I Drank Celery Juice For 30 Days And Here's What Happened

Unless you’ve been living under a rock without wifi, you’ve most likely heard that all of a sudden celery has reinvented itself and has emerged a wellness icon.

People everywhere are raving about the benefits they’ve experienced by implementing the practice of drinking celery juice on a daily basis. In theory, it sounds as if there’s nothing that this juice can’t cure from autoimmune disorders to chronic bloating and skin issues.

Being someone who likes to be “in the know” on the next thing that just might be what’s going to morph me into a wellness influencer that gets paid for taking long trips to exotic places to sample acai bowls, I figured I should give this trend a whirl. I mean what did I have to lose besides hopefully 10 lbs of stubborn baby weight?!

Starting out I had to do some research and it turns out that there’s quite the science behind when to consume this juice and how. All of the tips I read were as follows:

  • Start your day with 16 oz of celery juice on an empty stomach. I started with 8 oz the first week to gradually build up to the recommended amount. To be quite honest with you, this was in hopes of not being quarantined to the ladies room all day, because I had heard that in the beginning, the detox is REAL!
  • Make sure the celery you’re juicing is organic. This is very important, after all, one of the main benefits of drinking this miracle juice is that it’s extremely detoxifying. Using celery that has been subject to various chemicals kind of defeats the purpose.
  • Once you make the juice, drink it right away. Celery juice is the most nourishing right after having been juiced and loses its medicinal properties as time passes.
  • Don’t add anything to your celery juice (i.e. lemon, apple, cucumber). It works best as a lone ranger patrolling for those toxins! Adding things dilutes the juice’s medicinal benefits.

Once I knew the rules of the game, I grabbed my juicer and was ready to go.

And by go I really mean go, because boy did I go! The first week, as I’ve alluded to, was very detoxifying. I must have had a lot of toxins to get rid of because they say that the more you have, the more you have to… umm poop. This being the case, I didn’t really notice anything else the first few days, but by about day 5 things started to normalize.

As time went on I did begin to notice more of the enjoyable benefits that celery juice has to offer, such as more energy throughout the day. I think a lot of people can relate to feeling that after lunch energy crash, where you wish you could just hit the pause button on your day for a power nap. While drinking celery juice, I noticed that this wasn’t the case nearly as often. I also felt like my thoughts weren’t so scattered or foggy.

I researched why this would be and I found that our brains are subject to possessing toxic heavy metals such as aluminum and mercury just like the rest of our body. These interfere with electrical impulses to our brain and cause us to experience brain fog. Celery juice works to combat this with a special blend of sodium clusters which hold healing benefits that work in harmony to clean our neurotransmitters that have been tainted from various toxins and heavy metals existing in our body.

So next time you look at celery see it for the hero that it is, because being a sleep-deprived mom, curing my brain fog is no easy feat.

By about 3 weeks in I started to get some compliments here and there on my skin. I’ve never really had skin issues per se but as I mentioned above being a mom of an infant has given for some sleepless nights leaving me feeling a bit drab. After a few weeks, I noticed that my skin’s overall appearance looked better. It seemed more supple and had an overall brighter appearance.

Celery juice is loaded with vitamins A, B, C, K, niacin and folate, all of which work together to reverse any skin damage and prevent aging by boosting collagen. I also noticed that when I did get a blemish it seemed to heal quickly which isn’t something I’m used to.

Although what I’ve noticed so far are subtle changes, I plan on continuing to consume celery juice on a regular basis. The little things I did see an improvement in have prompted me to want to understand more about how one area of health is linked to another. It’s all connected and a big takeaway for me has been how SO many things that show as symptoms are related to our gut health. And I think after these past 30 days, my gut is getting back on track. 😉

Until the next wellness trend, I’m signing off for now.


Celery juice is the latest wellness trend so I had to give it a try. I drank celery juice every day for 30 days and here's what happened. Click to find out! | Primally Pure Skincare

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