Your Capsule Skincare Routine For Fine Lines And Wrinkles

Consumption (and chemicals) are running rampant in the skincare industry - and so are compromised skin barriers. Could these trends be linked? We think so. We’ve been sold on the myth that more products = more results and that 10-step skincare routines, harsh retinols or invasive injections are the only way to wrinkle-free skin.

When in reality, this approach to a youthful appearance is contributing to a stripped moisture barrier, pulling from our dermal collagen reserves and inhibiting the flow of vital nutrients that keep skin youthful longer. Ultimately, these common beauty philosophies and “anti-aging” treatments are causing skin to age even. more. rapidly. 

In the spirit of skinimalism (minimalism, meet skincare) and for the sake of your skin barrier, we’re pairing down the products you need to promote plump skin, naturally. The best part: you don’t need to sacrifice results for a simpler skincare routine. We’re giving you the natural ingredients and facial tools that are proven to give you real results - no chemicals, fillers or needles needed.

Here is your capsule skincare routine (5 steps or less) for fine lines and wrinkles.

STEP 1: Cleansing Oil

Restoring youthful skin and rebuilding hydration begins with the first step of your skincare routine: cleansing.

Common chemicals, harsh surfactants and harmful detergents found in conventional cleansers can strip skin of its own natural (and very beneficial!) sebum production, disrupt the skin’s delicate acid mantle and is not only damaging to the skin, but dangerous to your health.

That’s why the Oil Cleansing Method is a must for resilient, radiant skin. Cleansing with oils melts away makeup and deeply purifies pores without over drying. Don't neglect this first, foundational step in your nightly skincare routine because hydrated, youthful skin starts with the cleanser you use.  

How To: Begin your PM beauty routine with a cleansing oil properly formulated for your skin state to promote youthful skin - leaving it purified and properly hydrated.

STEP 2: Plumping Mist

We can't overlook the most foundational component for skin to function optimally: water. Water from plants (aka hydrosols) are packed with restorative properties to increase water content in the skin to help protect against dehydration, injury and sun damage - a few of the main culprits of premature aging. 
Natural face toners incorporate floral waters which provide a drink of water for cells, lock in hydration and naturally plump the appearance of wrinkles while providing vitamins and vital nutrients. Plus plant waters prep the skin to better absorb additional moisture and help deliver nutrients more deeply from oil-based serums/creams.

Rebuilding healthier, hydrated skin starts with a spritz - so if you're skipping this crucial step, you’re missing out on a major component of a glowing, youthful complexion.

How To: One of the best beautifying plant waters is rose hydrosol found in this Plumping Mist. This youth-promoting plant prevents water loss and infuses the skin with vitamins A and C to even skin tone and create a firmer, more dewy complexion. 

STEP 3: Plumping Serum

This serum is packed with one of the most potent antioxidants found in nature proven to promote youthful skin: astaxanthin. According to research, it’s 6,000x stronger than Vitamin C and 800x stronger than CoQ10. And it's not just a lone ranger, it works together with other antioxidants to optimize their potency to pack a serious punch of youth-promoting properties.

As a carotenoid (hence it’s red/orange-y hue), it contains a vitamin-rich profile to powerfully protect from UV damage, increase elasticity/collagen levels and stimulate skin regeneration to create a softer, smoother, more even complexion. Rich in vitamin E, beta-carotene and omega fatty acids it boosts cell renewal, reverses signs of aging and minimizes pigmentation to promote a more youthful, vibrant appearance.

How To: Get this pink, potent antioxidant on your skin with this Plumping Serum and apply while skin is still damp after cleansing and toning.

STEP 4: Eye Cream

The fragile skin around the eye area can be one of the first places to reveal signs of aging, so it’s essential to include a vitamin-rich eye cream in your capsule skincare routine. Enter: Baby Balm.

This balm isn't just for babies, believe it or not, it's a powerhouse when it comes to promoting more youthful skin. It contains marshmallow root, which is known as nature’s hyaluronic acid helping to firm/plump the skin, protect skin’s moisture barrier and soften skin texture. The roots secrete a thick, gum-like substance called mucilage that aids in repairing and rejuvenating the skin – exactly what we want for fine lines and dark circles around the delicate eye area.

How To: After cleansing and toning, apply a light layer of Baby Balm all around the eye area with your ring finger (it’s our weakest finger, which is best for this delicate area!).

STEP 5: Facial Tool

Needles aren't necessary to keep skin looking youthful. Gua sha is taking its place as the modern (yet very ancient) natural facelift as the dangers and negative long-term effects of Botox have started to surface. Gua sha is an ancient healing technique rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine that has profoundly impacted well-being and enhanced beauty for centuries.

This natural alternative is not about freezing or fighting the aging process but actually softening fine lines by holistically rejuvenating the skin. The repeated massage movements help to repattern the lines that have formed in your face (and, at the same time, ease an anxious mind that can lead to premature wrinkling!). Deeper depressions and wrinkles begin to release, soften and over time, become less noticeable.

Lack of flow, stagnant lymph and accumulation of buildup below the surface can be a major factor in the formation of fine lines and loss of firmness. So a regular gua sha routine helps to break up adhesions, release bound fascia, repattern pathways and soften tight muscles to move out waste material and sluggish lymph and allow vital nutrients to flow more freely. The result? A more smooth, lifted and sculpted appearance. 

How To: Watch this tutorial to target fine lines and wrinkles with facial gua sha!

CAPSULE BOOST: Plumping Mask

Boost your weekly skincare routine and results with bakuchiol (pronounced “ba-koo-chiol”) found in this facial mask. This plant has been scientifically proven to mimic the effects of a retinol but minus the harsh, irritating and sensitizing side effects that many have noticed with regular retinol use.

From naturally plumping the skin to visibly reducing photodamage and practically erasing signs of aging, studies have shown bakuchiol is the ingredient you need in your skincare routine. Here’s what you can expect from this youth-promoting plant:

  • Significantly soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Restore even skin tone, repair pigmentation and encourage balanced melanin function.
  • Enhance natural hyaluronic acid production (which slows significantly as we celebrate more birthdays) to increase hydration levels and provide a visible plumping effect.
  • Accelerate cell renewal on the epidermis for a dramatic difference in skin texture and tone.
  • Stimulate collagen synthesis in the dermis - the skin’s hub for building collagen/elastin.

How To: Ready to swap your retinol for bakuchiol? Firmer, brighter skin (sans side effects) is about to be yours with the Plumping Mask 1-3x/week.

That's it! Simple routine, serious results. Remember, aging gracefully is what we're going for. Because the lines on our face are not meant to be something we resent when we look in the mirror. Each one speaks to the emotions we’ve felt, the memories we’ve made and the lives we’ve lived. The lines of life are proof of your strength, your resilience, your beauty, your struggle and the gift of life you’ve been given. And there’s no beauty treatment we would want to ever want to erase that. XO

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