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Inspired by the fresh + uplifting scents of a Southern California Summer (and our Founder’s favorite aromas), this blend is brimming with sweet herbals and notes of bright citrus and flower blossoms. The Summer Home Collection is designed to help refresh, uplift + purify your home and state of mind.

A blend of bright citrus notes and sweet-smelling botanicals will bring the endless Southern California summer straight to your home.

Breezy mornings and balmy nights.
Open windows and full, fragrant blooms.
Blue skies and endless possibilities.
Fresh air, farmer’s markets, and family traditions.
Longer days and lighthearted living.
Being together, barefoot, and sun-kissed.
Simple moments of joy, ease and happiness.
These are what summer days are made of.

Summer Home Collection

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The level of pollutants inside your home can be a hundred times higher than outside - and the products you spray, pump and apply have a big part to play in that statistic. One of the biggest culprits and most toxic ingredients you’ll find on any product label (even many “natural” options): FRAGRANCE.

This catchall term can contain thousands of different chemicals that can hinder our healing abilities, compromise our immune system and diminish overall health. It’s referred to as “the new second hand smoke” for a reason! Even “unscented” claims can contain synthetic fragrances to conceal other odors.

Trade in toxic, artificially-scented home products for organic + wildcrafted essential oils that deliver an immediate dose of powerful plant medicine to purify your home and provide seasonal wellness support for you and your family as you diffuse, mist and cleanse.

That’s where our Summer Home Collection comes in.

Summer Home Line
Summer Home Line

Summer Oil Blend
Wake up with the sun and infuse your morning with the simplicity, happiness and ease that summer brings.

Summer Hand Soap
Move slow, savor the summer aroma and transition from one task to the next with intention and gratitude - while keeping skin clean sans chemicals.

Summer Room Spray
Create a summer oasis and purify your space whether you’re on the road or relaxing at home.

While the carefully-crafted essential oils in our Summer Home Collection cleanse your home and skin with naturally-occuring antibacterial + antiseptic properties for a non-toxic alternative to harmful, chemical-filled home products, we can’t wait for you to experience the countless holistic benefits that impact more than just your home, but your mood, mindset and overall wellness.

Let this uplifting organic blend, brimming with sweet herbals and notes of bright citrus and fragrant flower blossoms, fill your home, surround your family and infuse your mindset with the simplicity and sweetness of summertime.

Here’s to summer days and making memories that will last a lifetime.


Summer Home Line

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