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Cleansing Oil Primally Pure

"I went as far as trying Accutane to get rid of my breakouts. I also have rosacea and extremely sensitive skin. I will never go back to anything else."

Renee on Cleansing Oil

"This deodorant keeps me covered through the longest shifts and hardest workouts. If you’re considering natural deodorant, you MUST try this one."

Gabrielle on Charcoal Deodorant

Cleansing Oil Primally Pure
Clarifying Serum Primally Pure

"I have tried everything for my acne. You name a brand, and I have tried it. But if you have cystic acne, whiteheads, and scarring like me, give this product a try. In two weeks, the change has already been so significant. Every day I wake up excited to see the results."

Natalie on Clarifying Serum


"The powerful combination of baking soda with kaolin clay, a powerful detoxifier, is no match for odor. So fresh and so clean!
The streamlined, minimalist look of this simple stick is all the proof you need that treating your armpits right is officially on trend.
The majority of our team has made the switch to PP deodorant over the past two years and we all love it! We each have a different favorite scent but all agree it works wonders.
Primally Pure's deodorant is our go-to for natural care with effective ingredients, a lovely smell and beautiful packaging!

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