Struggling to Pick the Best Non-Toxic Deodorant For You? Here's Your Guide

At Primally Pure, we believe that non-toxic personal care products are a cornerstone of holistic living – especially non-toxic deodorant. 

That’s why our natural deodorants are made with as few ingredients as possible to minimize irritation and maximize your results. We don’t use artificial fragrances to mask odor or antiperspirants to block sweat – which is a critical bodily function. Instead, our non-toxic deodorant formula works with your body to neutralize smell.

Each essential oil blend is hand-picked to provide the perfect aroma – but even more so for each oil’s specific medicinal properties. 

We often get questions about how to choose the best non-toxic deodorant for your unique situation, body chemistry, and scent preferences. We get it – there are a lot of great choices!

So, since you can’t smell + test our deodorants virtually (we wish you could!), we thought it’d be helpful to walk you through all the unique benefits + strengths of each.

If you’re having a hard time deciding which deodorant to pick, this post is for you!


This non-toxic deodorant scent is crafted with organic bergamot and eucalyptus essential oils. Bergamot, a citrus fruit native to Italy, has been used as a medicinal oil for centuries. Eucalyptus is also widely praised for its benefits.

Benefits of bergamot: 

  • Contains anti-anxiety properties for a calming effect1
  • Anti-inflammatory properties make it effective for healing skin2

Benefits of eucalyptus:

  • Antiviral and antimicrobial protection against bacteria, viruses, and fungi3
  • Can help heal skin irritations and conditions4

What it smells like: Bask in the delightful combo of citrusy bergamot and bright, head-clearing eucalyptus. Potent but not overpowering, our bergamot + eucalyptus natural deodorant will elevate your mood + alleviate stress. Start your day on a positive note.

Who it’s good for: This is the perfect non-toxic deodorant if you’re looking for a calming and nourishing product. It contains a unique blend of soothing and healing properties, also making it an excellent pick for the postpartum period


One of our most-requested scent combos, this non-toxic deodorant contains the perfect duo of complementary scents. Experience the aromas of wildcrafted wild orange essential oil, organic vanilla essential oil, plus a touch of sandalwood.

Benefits of wild orange:

  • Antibacterial and antifungal properties neutralize smelly sweat5
  • Relieves stress and anxiety5
  • Purifies and cleanses the skin to ward off infection or irritation5
  • Supports mood5

Benefits of vanilla:

  • Promotes skin and hair health6
  • Can help balance hormones6
  • Anti-inflammatory properties keep irritation at bay6
  • Helps relieve anxiety6

Benefits of sandalwood: 

  • Boosts the efficacy of other essential oils
  • Contains anti-inflammatory and soothing properties7
  • Helps promote wound healing and skin regeneration8

What it smells like: Bright notes of wild orange will undoubtedly boost your mood. The citrus + vanilla combo evokes feelings of warm sunshine and the soothing sweetness of vanilla.

Who it’s good for: Best if you’re looking for a morning pick-me-up and a rejuvenating, non-toxic deodorant experience or if you’re a summertime fanatic. The citrus component cleanses and purifies your pits. The vanilla gently supports hormone balance, anxiety, and inflammation – for the best-smelling pits of your life.


This non-toxic deodorant scent is formulated with blue tansy essential oil and geranium. Blue tansy has been a staple in our sensitive skincare products from the beginning – and for good reason. 

Benefits of blue tansy:

  • Skin-healing and soothing properties help prevent underarm irritation9
  • Highly anti-inflammatory properties make it great for skin conditions or anyone who has struggled with a natural deodorant armpit rash in the past
  • Can treat allergic reactions (popular in Traditional Chinese Medicine)10

Benefits of geranium:

  • Antibacterial properties help kill off odor-causing bacteria11
  • Can help balance hormones11
  • Contains stress-relieving properties11

What it smells like: This natural deodorant evokes a sweet, floral aroma that’s just as unique as it is restorative for your skin. It’s a comforting + herbal smell.  

Who it’s good for: Our sensitive-skin friends who have struggled to find a natural deodorant that smells good AND works. When you smell great, you just feel better, right? Life has a brighter outlook with our blue tansy deodorant. It’ll soothe your delicate underarm skin + protect you from any unwanted odors – or irritations.


This natural deodorant is formulated with activated charcoal (which doesn’t carry a scent) and organic essential oils of eucalyptus and peppermint. It’s our best-selling deodorant for a reason. (And no, it won’t stain your clothes! It goes on clear.)

Benefits of activated charcoal:

  • Powerfully blocks odors 
  • Impressive detoxing abilities – binds to harmful chemicals and toxins to remove them from your body12
  • Attracts the bacteria that cause inflammation, helping avoid natural deodorant rashes13 

Benefits of eucalyptus:

  • Antiviral and antimicrobial properties protect against bacteria, viruses, and fungi to keep your pits free from sweat + irritation14

Benefits of peppermint:

  • Can help soothe itching to keep irritation at bay15
  • Increases blood flow16
  • Antibacterial properties17

What it smells like: An invigorating, refreshing aroma that leaves you feeling envirograted and ready to take on the day. The charcoal content powerfully blocks odors, keeping you feeling ultra-fresh. 

Who it’s good for: Our non-toxic charcoal deodorant might be perfect for you if you’re transitioning to natural deodorant or if you’re an athlete who needs superior sweat protection. It’s also most popular among our male customers and comes in a sleek black tube. ;)


A wildly popular essential oil – there’s a reason our lavender deodorant doesn’t disappoint. Crafted with organic lavender essential oil. 

Benefits of lavender: 

  • Skin-soothing and healing properties18
  • Antibacterial component fights odor effectively
  • Reduces stress + improves mood
  • Antioxidant content nourishes your pits18  
  • Anti-inflammatory to soothe irritation at the first sign

What it smells like: Start your day right with the balanced, calm feeling lavender provides with its herbaceous, light floral aroma. 

Who it’s good for: Lavender is suitable for just about anyone, especially for our sensitive skin or anxious friends. Our lavender deodorant is a multipurpose warrior. Between its soothing aroma and calming properties for your mind and skin, it’s got you covered. 


This brightly scented, non-toxic deodorant is crafted with organic lemongrass essential oil. This oil packs a ton of benefits into a small package. Lemongrass is already known as a natural deodorizer – so it just makes sense!

Benefits of lemongrass:

  • Anti-inflammatory property makes it perfect for sensitive underarms19
  • Antioxidant properties keep skin healthy19
  • Antifungal and calming properties19
  • Contains nourishing vitamins and minerals20
  • Known as a natural deodorizer20
  • Antibacterial properties help eliminate odor-causing bacteria20
  • Provides immune support20

What it smells like: This floral, clean, and upbeat scent will support healthy pits and naturally deodorize. Our lemongrass deodorant is a breath of fresh air you’ll gladly want to trade smelly pits for.

Who it’s good for: Our lemongrass deodorant is perfect for anyone who likes vibrant scents and a boost of energy. This non-toxic deodorant energizes your senses and cleanses your pits of impurities, keeping odor-causing bacteria at bay. 


This feminine, floral geranium deodorant contains, you guessed it – organic geranium oil. ;) It’s a gentle, effective, and balancing deodorant.

Benefits of geranium:

  • Protects from bacteria to help keep irritation at bay11
  • Gentle on all skin types, yet still effective for odor
  • Can help to balance hormones11
  • Relieves stress11
  • Improves circulation11
  • Contains skin-healing properties11

What it smells like: Its refreshing floral aroma brings a variety of rejuvenating properties to your pits to keep you smelling garden-fresh, grounded, and free from unwanted odors. 

Who it’s good for: Our geranium deodorant is perfect for those with slightly sensitive skin and who love all things botanical and feminine (it even has a pink hue!). It can also help naturally support balanced hormones and stress levels while gently caring for your pits. 


Tea tree oil is widely praised for various medicinal benefits, and you’ve probably seen it in numerous personal care products. This natural deodorant boasts one of nature’s most popular antibacterial, odor-fighting oils. 

Benefits of tea tree oil:

  • Antibacterial properties fight odor and irritation21
  • Anti-inflammatory properties help calm and soothe skin21
  • Safe for sensitive skin

What it smells like: Its earthy, crisp, natural scent is both invigorating and uplifting – and most importantly, it’s cleansing and odor-bursting. 

Who it’s good for: Our tea tree deodorant would be perfect for someone who struggles with especially smelly stress sweat or would benefit from the skin-calming properties. It serves an extra pack of odor-fighting capabilities, paired with our unique formula


Our unscented deodorant delivers the exact same effective odor-fighting formula as our other non-toxic deodorants sans essential oils. 


  • Protects against odors without essential oils or aromas
  • Nourishing grass-fed tallow and zinc keeps your pits soothed + prevents armpit rash
  • Fortified with kaolin clay to detox
  • Contains coconut oil rich in anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties

Who it’s good for: Perfect for someone who’s a minimalist or has experienced lots of irritation with natural deodorant in the past. This formula is excellent for the most sensitive skin types, as sometimes even essential oils can be too active for highly sensitive skin. 

Maybe you’re just not a scent-lover or prefer not to mix your deodorant scent with your non-toxic perfume. Whatever the reason, this natural, unscented deodorant provides all the same benefits, so your pits won’t miss a beat. ;)

Non-Toxic Deodorant That Smells Blissful AND Works 

Aroma enriches our experiences and weaves a touch of indulgence into the mundane. At Primally Pure, our scents are designed to provide an indulgent aromatherapy experience and targeted care for your pits. 

Each of our non-toxic deodorant scents contains a specific blend of supportive + nourishing essential oils that serve a unique purpose. They’re all beneficial for different reasons. Truthfully, you can’t go wrong. It all comes down to scent preferences, your specific body chemistry, and your lifestyle.

If all else fails, hop on over to our deodorant quiz. It’s a fun, interactive way to find the perfect non-toxic deodorant to match your needs.

The route you take is up to you. ;)



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Choosing the right non-toxic deodorant scent can be difficult with such an array of indulgent scents + medicinal benefits. Here’s our take on how to choose. | Primally Pure Skincare

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