Need a Unique Gift Idea for the Men in Your Life? Fall in Love With Our Beard Oil

Whether you’re shopping for Father’s Day, a birthday, or a just-because gift, we’ve got the perfect item for you to take care of the men in your life. 

Dads, brothers, sons, husbands, friends – shaven or not, no rules here. ;)
A proper beard oil is an asset that every man needs to feel confident in his skin + prepared for whatever life throws at him. While all of our products are gender-neutral, we wanted to take a moment to share some of our favorite products to give as gifts for the men in your life.

Coming out on top is our favorite men’s product: beard oil.

You can’t go wrong with a high-quality beard oil that softens + tames coarse hair, encourages growth, and smells like an expensive trip to the barber.

But First: What Exactly Is Beard Oil Used For?

The modern man’s face is exposed to many elements that can be irritating and/or strip the skin and hair follicles – creating the need for a nourishing remedy. 

Additionally, lots of men who grow facial hair will wash their face with shampoo to keep it from getting greasy or to achieve a “cleaner” feel. But this daily habit can cause a loss of moisture + strip the skin. If you don’t replace the moisture, it can lead to irritation, dandruff, and other conditions.

That’s where beard oil comes in. It’s used to nourish the skin beneath + support healthy hair growth.

Beard oil contains a specific blend of oils that are applied directly to facial hair. Beard oil can be used at any time, but most men use it after showering, trimming, or shaving their beards.

But before we go any further, let’s address the elephant in the room. 

Can You Still Use Beard Oil Without a Full Beard?

We always say, “No beard, no problem.” Beard oil (especially our formula!) doubles as an effective shaving oil for a safe, smooth shave.

And truthfully, for some men, beard oil is just another excuse to smell good. (No judgment. ;))

Our beard oil scents are no exception (we may or may not have been caught using them as a perfume on occasion…but more on that later.)

What else do you need to know about beard oil as the ultimate gift for the men in your life? Here are all the benefits he can expect from using beard oil. 

Beard Oil Benefits

Incorporating beard oil into a daily routine keeps the skin happy and nourished beneath their beard. 

Here are some of the top beard oil benefits:

Moisturizes the Skin

Just as women can struggle with ingrown hairs, irritation, and redness from shaving (or lack thereof) – so do men! The rich blend of oils in our beard oil is non-greasy but provides potent moisture that sinks deep into the layers of the skin to avoid dry skin.

Stimulates the Hair Follicle

Applying beard oil nourishes hair follicles from the inside out, softens the hair, and gets rid of the wiry texture that can feel rough or itchy. It can even promote hair growth for a fuller, thicker beard that Paul Bunyan would be jealous of. ;) 

Keeps Beard Dandruff at Bay

Yep, beard dandruff is a thing. (Sounds uncomfortable!) Just like how proper moisture with soothing + nourishing ingredients can alleviate dandruff on the scalp, beard oil can reduce or eliminate dandruff from his beard. 

Reduces Itching From New Growth

If he’s wanting to grow a fresh beard, beard oil can help the transition period – and from what we’ve heard, it can get really itchy!

Tames Flyaways or Unruly Curls

Just like hair everywhere else on the body, the beard can have a mind of its own. Beard oil can help tame the shape or texture of his beard, without feeling oily or heavy.

Supports Healthy Beard Growth

Moisturized, healthy hair follicles grow better hair. ;) Did you know that with consistency, beard oil can help grow a longer or thicker beard? Both our beard oils are fortified with castor oil which is known to improve hair growth. Our Mojito Beard Oil also contains organic peppermint essential oil which stimulates hair follicles. 

Encourages a More Vibrant Beard

Just as hair that’s healthy and shiny catches your attention – the same goes for a well-groomed beard. The nourishment from the regular use of beard oil goes a long way.

Doubles as a Non-Toxic Cologne

Beard oil made to smell as amazing as ours can even be used as a cologne. We love a multipurpose product at Primally Pure so we definitely see this as one of the best beard oil benefits. (You also have our permission to use our beard oil as natural perfume. ;))

So if you were on the fence about beard oils before – you may change your mind after reading about these beard oil benefits. Ready to learn why our beard oil formula is different than others you’ll find on the market? 

Read on.

Our Beard Oil Ingredients 

Just like skincare, beard oil ingredients matter. So if you’re thinking of getting a beard oil for a man in your life, you want to choose a quality one with clean ingredients. 

Here’s what you’ll find in our clean, non-toxic beard oil:

  • A blend of organic argan, macadamia, jojoba + castor oils: When shopping around, it’s important to find a beard oil with quality oils. These days, many of the oils we consume or find in products are processed at high temperatures, stripping them of nutrients. On top of that, many are also processed with toxic chemicals.
We chose this specific blend of organic, safely-processed oils for all the proven benefits:

→ Deep moisture without being greasy
→ Non-comedogenic rating – aka won’t clog pores
→ High content of essential fatty acids + skin-healing ingredients
→ Supports natural hair growth + healthy hair follicles
  • Organic, wild-crafted essential oils: We never use synthetic fragrances because you (and your loved ones) deserve only high-quality, safe scents. But that doesn’t mean the scents don’t smell incredible. Just take a moment to read about our two best-selling scents:
Old Fashioned Beard Oila classic choice when it comes to cocktails, this beard oil is ​​masculine with woodsy + citrusy notes that round it out perfectly.  

Mojito Beard Oil reminiscent of a fresh mojito, this beard oil combines the refreshing scent of lime with invigorating peppermint for a balanced + fresh aroma.
We believe in sourcing sustainable + ethical ingredients. Our beard oil is no exception. Many of our essential oils are even locally sourced.

The bottom line: No sketchy ingredients, just pure nourishment, moisture + amazing aromas.

Gift-Giving for Men Made Easy

Men can be hard to shop for – but not anymore. ;)
We’ve got you covered for those times you need a special gift for a man in your life. 
In addition to our beard oil, maybe you want to put together a full doppler kit. Check out our Men’s Collection for some inspiration. Or shop our full line – everything is designed to be gender-inclusive!
Everyone deserves quality, clean + non-toxic products that make you feel your best – men included. Help the men in your life to start making simple swaps that will make a big difference for their skin health + give them the confidence they deserve.
Shop our full collection today.


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