Winter Wellness Edition: 6 Products You Can Use as a Natural Immunity Booster

Winter can leave your immune system vulnerable to viruses, inflammation, and infections.

With more time spent indoors during the winter months and holiday gatherings with family and friends, germs spread faster than ever. So now is the perfect time to harness your immune system (+ stock your home) with a few of our multipurpose, natural immunity booster products. Whether you’ve got a lot of time or just a few minutes, there are plenty of ways to infuse wellness into your routine to keep your immune system strong. 

That’s why we’re dishing our top 6 Primally Pure products that double as natural immunity boosters. So you can support your wellness + holistic health during cold and flu season.

1. Shower Steamers for Clearing Congestion

We love a steamy shower. It’s arguably one of the most relaxing ways to support your immune system. Complete it with our Bergamot + Eucalyptus Shower Steamers

You can use our shower steamers for a natural immunity booster to detoxify, decongest, and support healing. These magical little tablets are crafted with medicinal oils of bergamot + eucalyptus to support wellness through detoxification and decongestion. 

Let’s break down the ingredients:

→ Bergamot, a citrus native to Italy, was traditionally used for sore throat and fevers. It’s even shown promising effects for skin disease and inflammation in the body.1,2 

→ Eucalyptus provides antiviral and antimicrobial properties to help shield you from bacteria, viruses, and fungi – especially respiratory concerns.3

Our tablets also contain menthol for an added immunity boost to clear your head. Revitalize your senses + cleanse your skin all in one easy tablet during your shower. It’s an effortless step for busy moms or mornings when you’re crunched for time but looking for a quick natural immunity booster.

Lastly, we love our shower tablets for the stress relieving component. Relieving stress is one of the best natural immunity boosters because it benefits your body + mind, which are interconnected. Stress negatively affects the gut, and 70-80% of your immune system resides there.4 Bergamot supports healthy stress regulation with its proven anti-anxiety properties.5    

Our take on this natural immunity booster? There’s no reason not to indulge. ;)

2. Crisp Smoky Woods Home Line for Antiviral Protection

Traditionally, candles, soaps, and sprays haven’t been perceived as wellness products. But we’re flipping the script with our non-toxic, purifying, and antiviral home line: Crisp Smoky Woods

This home line (and our entire product line!) is crafted with 100% clean scents – made ONLY with essential oils. We say no to “fragrance” to protect your health. Fragrance is a generic term that can be used on labels to hide thousands of dangerous chemicals within their formula.

This blend of woodsy and medicinal oils evokes the ease of forest bathing and relaxes the nervous system. The result? It helps lower stress levels + provides antiviral benefits to combat potential threats to your immune system.

You can enjoy this blend in any of our home products: candles, room sprays, oil blends, and hand soaps.

→ Our candles are crafted with a clean blend of organic coconut oil and ethically sourced beeswax. This blend provides incredible air-purifying and detoxifying properties for a natural immunity booster. Negative ions released into the air from beeswax can effectively remove bacteria. 

Support wellness all winter long. All you have to do is light it + enjoy. ;) 

→ Room spray, oil blends, and hand soaps infuse your spaces with powerful antiviral properties and nourishing ingredients to protect + support your immune system. 

Just take a look at this powerful blend of oils in our Crisp Smoky Woods Home Line: 

  • Black Spruce – helps loosen phlegm and clears congestion. It contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties. And its antibacterial properties even help fight infection and speed up healing. 6,7
  • Silver Fir – contains antiseptic properties that protect against illnesses while providing decongestant properties. It also has wound-healing capabilities and can provide relief from muscular aches and pains.8  
  • Cedarwood – defends your body against toxins, reduces inflammation, and boosts liver and kidney functionality to support wellness.9,10 It also provides antifungal protection + protects the airway from excessive phlegm. It can even help resolve a cough. 
  • Bay Laurel – helps regulate the digestive system, treat respiratory issues, improve wound healing, protect against toxins, and is an antifungal + antioxidant.11,12
  • Tobacco Absolute – reduces anxiety and contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective properties.13

Our crisp smoky woods formulation is a natural immunity booster waiting to change your winter wellness game for years to come.

3. Sea Soak to Detox

Don’t underestimate the power of ancient minerals + clay as a natural immunity booster. These precious salts help detoxify your body + protect it from any potential illnesses. Regular use of our Sea Soak helps to keep you feeling your best – even during the coldest, driest months. 

Plus, hot baths are proven to help you detox through sweat and support your heart health, circulation, blood flow, and blood pressure.14 But add in our Sea Soak, and you’ve got the ultimate natural immunity booster bath. 

Our precious minerals and clay formula supports detox from heavy metals and toxins. It also helps improve sleep quality through magnesium absorption.15 Improved sleep is a natural immunity booster we’ve known about for a long time. So, by default, anything that supports sleep also supports your immune system.

Unlike some forms of detox, this natural immunity booster is gentle enough to use daily. A relaxing bath also provides stress support by taking time for yourselfonly increasing your benefits. ;)

Detoxing is a wonderful, supportive winter wellness practice. Your immune system strengthens + builds when you gently nudge your body to purge toxins and environmental exposures. Which means it’ll be on guard against viruses and harmful bacteria. 

4. A Dry Brush to Support Lymph Flow

We love dry brushing for all of its wonderful (+ impressive) benefits. But it’s especially helpful as a natural immunity booster for one reason: lymph flow. 

Your lymphatic system is designed to enhance health and immunity, but its biggest job is to remove waste, toxins, and harmful substances from your body. It’s your body’s best system to regulate and return to homeostasis. 

→ Think of swollen lymph nodes when you’ve been sick. This is a sign that your lymphatic system is hard at work. But instead of letting it get swollen and “clogged,” you can support your lymphatic system before disaster hits. 

Our ancestors were far more active (and their lymphatic system probably worked more efficiently). With our sedentary lifestyles, our lymphatic system needs some support. Dry brushing “kickstarts” this flow of lymph fluid throughout your body. 

And trust us when we say stress has a real impact on your immune system.16 The calming rhythm of dry brushing provides an added benefit by stimulating your vagus nerve. This calms your mind, eases anxiety, and supports gut health. And by now, you know, relieving stress in any way is always a natural immunity booster. ;)

The best part about dry brushing is that it’s easy to work into your daily routine with bathing or showering. Hang it close to your shower or tub so you don’t forget. It only takes a few minutes to do, but the results last much longer.

5. Immune Boosting Hand Sanitizer to Rid Yourself of Germs, Naturally

More time spent around loved ones during the holidays also means more exposure to germs. Keep a bottle of our immune-boosting hand sanitizer on hand. It will help ward off any icky illnesses you (+ your family) don’t want to catch.

It’s specially formulated with organic, safe ingredients that are effective yet gentle. Swap out harmful, stripping, conventional hand sanitizers for ingredients that actually support skin + overall health:

  • Organic grape alcohol and aloe vera protect the skin’s microbiome + eliminate germs.
  • A medicinal essential oil blend packed with powerful antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antiseptic properties. 

Confidently protect your immune system from winter’s worst offenders.

This natural immunity booster has your hands covered whether you know you’ve been exposed to germs or simply want to avoid possible run-ins with unwanted bacteria. 

6. Everything Balm to Repair + Protect Skin

As the air dries, your skin’s moisture barrier can suffer. However, leaving your skin in a damaged, vulnerable state can pose real risks to your immune system. 

Here’s why our Everything balm is a staple as a natural immunity booster.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It quickly absorbs the environmental exposures, germs, and toxins around it. Protecting your skin is an effective natural immunity booster that takes your winter wellness a step further. Healthy skin = less prone to infection + inflammation.

Your skin microbiome is delicate and needs your thoughtful care + attention, especially in low temps and drier air. Our balm contains beeswax, tallow, emu oil, marshmallow root, and other nourishing ingredients. This provides a much-needed protective barrier for your skin (+ healing oils and restorative fats).

Our Everything Balm is specially formulated to protect + repair dry, cracked skin that’s painful, experiencing irritation or redness, or needs replenishing.

Without healthy skin, your microbiome is at risk for exposure to a multitude of harmful diseases, germs, and bacteria. Protecting your skin with this natural immunity booster will go a long way in leveling up your immune system this winter. 

The Power of a Natural Immunity Booster

As we move inward – both physically and metaphorically – throughout the colder months, let’s use our time + resources with intention. We hope this curated list of natural immune boosters serves as your go-to. 

With a little bit of effort + the power of a natural immunity booster, you can diligently protect yourself + your loved ones during these colder months. 

But don’t forget – beyond these winter wellness practices and products, there are always plenty of ways to protect your body as germs can run rampant. How can you nourish, protect, + savor your body’s natural defense system this year? 

(You’ve already got a headstart with this list. ;))

Let’s savor it all and thank our bodies for the amazing jobs they do.



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