to sweat the small stuff.

However, a better beau is on the way.

And instead of chemical-laden fragrance, he’s bringing things like essential oils (and we all know how good those are for healing emotional stress)… So things are looking up!

To add some additional encouragement, let’s rewind about 3 years back to a time when the above monologue was one that I was rehearsing with myself. I was uncertain, but I was also ready to make a change – and 3 years later, I am SO thankful that I did. I sit writing you smelling fresh as a daisy and that toxic loser I found at Vons (he also frequents 7-Eleven) never crosses my mind.

That being said, I have found that there are certain things that might make your switch a bit more seamless and what kind of how-to girl would I be if I didn’t spill the tea?

Here are my key takeaways for navigating the transition to natural deodorant as easily as possible:

    • Good things take time! Patience is definitely a virtue in any relationship and this is no exception. Some might tell you not to sweat it, but we recommend that you DO. After all, aside from being an essential part of the human detoxification process, sweat is what’s going to get you on the other side of this awkward relationship phase (and usually in just a couple of weeks). This is why I typically suggest our Charcoal Deodorant to start your journey. The activated coconut charcoal is great for adding a boost to your pit-detox.

      When I first made the switch, I remember dripping sweat while sitting in an air-conditioned building and feeling a bit self-conscious. However, I trusted that my new colleagues at Primally Pure were well versed in this process, after all, they did look dry, healthy and they smelled nice. Fast forward and now I’m very happy to report that things have normalized and along with sweating less, I have SO much peace of mind knowing that nothing is keeping my body from ridding itself of harmful chemicals and impurities.


    • Just like any relationship, your hormones are bound to throw a wrench in things from time to time. On the few occasions I have experienced odor since upgrading, I quickly realized my hormones were the culprit. That being said, things looked especially bleak after having my daughter. This was one year into making the switch and I had fully adjusted, but as we know, pregnancy does a number on your hormones and in my case, I had an emergency c-section (hello loads of anesthesia).

      As you can imagine, my body had a lot of cleaning up to do – it was almost equivalent to cleaning out your car and finding your child’s old string cheese under the seat, it stunk. In fact, I nearly relapsed back to using Secret and in a moment of weakness, I even pulled into a 7-Eleven to rekindle the flame en route to a hair appointment (don’t fire me, Bethany). However, I talked myself out of that major lapse of judgment and I’m happy to report that I was able to stay faithful to my one and only. I worked on upping my water intake and my overall nutrition and was past the stink in no time!


  • Everything Spray is a must! All good relationships need support. Think of Everything Spray as your bestie on speed dial during this transition! She’s there anytime you need to vent and feel refreshed.

    The magnesium oil in Everything Spray helps to fight odor so I found myself reaching for this product frequently as a quick pit-refresher rather than reapplying more deodorant throughout the day. Honestly, the entire ingredient list is worth breaking down – there are SO many benefits that work to support overall skin health, whether it’s bringing balance to your skin’s pH or reducing inflammation and disinfecting. I can almost guarantee you’ll be spritzing on this cocktail of perfection regularly and for many reasons.

I could go on and on about the things I have discovered since finding the object of my pit’s affection. Making this simple swap might seem like a small step in your wellness journey, but it truly is the MOST important. The exposure to toxins that can be found in traditional deodorant formulas day in and day out are alarming and harmful, to say the least, and you owe it to yourself to ditch that toxic zero for good – especially when that wholesome hero is waiting for you just a click away. 😉


I Broke Up With My Toxic Deodorant Here's How I Did It | Primally Pure Skincare

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