Mommas, This One's for You – Our Founder Shares Her Top Pregnancy Must-Have Items

Pregnancy is a major, beautiful time of transition. But it can also sometimes come with a good amount of stress and discomfort. Thankfully, finding the right products can help to keep you comfortable, healthy, and thriving while new life grows. 

With this being my third pregnancy, I certainly don’t claim to know everything, but I’ve had time to test the waters with various products. Through trial and error, I’ve found a solid lineup of products and resources I’ve deemed my pregnancy essentials. 

While these items may not be the answer for everyone, these are what I’ve found to be helpful during this beautiful journey through pregnancy.

Embrace the ride, momma! You’ve got this.

Maternity Robe From Storq

This robe is extremely soft, certified non-toxic (Standard 100 OEKO-TEX), and perfectly lightweight to avoid overheating. In my first pregnancies, I found that most regular robes don’t have enough space for a growing belly. Luckily, this robe has plenty of space. 

Bonus: This could also serve as your birthing robe if your birth plan allows a personal clothing choice.

Nuuly Clothing Subscription

Clothing rental is all the rage lately – and for a good reason! I’ve found Nuuly to be a practical + convenient solution because every month you get six new articles of clothing. 

It’s perfect during your pregnancy journey when your body continues changing. This way you don’t have to buy new items constantly. It’s fun to pick out new things every month and feel excited about wearing them. I use both the maternity section and regular dresses sized up. 

Important note: The only bummer with this service is that they use chemical clothing cleaners. When I get my delivery, I hang everything outdoors to off-gas for 24hrs before wearing the clothing.

PP’s Baby Balm as a Stretch Mark Cream in Pregnancy

Our baby balm is my secret weapon (not just for pregnancy!). It contains rich, nourishing ingredients to support your body. I rub this all over my belly + body every day. The marshmallow root in the baby balm is known for its ability to prevent stretch marks. You’ll also find emu oil, which mimics the oils of our skin, providing excellent absorption and biocompatible moisturizing properties.1 

I’ve used this during all my pregnancies to help prevent stretch marks. For me, it’s worked!

Women’s Maternity Underwear From Amazon

Comfortable, breathable underwear is a must for pregnancy. These women’s maternity underwear from amazon are 100% cotton, meaning they have zero plastic fabrics like polyester. Many “cotton” underwear are actually a blend with non-breathable fibers, so although I don’t love getting things off Amazon, these inexpensive, comfortable, 100% cotton undies are hard to pass up! 

Mate the Label’s T-Shirt Sleep Dress

This t-shirt sleep dress is perfect for all phases of pregnancy. It’s sustainably produced (I love purchasing sustainable + ethical finds whenever possible!). This sleep dress is super comfortable, and they have a great selection of warm colors to choose from.

Primal Pastures Beef Liver

Believe me when I say the nutritional make-up of beef liver is insane. It’s arguably the most nutrient-dense food (compared gram for gram to any other food). I make sure to get my dose of beef liver, especially during pregnancy when the baby needs nutrients to grow. 

If you’re hesitant about how to incorporate liver into your diet, check out this reel for my liver smoothie recipe.

And if you don’t eat beef or the taste is hard for you to palate, consider chicken liver – it’s also loaded with nutrients.

Muslin Maternity Dress from Nothing Fits But

This is a great maternity basic. It’s a comfy maternity dress but looks put-together and stylish with no effort (the dream during pregnancy!). I’ve worn this dress so many times since I found out I was pregnant. I’ll definitely continue to wear it through the end of my pregnancy and beyond.

Bonus: The cut on this dress allows for easy nursing access, so I know I’ll continue wearing this dress postpartum! It’ll be easy to pull down for quick nursing access whether we’re at home or on the go.

PP Sea Salt Soak 

Every pregnant woman loves taking baths – it’s so relaxing and a simple breather from the craziness of life. Adding Epsom salt provides relief for cramps, aches, and pains of every kind during pregnancy. 

Plus, soaking in sea salt and other ingredients like green clay and blue/green algae powder allows your body to absorb minerals that soothe, detox, and reset.

Beyond Yoga’s Maternity Activewear

Pregnant or not, I love Beyond Yoga’s clothing. And their maternity activewear line is the best I’ve found. It’s sustainably made, with buttery soft fabric. Their intentional design provides a supportive waistband and comfortable cuts for long days of travel, activity, or lounging.

Quinton Seawater Electrolyte Supplements

This is hands-down the best mineral-rich supplement available. Quinton seawater is taken from a special marine plasma layer that replenishes your minerals and boosts the immune system. It also helps maintain hydration which is essential for a healthy pregnancy.

PP’s Dry Brush for Body

A dry brush is a great way to gently boost lymphatic flow and circulation during pregnancy. If you’ve ever dry brushed, you also know – it feels extremely relaxing and soothes all the itches you didn’t know you had! It’s a calming practice perfect for after a long day or to get you going in the morning. Plus, this is something you can continue doing even after pregnancy for your well-being.

Bonus: It also exfoliates the skin and reduces cellulite.

Maternity Shapewear From Amazon

Shapewear helps you feel confident and comfortable. It’s perfect for form-fitting clothes or underneath loose clothes for support, especially when your belly is getting heavy. For me, this one is all about staying comfortable at an accessible price point. I find it easier to purchase several to rotate through the laundry instead of buying one pricey one and constantly needing to wash it.

Magnesium Breakthrough Supplement

This supplement is a blend of 7 different types of magnesium (the majority of magnesium supplements on the market only contain one type of this important nutrient). Magnesium is a lifesaver to support restful sleep and stress, especially in pregnancy. It also eases the occurrence of cramps like the dreaded charlie horse!

Hunza G’s One-Size-Fits-All Swimsuit

Swimsuits can be a struggle during pregnancy, especially if you don’t want to wear a 2-piece. This one is a bit of an investment, but so worth it to me. It grows with you during every phase of pregnancy and even through postpartum and beyond. I have the black one, and I love it for all things water!

PP’s Bian Facial Gua Sha Stone

Facial gua sha is a relaxing practice that reduces tension and boosts circulation to start (or end) your day. Daily gua sha helps with the lymphatic flow to reduce puffiness in the face – which we all experience at some point in pregnancy. 

I especially love the bian facial gua sha stone because it contains trace minerals + negative ions that balance stress and mood.

ION Gut Support

This is something everyone should take – pregnant or not. It supports gut health + the strength of your gut walls which encourages a healthy microbiome for you and your baby. ION uses a unique process of a soil-derived formula with science-driven proof to back it up. 

Beyond the fact that it works well, I find the science behind this brand fascinating!

Welcome Support on Your Pregnancy Journey 

I’ve had a lot of fun putting this list together for all the mommas-to-be! 

Hopefully, this selection has given you some new solutions to a challenging yet rewarding time in life. Sometimes we just need a little more support + a dose of inspiration. These are my recommendations, and while they might not work for everyone, they’ve made all the difference for me.

Wishing you all the best in your journey,


Founder of Primally Pure




Emu Oil Institute | Emu Oil Research


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