Our Founder Bethany Shares Her 17 Road Trip Essentials as a Mom With Littles

As a mom, sometimes traveling can feel overwhelming. 

Packing becomes a three-day job. 

And something as simple as being prepared with snacks can make or break a trip.

With little ones in tow, you definitely have to plan ahead – and even then everything probably won’t go perfectly. But I’ve learned over the years – that’s okay! What your kids will remember most is shared time together with your undivided attention + new adventures. 

We love to get on the road in the summertime and explore some new (and some familiar) spots – soaking up nature + time together as a family. 

Now that I’ve got a few road trips under my belt with our kids, I wanted to share a few road trip essentials that have made a big difference for us. I hope they make your travels smoother and you find these suggestions helpful. 

1. MiniMeis Baby Carrier for Shoulders

Whether you plan to spend a lot of time in nature or not, this baby carrier is one of the most functional + compact options I’ve come across. I love the unique design so that your littles can ride high up – with a great view, instead of looking at your back or over your shoulders.

One of the biggest reasons it’s on my road trip essentials: it easily folds up for compact traveling (a big factor when on the go with kids!). MiniMeis is certified Fair Wear and even has plans to make their carrier 100% recycled.

We’ll use this carrier for hiking + sightseeing for our youngest and our middle.

2. Raum Grounding Shoes

Grounding is an important part of our routine as a family. Time spent outside in direct contact with the earth is shown to reduce inflammation in the body + counteract the negative effects of constantly being surrounded by positively-charged devices.

I know it’s not possible to be barefoot 24/7. But these shoes are as close as you can get to barefoot – making them a road trip essential for me. They’re crafted with super breathable, all-natural materials and a copper rivet that stays in contact with your skin for grounding benefits.

Not to mention, these shoes are perfect for traveling: comfortable with a wide base that doesn’t squish your toes. They’re easy to slip on and off at stops, light hiking, and walks.

3. Paleovalley Grass Fed Beef Sticks

Okay, guys – seriously these are the best-tasting beef sticks ever. My kids absolutely love them. So a whole-food snack like this is a no-brainer for my road trip essentials.

They’re made with 100% grass-fed beef, organic spices, and naturally fermented (instead of being processed with hydrogenated oils). The natural fermenting means they provide a dose of probiotics for the gut, which I love for my little ones with developing immune systems.  

I always keep these with us for a clean protein boost to balance blood sugar + boost energy in between stops, mid-hikes, or as an afternoon snack.

4. Handmade Sun Visor from Caminito

I love a road trip essential that’s sustainable and convenient. This handmade sun visor is woven from natural palm following ancient Mexican traditions. This brand works directly with artisans in Mexico to provide fair wages while providing you with a unique, stylish, and durable hat.

The best part about this sun visor is how easy it is to take on the go – I just loop the velcro onto any bag and it’s accessible whenever I need it. The adjustable velcro strap makes it easy to throw on with your hair up or down, and it’s great for full coverage sun protection for your face.

5. Primally Pure Nature Spray

This isn’t just a product plug, me and my family really do use this on every single road trip. :) As you probably know, I’m very particular about what goes on my skin – but especially my kids. After all, it’s why I started Primally Pure! ;)

But bug bites are no fun, so this is part of our road trip essentials. Our kid-safe formula uses citronella, geranium, peppermint, rosemary, and cedarwood to ward off all kinds of bugs at the same level as other chemical-laden bug sprays.

6. Bug Bite Suction Tool

Speaking of bug bites, this is the next item on my road trip essentials: a handy, portable suction tool. 

It’s helpful to have on hand – especially for bee stings or spider bites. Littles can get quite frustrated with bites sometimes so I love that this is all-natural and gives my kids a sense of control when they get a bite. And it really does help to alleviate itchiness and the duration of bumps from bug bites!

7. Dagne Dover Diaper Backpack Bag

You might have seen this bag around before – it’s a classic for new moms – but trust me, it’s good for moms in ANY phase! It’s durable and has so many great features for organizing and storing. 

It’s got a slot for wipes, stroller straps, an included dust bag, changing mat, and insulated pockets – all the road trip essentials with littles. The interior is made from recycled materials and I love their selection of colors – I opted for forest green. :) 

8. ION Microbiome Support

I’ve talked about ION before – I can’t live without their awesome gut support. :) Travel puts strain on your body. And inevitably, you’ll be exposed to food toxins, environmental toxins, and pesticides, so this is definitely on my list of road trip essentials. 

I try my best to eat as clean as possible even while traveling, but perfection is ultimately impossible when eating out. I use my ION travel bundle to provide extra support for my microbiome against exposures.

It’s an incredibly innovative product that is proven to strengthen the walls of your gut + improve your microbiome with a soil-derived formula. 

9. Reformation Oversized Jean Jacket

Everyone loves an oversized jean jacket. It’s on my road trip essentials list because you never know what the temperatures will be like over the course of a day, especially as you travel between places.

This oversized jean jacket from Reformation is my go-to: easy to throw on, goes with everything, and doesn’t need frequent washes. Plus, it’s made with regeneratively grown and recycled cotton. You can’t beat the value of a high-quality, versatile, + stylish clothing piece. 

Doubles as a pillow for a quick nap in the car if you fold it up. ;)

10. Primally Pure Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a road trip essential. You never know what type of public restroom will be available – or not, haha. Our PP hand sanitizer has an immune-boosting blend of essential oils for added protection, with zero chemicals. 

It’s made with organic grape alcohol, aloe vera, vegetable glycerin, and essential oils. Great for getting rid of germs on the go since traveling with littles can be so unpredictable. 

Pro tip: Our Immune-boosting version can also double as a spot treatment for acne or bug bites. 

11. Varley High-Rise Athletic Short

I’m so excited to have this high-rise athletic short as part of my road trip essentials. It can be hard to find athletic gear that’s functional and stylish. They’re made with a super lightweight material that’s perfect for a summer trip + long hours in the car when you don’t want to feel constricted by tight clothing. 

These high-rise athletic shorts spruce up any outfit and are a step above your average short with high-quality details + cut. Plus, they can be worn for multiple days on end without feeling dirty. 

12. Personalized Journal

There’s something magical about blank pages. I love to see what my kids express from their little minds when they have a blank page in front of them. I find they always go back to them and use them more than coloring books. 

I got some of these made for our family. I can’t wait to see what’s special to them, what they write about and what they remember the most about our travels.

13. Coyuchi Versatile Organic Cotton Romper

I’m all about comfort and versatility with road trip essentials: it’s the easiest way to have fun and focus on your experiences. This lightweight, super soft organic cotton romper is easy to throw on at night as pjs, but can easily double as an outfit for the next day too. 

I love that it also comes from a factory that recycles 98% of its wastewater + practices sustainable and non-toxic production (GOTS, Made Safe, and Fair Trade Certified).

14. Primally Pure Baby Balm 

Our Baby Balm is my multipurpose product of choice. While traveling I can use it as a cleansing balm, moisturizer for my face, on kids, to soothe dry skin or skin irritations, and probably ten other things I can’t think of right now. ;)

It’s crafted with the most potent, clean ingredients (like tallow) that absorb quickly to help heal + support skin – without the icky residue. We keep a jar on hand at all times, making this a key road trip essential. 

15. Janessa Leone Walker Bucket Hat

Trust me: you want to add a bucket hat to your road trip essentials. This one goes with everything. It’s handmade from a company that I adore – who values sustainability, transparency, and handmade pieces. 

Easy to lightly fold and pack in a bag – no structural designs that are difficult to travel with. I love that I get a bit of sun protection too, it’s a lifesaver for harsh mid-day sun – or just to add a bit of personality to my outfit. :)

16. White Leaf Provisions Baby Food Pouches

This company is incredible. They make baby food that’s organic, biodynamic, and regenerative so their food is not only clean – it’s healing the soil. And the packaging is BPA-free and recyclable. 

It’s hard to find things I feel comfortable feeding to my youngest on the road since there aren’t always healthy options. This has filled that void effortlessly, so it deserves a spot on my road trip essentials. It’s so important to me to feed my kids the healthiest, most nutritious options. I love that this brand only uses fresh, clean ingredients – without added sugar, salt, or preservatives.

And my youngest absolutely loves them!

17. Quince Organic Cotton Sweater

This is a steal for a 100% organic cotton sweater. Layers are so important when traveling so I keep this sweater on hand in the car or when we venture out later in the day after the sun has set. It’s perfect for cozying up on a cool summer night.

Road Trip Essentials = More Focus on Memories Made

With these road trip essentials, you’ll have fewer things to worry about during your travels. You’ll be free to soak in those precious memories with your family, friends – or whoever you travel with! After all, that’s the most important part. Taking the time to get out in the world and explore new places has always been one of my favorite ways to replenish + reset. 

And it’s even better when you get to travel with your littles in tow. 

I hope these items serve you well + make your memories shine brightest. 



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