The Best Non-Toxic Body Wash to Boost Your Skin Health (+ Why You Don't Need Suds)

Body wash should be sudsy, right? 

Think again. (Where did this idea come from anyway?)

Major corporations and decades of hygiene obsession have trained us to assume that a “clean feeling” can only come from a bubbly, sudsy wash. But what if that “squeaky clean” feeling was actually doing more harm than good for your skin? 

Science, history, and time have all shown us: your skin doesn’t need detergents or harsh surfactants to be clean + moisturized. These “washes” may even contribute to your skin troubles.

It’s time we flip the script on conventional body washes. We’re going to show you how essential it is to protect your skin microbiome with the right kind of cleanser. Aka an organic, non-toxic body wash.

Let the record show: stripping suds are out, and nourishing, non-toxic body wash is in. ;)

How Your Skin Plays a Critical Role in Full-Body Health

Okay, we’ve introduced the concept that conventional body washes aren’t actually good for your skin. But before diving into the benefits of a non-toxic body wash, let’s discuss why your skin is so important for radiant health.

Your skin plays a key role in your overall health + well-being. It’s the largest organ of your body, so how you treat your skin matters. 

Your skin:1

  • Is part of your immune system
  • Provides natural sun protection 
  • Keeps germs + pathogens out
  • Produces sweat to detox + regulate body temperature2,3

And with such a big job, your skin needs extra special care and attention. It constantly absorbs what you put on it, as well as the things in the environment around it. The products you use have a real impact on your entire body – starting with your skin’s microbiome. 

Your Skin’s Microbiome

Your skin contains a delicate microbiome that depends on a healthy balance to thrive. And like gut health, a variety of microbes and bacteria are essential. Stripping soaps + detergents don’t support this balance.

Conventional body washes are sort of like the “antibiotics” of body care. It’s similar to what happens in your gut with a dose of antibiotics. Conventional body washes wipe out microbes and bacteria instead of bringing harmony to the skin’s microbiome. This puts you at higher risk for irritation and skin-related complications. Not to mention illnesses from the long list of toxic ingredients in most body washes. 

That’s one of the biggest reasons we’re passionate about living a non-toxic lifestyle – starting with skincare products. Ingredients are too important to overlook.

Toxic Ingredients in Conventional Body Wash

Though there’s more awareness around toxins and the need for “cleaner” products, there’s also more deception and sketchy marketing than ever before. So, we want to empower you with the truth about body wash. Let’s talk about what’s inside a typical bottle of body wash from your favorite section at Target or Sephora (yes, even the “clean” section!).

Unfortunately, many companies are not transparent about their ingredients… or just don’t care. Here are just a few examples of ingredients you might find in a conventional body wash (that you definitely want to avoid): 

  1. Sulfates – what creates the “suds” in soap – but can irritate the skin + contain dangerous carcinogenic compounds.
  2. Phthalates – plasticizer chemicals that are linked to hormone imbalances and other health concerns.
  3. Fragrancesa major loophole for companies, “fragrances” can contain thousands of chemicals – all for the sake of protecting “proprietary information” about their formula.
  4. Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) compounds – these boost the absorption of other ingredients but are known to cause endocrine disruption + contain carcinogens.

These ingredients, and more, strip the skin and compromise the protective barrier your skin needs for optimal health. Sadly, many of these ingredients are even linked to the development of breast cancer in women.4 

Toxic chemicals like these make your skin sensitive and more likely to experience eczema, psoriasis, acne, or irritation. No wonder we have an epidemic of skin-related issues!

When it comes to cleansing your skin, we believe gentle is key – that’s why you’re going to love our non-toxic body wash.

Paradigm Shift: From Toxic Suds to Creamy Lather

It might feel weird to think about ditching your sudsy body wash. But by now, you know a bit about why suds aren’t the answer when it comes to cleansing. We’ve been conditioned to believe that suds equal cleanliness. But let’s dive into why the switch to a non-toxic body wash is a whole new (+ healthier) cleansing experience for you – and your skin. ;)

→ Let’s paint the picture: have you ever felt like your skin was very tight – almost shiny – after washing in the shower? Begging for lotion? 

This is NOT normal (or rather, it shouldn’t be normal). It’s a classic example of your skin’s natural oils stripped away by sudsy soap.

Of course, hygiene is important – it has its place. But your skin doesn’t need to be stripped by a foamy soap loaded with surfactants and harsh detergents to be *truly* clean. 

Look, we understand – we’ve been in your shoes. The transition to a natural product can feel challenging at times. Natural products and ingredients can create a different experience than what you’re used to – especially in a textile way. It may *feel* like it’s not working if it’s not foaming/lathering, but it’s just because it’s not what you’re accustomed to.

Instead of stripping ingredients, cleansing should involve gentle + effective ingredients that remove debris and keep the skin barrier intact. Your cleansing routine should restore moisture and help keep things balanced.

Another way to think of it: If you’re familiar with oil cleansing, it’s a similar concept. Your skin needs oil to stay balanced + healthy!

A balanced skin microbiome supported by a non-toxic body wash creates healthier skin. And healthy skin can:

  • Absorb nutrients and moisture more effectively
  • Keep out environmental toxins + pathogens
  • Support whole-body health – and confidence ;)

At Primally Pure, we like to go back to our roots and consider our ancestors’ way of life. And in this case, ancestral wisdom confirms our stance on cleansing. The first cultures to bathe didn’t cleanse with suds at all. Bathing first used oils on the skin that were applied + scraped off. They inherently knew that the skin would benefit from cleansing, but they should leave the necessary oils intact.5

Admittedly, switching to a non-toxic body wash with a different consistency can be a transition if you’re strictly used to a high-suds feel. But we know you’re going to love our non-toxic body wash. Not only for its skin-supportive properties but also its luxurious creamy lather + heavenly scent selections. Let’s break down our (very transparent ;)) ingredient list + all the benefits of our non-toxic body wash.

→ A note about our bar soaps: 

We’d be remiss not to mention that our cleansing bars do have suds to them. It’s a fair point, so let’s clear the air. The sudsy component in our cleansing bars is a result of the saponification process necessary to make a solid bar of soap. 

We use skin-supportive oils to make our soaps instead of chemical-laden oils and fragrances. (So of course, they're safe to use on your body if you find yourself in a pinch!) 

Everything You Need to Know About Our Non-Toxic Body Wash 

Like our whole line of holistic and non-toxic products, we do things differently. We utilize only nature’s purest + most potent ingredients. This means every experience with your Primally Pure products leaves your skin feeling fresh, soft, and balanced.

Ingredients are the most essential component of a well-crafted product. So, let’s break down the ones you’ll find in our non-toxic body wash line.

Pillar Ingredients in Our Non-Toxic Body Wash

Our line of non-toxic body washes includes only the best for your precious skin. We handpicked ingredients loaded with nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and beneficial fatty acids. They cleanse, strengthen, and rebuild your skin – all while respecting your skin’s delicate ecosystem. (Yes please!)

Here’s what you can find in a bottle of our non-toxic body wash: 

  • Coconut Oil 
  • This powerful oil contains lauric acid, medium-chain fatty acids, and antimicrobial compounds that protect your skin from bacteria, lock in moisture, and help heal any irritations. Full of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits, coconut oil supports your healthiest skin yet. 

  • Aloe Vera Juice
  • Aloe is a great source of antioxidants and supports hyaluronic acid production for glowing skin. Its healing properties help repair skin, decrease inflammation, and moisturize.

  • Shea Butter
  • This nutrient-dense ingredient is packed with fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, tons of vitamins to soothe + seriously soften your skin.

  • Wild-Harvested + Organic Essential Oils
  • We only use clean, safe, and transparent scents in our products. This protects you from the unnecessary toxic exposures in most scented products – especially shower gels and body washes.

    Like the sound of these ingredients? There’s even more goodness to love in our non-toxic body washes! These are just a few of our favorite ingredients. Check out the full ingredients list on the product page we gladly bare it all. ;)

    The Experience: What to Expect 

    All of our non-toxic products are formulated to create an indulgent + restorative experience – for a moment of calm in the chaos. So we want to paint a picture for you to envision just how incredible these body washes are. 

    → What It Feels Like

    Our non-toxic body wash feels different than most body washes – in the best way. It’s a velvety texture similar to lotion (which feels amazing, trust us!). Even if it’s a little strange at first, you’ll come to love the minimal lather. Especially when you realize how silky smooth + hydrated it leaves your skin.

    → Who It’s Good For

    Because it contains only gentle + non-irritating ingredients, our non-toxic body wash is great for any skin state. If you struggle with dry skin, don’t stress – this wash will not dry you out. The non-stripping ingredients + nourishing oils support thirsty skin and deeply restore moisture. 

    → How to Use It

    To use our non-toxic body wash, simply massage directly into your skin with your hand. No need for a grimy, bacteria-laden loofa. If you prefer a washcloth, feel free to use one – just don’t forget to grab a clean one each time you bathe. 

    *Tip: You can also use your non-toxic body wash in place of shaving cream. Cleaner ingredients + efficiency at its finest. ;) 

    → How to Enhance Your Experience

    As with all personal care products, we believe this should be a time to focus on YOU. Make it an intentional practice you look forward to. Take a few moments to mindfully appreciate the calming sensation of massage. Breathe in the natural aroma of organic oils.

    To experience even deeper moisture retention and silky smooth skin, exfoliate first. We love to dry brush or use body polish first to prep our skin to soak up even more hydrating goodness.

    Ahhh, can you feel the tension melt off your body as you picture this restorative ritual? Our non-toxic body wash could be the thing you’re missing in your daily routine to support + sustain your healthiest skin yet – from head to toe.

    Rediscover a Nourishing Routine for Your Skin

    Your skin is resilient, but it has a delicate ecosystem that needs your care and attention. As much as you prioritize the ingredients in your facial products, you should equally prioritize the skin on the rest of your body. 

    The practice of cleansing each day – or however often you choose – should be intuitive, nourishing, and beneficial to your skin. No exceptions.

    So ditch the toxic, chemical, fragrance-heavy body washes for a truly non-toxic body wash that has all your bases covered. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the ways showering (or bathing) becomes a whole new experience. Shop our body wash here.



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