3 Ways To Nourish Your Skin + Body After Baby

This mama of two beautiful girls, a toddler and a sweet, chunky 5 month old, is no stranger to the funkiness of postpartum skin. It’s one of those things that isn’t really talked about much, but most of us mamas are dealing with it on the daily.

Afterall, you have this brand new, incredible body that grew a human from scratch and most likely, it’s quite different than your “pre-baby” bod (and skin). Though it can be all to easy to sulk in the postpartum challenges, I love to encourage mamas to work toward celebrating these changes and find new, healthy ways to create balance inside and out!

There are so many changes that happen within your body after baby is born, specifically with your hormones, that can create some new issues that you may not be sure how to approach.

Here are a few simple, everyday tips that will help you to balance out your hormones, nourish your body and create glowing skin… from the inside out!


This is often a huge oversight for new and even seasoned mamas. You barely have time to shower, let alone whip up a fancy meal!

Did you know your energy needs postpartum are actually greater than during pregnancy? Especially if you’re breastfeeding! And that’s not just “calories” my friend, I’m talking about vitamin and minerals, fat and protein and all the water!

There are two things to consider here – rebuilding nutrients after pregnancy and meeting the nutritional demands of nursing. They both require a ton of nutrients so it’s important that you’re eating plenty of nutrient-dense, real foods throughout the day as well as including a prenatal and other important supplements.

It doesn’t need to be complicated though!

Here’s the easiest way to nourish – eat real food! Skip the packaged, processed foods as much as you’re able and choose a vegetable or fruit, clean protein (think wild fish, grass-fed beef, pastured poultry, whole milk yogurt, eggs or soaked beans or legumes if you’re meat-free) and healthy fat (think grass-fed butter or ghee, cold-pressed coconut or olive oils, duck fat, avocado, nuts and seeds) with each meal.

This ensures you’ll get a variety of nutrients at each meal and helps keep blood sugar stable – no more “hangry” moments or energy crashes for you mama!

Try a quick baked salmon with melted grass-fed butter and a squeeze of fresh lemon over sauteed or steamed veggies and some rice or quinoa that was made over the weekend. Nothing fancy, but it’s all real!


Though it may feel like your skin is playing tricks on you, choosing strong products with synthetic chemical ingredients can lead to further hormonal issues and clog up your system making it even more challenging to clear up skin and get that glow you’re shooting for.

Since my second baby, my skincare routine has consisted almost completely of Primally Pure products and my skin has never looked or felt so good.

Here are a few of my favorites postpartum:

I do the double cleansing method before bed using the Cleansing Oil to remove makeup and impurities then I wash my face with the Goat Milk Baby Bar to complete the process. Once I dry my face, I spritz with the Geranium Complexion Mist and top it all off with the Blue Tansy Beauty Cream or Baby Balm.

This mini nighttime spa routine has left my skin super hydrated and my complexion more even than ever!

My best recommendation is to find a skincare routine that works for you. It should be simple with a few clean products that really work.

Because let’s be honest, we don’t have time for complicated these days!


As a breastfeeding mama, this was a glorious discovery for me. I could use the Baby Balm for so many different purposes, but specifically for baby’s bottom and mama’s sore nipples. I started using the balm a few days into nursing my second babe and it was literally life-changing.

If you’re a nursing mama you know that is no exaggeration!

Apply the Baby Balm liberally directly to your nipples after each feeding session. Let it soak in and don’t worry about wiping it away when baby is ready to nurse again – all the ingredients are safe for baby.

For more wellness inspo + holistic tips for fertility health, pregnancy, and your postpartum journey, check out Justine’s website and follow her on Instagram @justinecampbell.co!


Here are a few simple, everyday tips to nourish your postpartum skin + body that will help to balance hormones and create glowing skin. Read more here! | Primally Pure Skincare

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