Double Cleansing: An Exclusive Video Tutorial With Our Holistic Esthetician

Cleansing is often a step in our skincare routine that doesn’t get enough time or intention. It’s easy to rush through this step and not realize the profound impact it has on skin health. 

As a holistic esthetician, I’ve seen enough to assure you that double cleansing is one of the most impactful swaps you can make to begin seeing long-lasting changes in your skin. 

When it comes to facial care, it can seem like the “main event” is the products you leave on or the facial tools that are part of your ritual. But trust me, you don’t want to skimp on your cleansing – it’s the first step in building resilient + radiant skin. ;)

That’s why today’s video tutorial will show you exactly how to double cleanse (aka, in my opinion, the best cleansing method). Double cleansing uses a two-step method: a cleansing oil followed by a gentle glycerin-based soap. The result: deeply purified + cleansed skin. So, I’m breaking it down step by step for all our visual learners. 

But first, let’s talk about why it’s the clear choice when it comes to cleansing.

Why Double Cleansing Is Superior

I know you care about your skin health as much as we do at Primally Pure. So, let’s look at some cleansing routine examples that could be causing more harm than good: 

  • Conventional sudsing cleansersmost contain harmful surfactants that strip your skin. These can disrupt your skin’s microbiome and throw off the pH balance, leading to serious imbalances and irritation. 
  • Cleansing with the wrong formulation for your skin statethe wrong formula can easily leave behind product residue + buildup. Even worse, it could lead to inflamed + irritated skin. That’s why our cleansing oil comes in 3 unique blends tailored to your skin needs. 
  • Using a few quick swipes of a facial wipe – while this “shortcut” is tempting, it won’t do your skin any favors long-term. This also goes for wipes claiming they can replace face wash – it simply isn’t true. Wipes can’t cleanse + purify your skin in the same way. There’s no replacement for a nourishing, skin-specific cleansing oil + the power of physically rinsing away debris. 

On the other hand, the double cleansing method deeply purifies, balances, and hydrates your skin, leaving it better than you found it. 

The Benefits of Double Cleansing 

There are so many reasons why double cleansing is incredible for your skin. So, let’s go over the benefits to see how life-changing double cleansing truly is. 

→ Your Cleansing Oil: 

  • Breaks up + removes facial makeup
  • Dissolves excess oil + balances production
  • Minimizes pore-clogging buildup

Based on the scientific principle that like attracts like, cleansing with an oil-based cleanser is key to balancing oil production and deeply purifying pores. 

*So toss out your oil-free cleanser (and all the oil-free things) if you want truly cleansed, healthy skin.

→ Your Glycerin-based bar soap:

  • Adds a deeper cleanse
  • Leaves your skin barrier (+ moisture) intact 
  • Supports healthy pH balance + targets skin-specific concerns 

Our skin-specific cleansing bars gently refine your skin and are rich in skin-specific vitamins and soothing + healing herbs. 

*Just as the method of cleansing matters, the ingredients matter too! If you’re not using one of our gentle cleansing bars, be sure to check the ingredient list and avoid harsh surfactants. 

Double cleansing is the clear choice for supporting a healthy complexion, free from unwanted irritation or inflammation. Here’s exactly how to do it, step by step. 

How to Double Cleanse

Our community often asks us how to double cleanse, so let’s break it down. Double cleansing is a two-step process that starts with an oil-based cleanser and finishes with a water or glycerin-based cleanser. While we all know oil and water don’t mix, when it comes to double cleansing, that’s actually where the magic happens. 

How often you need to double cleanse depends on your unique skin and various factors. Most people benefit from double cleansing twice a week. But above all, listen to your skin and see what works best for you and your skin state through the seasons.

Here’s how to practice the double cleansing method:

  • Remove any eye makeup with a gentle remover. (I love our Cleansing Oil for this - castor oil helps enhance healthy lashes/brows! But if you have more sensitive skin and want to avoid essential oils around the eye area, try our herbal-infused Baby Oil!.) You can leave any other facial makeup, as the next step will help dissolve it.
  • Squeeze about a quarter-sized amount of your cleansing oil into your hand. Gently rub it into your hands to warm the oil, then massage directly onto dry skin for 1-2 minutes to stimulate lymphatic flow and circulation while deeply cleansing. Focus on any areas prone to tension or inflammation.
  • Press a clean, warm, wet washcloth onto your skin and let the steam soften your skin and open your pores as the washcloth cools. Repeat as needed, gently wiping away any oil.
  • Lather the cleansing bar with your hands and massage it into your skin. Again, you can focus on problematic areas or tension. When completed, rinse with warm water and dry. 

You’re done!

It may sound like a lengthy process (we hear you, mamas and minimalists!), but it literally only takes about 2 minutes. Promise. :)

Start a New Holistic Beauty Routine

As a holistic esthetician for over a decade, I’ve been using the double cleansing method since day one – for good reason. If you’re ready to start a new holistic beauty ritual that will make a big difference, make it double cleansing.

I hope these tips + this tutorial help you embrace the concept of double cleansing – for your skin and your sense of wellness.




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If you feel like your skin is in need of a fresh start this new year, double cleansing may be it. Our Holistic Esthetician shows you exactly how to do it. | Primally Pure Skincare

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