6 Tips To Prevent Armpit Irritation (And A DIY Pit Detox)

We’re all about clear, smooth skin, especially on your pits. Armpit irritation is more than just annoying – it’s itchy, painful and just plain embarrassing.

Today we’re talking all things armpit irritation because we not only want to help protect you from unwanted body odor with non-toxic, natural ingredients but to have smooth, healthy pits in the process.

Here are our top tips to prevent armpit irritation.


In natural deodorant, baking soda is a key ingredient to combat odor – but it can sometimes be the culprit for irritated pits. Due to its alkaline pH, baking soda can feel abrasive or possibly cause irritation if the product contains high levels of this odor-blocking ingredient.

To protect your pits from irritation, look for a natural deodorant (like this one!) that contains less baking soda along with other nourishing, protective ingredients.


It’s also a possibility that your skin could be extra sensitive to baking soda or other ingredients if your skin’s protective outer layer (aka acid mantle) has been damaged, leaving the skin even more at risk of rashes, redness or other reactions. Take a look at the products you’re currently using on your pits – is your skin being stripped with harsh sulfates and cleansing chemicals from body washes, soaps or shaving creams? Using these kinds of products can break down your acid mantle, compromising your skin’s integrity and making it more vulnerable to irritation.

To rebuild + strengthen your skin’s acid mantle, be sure to use a gentle, natural cleanser in the shower, treat any current inflammatory conditions with our Everything Spray and rebuild hydration with this deeply nourishing balm.


We’re big advocates for non-toxic deodorant (obviously!) which means we’re also big supporters of sweating. Safe, natural alternatives to antiperspirants allow the skin to breathe + the body to function as it should – without dangerous ingredients blocking pores to prevent sweating. Plus, once your body adjusts to natural deodorant, you’ll find you actually sweat even less than you did before! But in the beginning stages of transitioning, excess perspiration can potentially create some pit problems.

To prevent perspiration from causing itchiness or inflammation, it’s important to properly cleanse your pits to keep skin clear of trapped sweat and bacteria buildup. Try this gentle body bar to effectively cleanse + lightly exfoliate and then spritz our Everything Spray after showering to keep pores clear and calm inflammation. For even more sweat protection, our talc-free baby powder absorbs excess moisture and helps reduce friction + irritation.


While you may think you’re in the clear of chemicals or irritating ingredients when you use a natural deodorant, the formula may not be as natural as you think. Take a look at the ingredient list to find out what gives the product its fresh, floral or seasonal scent. Do you see the word parfum, fragrance or even natural fragrance? These fragrance formulas are synthetic scents that can contain any combination of 3,000 (or more!) chemical ingredients, including hormone disruptors, allergens and skin irritants.

Inflamed, red, itchy rashes can be caused when the skin comes in contact with an ingredient that triggers a reaction (such as artificial fragrances). To help minimize the potential for any allergies or irritations, look for pure essential oils on your deodorant label. Still sensitive to active EOs? This unscented deodorant effectively protects against unwanted odor + soothes sensitive pits without any essential oils.


While armpit irritation can sometimes be a side effect of using natural deodorant, there are a couple other causes that can also create red, irritated, inflamed underarms – such as friction between skin folds, lack of air circulation, moisture, bacteria and heat. No wonder our pits would be the perfect place for a rash to show up! But don’t worry, while this delicate area can be prone to problematic + inflammatory skin conditions, there are several simple solutions and products to prevent + calm irritation.

It may seem like common sense, but be sure to shower daily with a gentle cleansing bar and be sure to dry off thoroughly. Afterward, spritz your pits with our anti-bacterial, anti-fungal + anti-viral Everything Spray and for added protection, apply this talc-free powder to prevent friction + absorb moisture. Avoid wearing tight clothes as much as possible to allow your underarms to breathe and if all else fails, follow up with your healthcare provider.


A simple solution to avoid armpit irritation is to never, ever apply deodorant after shaving. We’ve all done it – shaved our underarms and then immediately put on deodorant and felt the sting, the burn and the all-day itchiness. Because shaving causes tiny cuts on our pits, it’s essential to allow ample time in between shaving and swiping.

To avoid + prevent underarm irritation, we suggest shaving at night and applying deodorant in the morning. Remember to shave with a fresh blade and always in the direction of hair growth to minimize inflammation. And if you’re prone to ingrown hairs after shaving, this spray is a must to keep skin clear of buildup + breakouts.


An easy way to care for your pits and prevent irritation is to create this 3-ingredient DIY detox paste. Whether you’re about to make the switch to non-toxic deodorant or are already experiencing irritation + inflammation, this concoction helps to minimize odor, painful rashes and sweat!

Mix 1 tablespoon of this clay, 1 teaspoon ACV, 1-2 teaspoon purified water and apply a thin layer to each pit for about 5-20 minutes (depending on how your skin responds). Apply daily for up to 2 weeks – or until your pits are detoxed, smooth and odor free.

Healthy pits are a big deal to us, and we hope these tips help to keep yours smooth and rash-free. Have you discovered any of your own tips to prevent armpit irritation? We’d love to hear!


An armpit rash is more than just annoying - it's itchy, painful and just plain embarrassing. Here are our top 6 tips to prevent armpit irritation! | Primally Pure Skincare

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